8 Most Popular Alternative Investments

Want to diversify your portfolio beyond stocks, bonds, and cash? These are 8 of the most popular alternatives investments available today.

SeedInvest Review: Invest In Startups

SeedInvest is a private equity crowdfunding platform that allows anyone to become a venture capitalist or angel investor in startups.

Edly Review: Invest In Student ISAs

Edly enables investors to earn a percentage of the future salaries of top students by investing in Income Share Agreements (ISAs).

Vinovest: Invest In Fine Wines

Vinovset is a technology platform that allows everyday people to invest in fine wine. Read our Vinovest review to learn how it all works.

How To Invest In Farmland

Farmland has been a steady non-correlated investment for decades. Technology has made it easier than ever to invest in farmland.