What to Look for When Investing in a Crowdfunding Project

For decades high-return investment in start-up companies has been off limits to regular investors. Rules by the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) didn’t even allow advertisement of these investments to the public as venture capital firms like Bain Capital got fat on the opportunity. While Crowdfunding has not yet opened to everyone, new rules could […]

Quotanda Review: P2P Lending for Students

In recent months we’ve dug a little deeper into the world of peer to peer lending. We’ve come to the consensus that the Peer to Peer Lending Market is going nowhere but up. In fact, it seems like there are new companies to check out every week. But what makes these companies really stand apart […]

Is Impressively Lucrative Peer-to-Peer Lending Over?

Has the ship sailed on peer-to-peer lending for individual investors? Over the past few years, thousands of investors have been drawn to marketplaces like LendingClub.com and Prosper.com, seeking strong returns by buying up small portions of loans from borrowers. The setup is a win-win: Borrowers get access to funds they wouldn’t otherwise be able to […]