Treasury Bills: A Smart Bet for Conservative Investors

Many of us tense up when we hear the word “investing.” We remember movies like Wall Street and Boiler Room where fast-talking traders lost millions on stocks they swore would pay off. Unsurprisingly, some of us decide that investing is just too risky for the average person to get involved in. But this is a […]

How You Can Use I Bonds as an Emergency Fund

You don’t need a financial adviser to tell you that one of the most important things you can do for yourself is to set up an emergency fund. Short-term lending options are pretty horrendous with everything from 300% payday loans to 25% credit card loans, so it makes sense to set some money aside for […]

Buying Individual Bonds Versus Bond Funds

Many people are under the impression that bonds are usually safer investments than stocks because you don’t lose your principal. However, that is not always the case, especially if you buy bonds in a bond fund.  Bonds can be just as risky, and even more risky, than stocks, if not researched thoroughly. Recently, I wrote […]

Building a Diversified Bond Portfolio

Everyone has heard the saying ‘you need to diversify’. You hear about it for your portfolio as a whole – diversify in stocks and bonds. There are even some handy simple calculations to figure out how to do it (subtract you age from 100, and that is how much you should invest in stocks). You […]

Treasury is Selling Mortgage Securities! Time to Buy?

Earlier this week, the Treasury announced that it will begin selling its portfolio of mortgage bonds guaranteed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (also known as agency paper). The sales will start this month, and will be subject to market conditions. It is estimated that selling the holding could result in a profit of as […]