Roofstock Review

Interested in investing in real estate? Roofstock is an online marketplace for tenant-occupied real estate. Learn more in this Roofstock review.

Can You Actually Invest in Real Estate During College?

In college I once ate a whole pound of sharp cheddar cheese. The dare, of course, was to eat two pounds, and I failed miserably. I just couldn’t get past the first pound of cheddar, and to this day, I still have trouble enjoying a nice bowl of mac ‘n cheese. I’m sure you have […]

How To Save Money On Your Property Taxes

Home ownership can be a true joy. The thought of holding your very own keys in your hands and being able to point and say “That’s my house”. That’s until it’s time to pay property taxes. The average property tax in California is $3100 per year whereas in places like New Jersey and Connecticut, it […]

EquityMultiple Review: Real Estate Crowdfunding

On April 5th, 2012 Congress passed the JOBS act of 2012. With the stroke of a pen everyday people gained access to private investment markets that had once been the domain of “accredited investors,” people with incomes greater than $200K or assets greater than $1Million. Since the new law has been signed into place, real […]