Closed-End Funds: The Ins and Outs

Hidden in the small cap corners of the investment universe are hundreds of closed-end funds overlooked by Wall Street. These funds do it all, from private equity-style investments in small companies to leveraged junk bond investments you can’t find anywhere else. Let’s look at the closed-end fund category and explore why investors might choose to […]

Investment Options: The Benefits of Close-ended Funds

The international investment landscape is constantly changing, against a back-drop of social, political and economic unrest. The evolutionary investment market is also complicated further by the relationship between developed and emerging economies, as the latter continue to develop and offer alternative options for individuals with disposable income who are in search of a viable return. […]

How to Research and Find the Best Mutual Funds to Buy!

If you’re like the majority of the population, you hardly even know what a mutual fund is let alone know how to find a good one. If you have your 401(k) set up through your employer, then you most likely have a very small selection of funds to choose from. If this is the case […]

The Mutual Fund Problem: S&P Issues Warning, Yet Investors Flock To Buy U.S. Debt?

Yesterday, for the first time ever, Standard & Poor’s lowered its long-term outlook for the U.S. Government’s fiscal health from “stable” to “negative”, and warned of serious consequences if lawmakers fail to reach a deal to control the massive deficit the country has racked up over the past decade.  The warning, which lasts for two […]