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How To Setup an Automatic Roth IRA

One of the biggest benefits of saving and investing in a 401k is that it’s automatic – your employer just takes care of everything for you.  Don’t you wish that investing in a Roth IRA could be that simple?  Well, you can setup an automatic Roth IRA and make it easier to save for retirement [...]

The 4 Types of Investment Properties to Avoid

Pangs of panic, an angry admission of gullibility and a strong sinking feeling; making a poor investment will inevitably lead to a heart-stopping, dreaded moment of realisation. We’ve all experienced this at some point in our lives because really, a bad investment is just a bad decision. Unfortunately, the repercussions can be enormous, not to [...]

The 2014 Investing Challenge April Update

Alright ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the next update for the Grow Your Dough Investing Challenge.  As you know, February was a rough month for my investing portfolio.  I made some stupid investing mistakes, and it cost me big time.  My $1,000 starting portfolio had dropped down to $994.84. However, things only got scarier from [...]

How To Become a Millionaire by Investing

Investing is one of the keys to becoming a millionaire.  It’s one of the secrets from your millionaire neighbors.  But the truth is – investing itself isn’t the secret.  It’s how you do it that matters. I want to show you what it takes right now to become a millionaire through investing.  It possible, and [...]

WiseBanyan Review: A Free Online Financial Advisor

New to investing? Sick of high account minimums? Tired of paying trading, management, and rebalancing fees? WiseBanyan could be the solution to all of your investing frustrations. After witnessing firsthand the often misaligned values of financial advisors and their clients, combined with too high minimum investment amounts, and unreasonable fees the idea for WiseBanyan was [...]

Investing for Millennials

Us millennials are a different generation when it comes to money and investing.  We grew up in the face of two huge economic events – the tech bubble and the housing crisis.  We grew up in a decade of war overseas.  And we have been growing up in a world of increasingly polarized news - it’s [...]

Preparing for a Stock Market Correction

Last week the stock market sold off almost 2% and signaled that it could be the start of a correction.  We’ve been here before though (in January), and the stock market just rebounded to all time highs.  However, in any good long term bull market, there are corrections, where the stock market drops by 10%. [...]

The Ultimate Guide on When to Make Traditional IRA vs. Roth IRA Contributions

When it comes to retirement accounts, the biggest debate that continues to rage on is this: Traditional IRA or Roth IRA.  You have several financial pundits that promote the traditional IRA, and you have just as many pundits that promote the Roth IRA. There is no definitive, “one size fits all” when it comes to [...]

Are Guns Good Investments?

It can be a controversial topic – much like investing in medical marijuana. But are guns a good investment? They definitely can be. High quality, well maintained guns rarely depreciate. However, nothing is certain. In the past several years there has been a ton of talk of tightening gun laws and even banning certain guns [...]

How To Maintain Proper Asset Allocation with Multiple Investing Accounts

Maintaining the proper asset allocation over time is one of the three keys to investing success over the long term.  The reason is simple: over time, your ideal portfolio gets out of whack because some investments do better than others. For example, if you were looking at your portfolio like I did last year, you [...]

Low Risk Investments

Let’s break it down into the basics first. For those who are not aware, investment risk is the chance that you’ll lose some or possibly all of the money you’ve invested into something. Be it product shares, stock deposits or something as obscure as an online casino account. Basically, the outcome of your original investment [...]

Should You Invest In Frontier Markets?

Do you want to invest in small economies that offer the potential for explosive growth? Consider putting part of your portfolio into frontier markets. These are typically underdeveloped third-world countries. Think places like Kenya, Vietnam, Jamaica, Bangladesh, or Morocco. They also usually have strong GDP growth and fast growing populations. These are “emerging emerging markets.” [...]

College Students Consume, So Invest Accordingly for the Long Term

For college investors, time is the ultimate ally in buying assets for long term gains. There are many ways to exploit that advantage.  As 70 percent of the American economy is based on consumer spending, stocks from that sector should naturally be in the portfolio of an investor, no matter what the age.   The recent [...]