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How to Protect Against Inflation Eating Away Your Returns

Inflation – it’s a scary word for investors.  It’s really a scary word for retired people.  But it should be something that everyone keeps in mind when looking at their investments. Inflation is simply the changes in prices of goods and services used by households.  Price change over time (they usually go up).  This trend […]

What’s the Difference Between Financial Advisers and Investment Bankers?

If you’re looking to invest and would like guidance from someone experienced with financial matters, you may wonder whether or not you should go to a financial advisor or an investment banker? Although both professions also have a lot in common, like education levels and salary, with the median average for both groups being around […]

6 Ways Your Brain Sucks at Managing Money

You’ve probably heard that, as humans, only use 10% of our brain. Perhaps it’s the other 90% that actually knows how to manage money. Because we suck at it. To be honest, your brain isn’t that great at a lot of things. Don’t take that as an insult— I’m sure you’re an extremely smart individual […]

Why Leveraged ETFs Don’t Match Market Performance

No product on Wall Street draws more criticism than leveraged ETFs. Leverage funds are designed to multiply the performance of indexes, but often do so poorly in the long run. The ProShares Ultra S&P500 ETF (SSO) tracks twice the daily return of the S&P500 index every day. If the S&P 500 is up 1%, then […]

What to Look for When Investing in a Crowdfunding Project

For decades high-return investment in start-up companies has been off limits to regular investors. Rules by the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) didn’t even allow advertisement of these investments to the public as venture capital firms like Bain Capital got fat on the opportunity. While Crowdfunding has not yet opened to everyone, new rules could […]

The College Student’s Guide to Investing

So, you worked all summer and now you have some extra cash on hand, maybe $1,000 or more. If so, nice job! Now, do you take that $1,000 and spent it on beer all year? Or do you take that money and invest it? Well, if you spent it on beer, you will drink fine […]

8 Stocks That Are Helping Investors Make a Fortune

The stock market in 2014 saw a change in trend, wherein the usual top-performers took a backseat to let the other sectors surge ahead. Technology, healthcare, utilities, and consumer staples were the sectors that stole the limelight, while the gas/energy sector was adversely affected, primarily due to the drastic fall in oil prices around the […]