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Investing in Cisco and the Tech Giants Gets Growth and Yield

Cisco, Intel and Microsoft Battling it Out for Dividend Yield. Just five years ago the title of this article would have seemed like fiction. At the time Cisco Systems (NASDAQ: CSCO) had no dividend at all and large cap tech was not known as a sector to chase yield.   This has changed after years of [...]

OptionsHouse Promo Codes

Since I started investing earlier this year I’ve used Sharebuilder to buy my stocks. Since I already had an account with Capital One 360 this seemed like an easy thing to do. So like a sucker, I paid $6.95 per trade which equated to a pretty decent amount of my investments. But with so many [...]

The 5 Minute Summer Portfolio Jumpstart

Given it’s the middle of summer, I wanted to put together a quick actionable for you to take today.  I’m calling it the 5 minute summer portfolio jumpstart.  The goal of this quick exercise is to jumpstart your portfolio and make sure that you’re on the right track. For today’s jumpstart, I wanted to tackle [...]

Online Trading Tips for Graduates

All kinds of people are trying their hand at online trading these days. The wide range of online discount brokers on the market makes it easy for anyone to jump in, learn more about the world of trading, and even make a good earner in the process. For new graduates considering moving into the business [...]

Alibaba IPO should Drive Yahoo Shares Higher

Yahoo was upgraded on Monday, June 30, 2014 by PiperJaffray to overweight based on the current share price undervaluing its interest in Alibaba.  In addition, Yahoo continues to look for ways to turn around its core business through innovation, acquisitions, and other changes. Marissa Mayer has led Yahoo for over a year now and has [...]

SoFi Review: Peer to Peer Lending for Student Loans

Are you sick of paying high interest rates on your student loans? Looking for a way to rid yourself of student debt faster? Good. You should be. And luckily for you, I’ve found another company that can help you do just that! We went over one option last week, CommonBond, and now I want to [...]

How Secure Are Your Investments?

It’s fashionable at the moment to talk about how we live in the ‘information age’. Certainly, countries like Britain and America have moved beyond the production of physical goods, and industries which sell intangible, difficult to quantify products are in their heyday. Professional services, financial services and, of course, information technology are not only increasingly [...]

The Value Investing Cheat Sheet

Value investing is the investing idea that you can buy a company that is “under-valued” relative to its true value.  The reason that its stock is undervalued relative to its fundamentals could be market movements or other outside trends.  However, you want to make sure that you avoid value traps, which could mean the company [...]

MAM or PAMM – What’s the Difference?

These two acronyms crop up a lot when discussing forex trading but they often leave people scratching their heads with regard to what they mean and how they differ. The first point that we need to make is that the difference is actually rather small as they both allow experienced money managers to oversee several [...]

CommonBond Review: Crowdfunding for Student Loans

We all know that student debt is on the rise. In fact, student debt has increased by 63 percent in the past decade. What’s worse though, is that many students are getting stuck with super high interest rates – especially if they take out private loans. This saddles them with debt that could take tens [...]

Creative Ways to Use Your Student Loan Money

Are you currently in college and receiving student loan money? Have you ever thought about using some of that money in another way? Did you even know this was an option? To be frank, since the government cannot possibly track what exactly you are doing with the student loan money, you could (in theory) spend [...]

TimkenSteel Spinoff May Create an Opportunity for Investors

The Timken Company announced earlier this year that it would split itself into two companies. For years investors have advocated for spinning off Timken’s steel business to benefit shareholders and unlock value.  The steel business is different than its bearings and power transmission businesses.  It is also valued differently by investors and likely depressed the [...]