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The 5 Most Pain In The Ass Purchases To Make

Fact: There are some things in this world that are just a pain in the ass to buy.  No matter how prepared you come.  No matter how much research you do.  Heck, sometimes you can pay in advance, and it's still a pain in the ass. Let's talk about some of the most pain in the ass purchases, starting … Keep Reading...

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why scholarships won't hurt your overall financial aid picture

Why Scholarships Won’t Hurt Your Overall Financial Aid Picture

A graduate education is a big investment. Although graduate school can provide major financial rewards down the road, paying for that education in the present may seem overwhelming and even impossible. Fortunately, many universities, organizations and private individuals offer scholarship money to help graduate students go to school. Sometimes, the way students think about graduate [...]

personal finance information overload

Warning: This One Thing Can Wreak Havoc on Your Personal Finances

Start a detailed budget. Start a basic budget. Cut up your credit cards. Take advantage of credit card companies for free points and cashback. Don’t take out any debt. Leverage debt. Make sure you have a good credit score. Your credit score doesn’t matter. Do you sense a pattern here? There is so much conflicting [...]

investing before kids

Investing Before You Have Kids

When it comes to investing, there are three phases: before you have kids, when you have kids, and after your kids have moved out.  Okay, that’s not what the phases are really called, but it makes a lot of sense. Before you have kids, you can really focus on mass accumulation of wealth – think [...]

talking to parents

Should You Support Your Parents’ Poor Financial Choices?

Today I wanted to share one of the toughest questions I’ve received lately, from a reader who wished to remain anonymous (we’re going to call him Dave).  It’s about supporting his parents – something we’ve talked about before – but at another level.  I really feel bad for him, but I think he brings up [...]

invest in the motor vehicle sector

Is It a Good Time to Invest in the Motor Vehicle Sector?

Car companies are making better looking vehicles that are made better and perform better.  As a result, the stocks are doing much better.  For the last year of market action Ford Motors (NYSE: F) is up more than 24 percent.  For that same period, General Motors has risen by over 14 percent.  Nissan Motors (NASDAQ: [...]

currency trading

Learn the Lingo: Currency Trading Terms You Should Know

So you want to get involved in currency trading? It’s pretty hard to know where to start, and as I’m sure you’ve already found out you won’t find much help on Facebook, Tumblr or any of your usual social media haunts! The truth is, the Forex market is a pretty insane place that not too [...]

american airlines

How to Use Credit Cards Responsibly

Credit cards can be amazing financial tools if used responsibly. They can not only help you improve your credit score but they can also help you track your spending and even help you pay for vacation. Since I’ve never accumulated much credit card debt I believe that credit cards can be beneficial. Here’s how I [...]

HQ Mobile

NQ Mobile is Cheap but should you Invest Now?

The stock price of NQ Mobile (NASDAQ: NQ) was highly volatile over the past year. The 52 week range of $7.05 – $25.90 is wide and it has made a two large fluctuations within that range.  The stock sold off significantly over the past month, from slightly over $20, down to its current price of [...]

is it better to be an entrepreneur or an employee

Is it Better to Be an Entrepreneur or an Employee?

There are countless articles on the internet claiming that being an entrepreneur is better than being an employee. But is that really the truth? I have been on both sides of the fence now and while I currently enjoy what I do, I want to dispel the myth that working for yourself is nothing but [...]

Brenton Hayden

Meet the Millionaire Who Retired at 27

Today I’m excited to share the story of Brenton Hayden – a young millionaire who ditched full time work at 27.  You may have seen his story recently on Yahoo Finance, and I wanted to touch base with him and learn a little more about him.  You see, he started a company and turned it [...]

Automatic Roth IRA Contributions

How To Setup an Automatic Roth IRA

One of the biggest benefits of saving and investing in a 401k is that it’s automatic – your employer just takes care of everything for you.  Don’t you wish that investing in a Roth IRA could be that simple?  Well, you can setup an automatic Roth IRA and make it easier to save for retirement [...]

business plan

Your Business Plan – The Company Overview

One of the most important sections of your business plan is the company overview. This is basically where you tell everyone exactly who you are and what you do. This is to be an overview of the business and where you would like to take it in the future. Think of this almost as an [...]

Investing in Clothing Stocks

Make Your Portfolio More Fashionable Along with Your Wardrobe

Eventually the wardrobe that worked throughout college will have to be upgraded for most students when it comes time to enter the workforce.  There is no reason not to use that experience to help you become a better investor.  As a matter of fact, there is every reason to utilize it to become a more [...]

Roth IRA

When To Open a Roth IRA

The other day I was talking about my favorite financial hack, which is front loading your life.  This basically means saving as much as possible as early as possible.  Along with my hack, I shared with you one of my favorite quotes that inspired it: The best time to plant a tree was 20 years [...]

how to run your personal finances like a business

How to Run Your Personal Finances Like a Business

If you managed your money like you would a business what would your finances look like? I’m willing to bet they’d be in much better shape than they are now. When you operate a business you watch your bottom line. After all, who wants to run a business that isn’t profitable? The whole point of [...]

Plant a Tree Saving Money Proverb

My Top Financial Hack: Front Loading Your Life

I love this quote – it relates exactly to my top financial hack – front loading your life.  I’m a big believer that you need to do as much as you possibly can as early as you possibly can.  It’s so much better to load up on savings and investments in your 20s versus your [...]

tax credits for college students

Tax Credits College Students May Qualify For

Many college students are caught in a balancing act between studying for their courses, working to pay expenses, and enjoying the social activities that college life has to offer. This is often stressful and overwhelming to some. Well, wants to help relieve some of this financial burden by recommending the following tax credits below. [...]

burst saving

Dominating Your Finances With Burst Saving

The fact is, you can’t always save.  But at the same time, there are times when you can save a lot!  Instead of focusing on budgeting and doing a little each month, focus instead on dominating when you can, and not fretting when you can’t. I’m calling this burst savings. If you’re not totally following along, [...]

global growth for natural resource sector

Profit from Global Growth with the Natural Resources Sector

In its “Global Outlook” report, the International Energy Agency predicts that the bulk of the increase in the demand for energy around the world will be from emerging market nations such as China and India.  Along with that, there will be a tremendous need for commodities such as copper, gold, and coal, among others, to [...]

investment properties

The 4 Types of Investment Properties to Avoid

Pangs of panic, an angry admission of gullibility and a strong sinking feeling; making a poor investment will inevitably lead to a heart-stopping, dreaded moment of realisation. We’ve all experienced this at some point in our lives because really, a bad investment is just a bad decision. Unfortunately, the repercussions can be enormous, not to [...]