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How to Invest in Dogs of the Dow

Investing Tip #174: Dogs of the Dow Strategy is Simple with Good Returns

Pick up the top ten dividend yielding companies out of the 30 listed on DJIA. These are known as Dogs of the Dow. Re-balance your portfolio every year. This strategy produces return better than DJIA over a long period If you want to learn more check out these resources: When Interest Rates Rise Look for […]

learning sales in college

Why Every College Student Should Be Good at Sales Before They Graduate

Believe it or not, I graduated college with the full expectation of going to Medical School, but I traded medical School to go become a car salesman. A questionable choice if you ask me looking from the outside in, but one that I hope will help you gain new perspective by the time you are […]

Focus on Investment Quality, Not Quantity!

Investing Tip #173: Focus on Investment Quality, Not Quantity

Your investing success depends on the correct selection of companies and buying them at the correct price. To be a successful investor, you do not need a large number of stocks. You need only a few outstanding companies. Keep your list of stocks short packed with the best companies. Focus on investment quality, not quantity. […]

Don't Invest In Treasuries If Interest Rates are Likely to Increase!

Investing Tip #172: Don’t Invest in Treasuries When Interest Rates are Likely to Increase

When interest rates are low, yields on treasuries are also low and their prices are high. Yields and market price move in opposite directions. If interest rates increase in the future, the treasuries price will decline recording a loss for you. If you want to learn more check out these resources: Treasury Bills: A Smart […]

Follow Your Own Set of Investing Rules

Investing Tip #171: Follow Your Own Set of Investing Rules

Investing decisions should be based on long term goals and not on emotional reactions. Benjamin Graham, father of Value Investing, advises to maintain discipline with your own set of rules and keep patience. If you want to learn more check out these resources: The Five Best Investing Books You Should Read The Value Investing Cheat […]

Student Loan Debt Grace Period

What Should I Do When My Student Loan Grace Period Expires?

If you graduated this past Spring, you’re facing a tough situation soon – your student loan grace period is going to be out of deferment and you’re going to have to start making monthly payments… ouch. For most student loan borrowers, you get a 6 month grace period after graduation. So for May and June […]

How to Get a Credit Score of 800 Before You Graduate College!

How to Get a Credit Score of 800 Before You Graduate College

The last thing you worry about when you are in college is your credit, and unfortunately that means when you join the workforce and get ready to start living, you start realizing why that was probably one of the worst things you could have neglected. There is no reason for me to remind you of […]

product life cycle

Investing Tip #170: Look at a Company’s Product Life Cycle

The growth of business depends on the present stage of the product demand and chances of new substitute products coming into market. Select market leaders who can sustain their edge over time. Some products are short lived and replaced by new hi-tech products. Invest in companies with products unlikely to be replaced. If you want […]

commercial rent arrears

How to Deal with Commercial Rent Arrears

Recent changes to legislation have introduced a new procedure for landlords attempting to take action against a commercial tenant in arrears.  While the changes aren’t completely radical, they do somewhat weaken a landlord’s position in an already difficult situation – and the new system requires that certain specific conditions are met before any recovery can […]

Tuition in Germany is now free for all. Should America follow suit?

Big Changes in Germany: Free Tuition for All

In the past few weeks, big changes have occurred in the German educational system. To give you some history, many German universities were already tuition free, but the last seven states in Germany will now join the rest of the country and abolish tuition. For some context, Germany’s university system was much more affordable to […]

Invest up to five percent of your portfolio in Bullions to hedge against inflation.

Investing Tip #169: Invest Up to 5% of Your Portfolio in Bullions

Bullions such as Gold and Silver are safe and liquid investments. They are used as a hedge against inflation, currency devaluation and economic crisis. Keep a mix of Gold and Silver constituting 5% of your portfolio. If you want to learn more check out these resources: The Pros and Cons of Investing in Gold The […]


Bitcoins: Three Scenarios in Which You’d Use Them

Bitcoins are a digital currency becoming more frequently used for online payments and even investing. In the past Bitcoins were generally used when purchasing an item from another country, but that has now changed. More and more mega retailers are beginning to accept this kind of currency. But that doesn’t mean you should immediately open […]

Too Much Student Loan Debt

Ask The Reader: How Much Is A Lot Of Student Loan Debt?

I get asked a lot of questions about student loan debt. And almost every email starts with the following: I have a ton of debt I’m buried in debt I don’t know what to do about the amount of student loan debt I have It’s the same story: everyone thinks they have “a lot” of […]

Three Simple Trading Rules for Smart Investors!

Investing Tip #168: Stick to These Three Simple Trading Rules

For maximum effectiveness follow these three simple trading rules: keep your bets small, cut losers and ride winners. Set your cut off percent for loss and profit bookings. Keep emotions under control, especially when the market is volatile. If you want to learn more check out these resources: 7 Ways to NOT Blow Your Trading […]

trade forex

How to Learn to Trade Forex

I’m a firm believer of knowing what you’re doing before you start investing. But let’s face it – most of the time investing isn’t hard at all. If you stick with what you know and keep your plan simple you’ll be just fine. Today I want to talk about a different type of investing – […]

Republic Wireless Review

Republic Wireless Review

I first got the chance to try Republic Wireless last year. And to be completely honest I was skeptical that I’d actually get service. You see, instead of relying on solely on phone towers Republic Wireless takes a different approach throwing Wi-Fi into the mix. And since the Republic Wireless services relies heavily on the […]

beat the market

Investing Tip #167: Don’t Try to Beat the Market

Behavioral Finance says individual investors should aim at making reasonable earnings on their portfolio. They should not attempt to beat the market. Trying to beat the market is a losing game. If you want to learn more check out these resources: What Do You Tell the Successful Stock Picker? Could a Monkey Beat Your Portfolio?

university education

Saving Money for a University Education

Although a higher education is extremely important, securing the necessary funds can be quite challenging. Notwithstanding the government grants and loans available, what are some other ways to save money over time? For both students and parents alike, this important question should be addressed. Let us have a quick look at some of the most […]