A Young Investor’s Guide to ETFs

If you’re young and ready to start investing, but getting cold feet, you may want to read my guide to investing in ETFs.

ETFs: The Millennial Investor’s Secret Weapon

Millennials are notoriously cautious when it comes to investing and to say they don’t trust the market is putting it lightly. A 2014 study from State Street found that 40% of millennials prefer cash investments to trying their luck with stocks or pricey mutual funds. While cash is low-risk, it’s also low return. Exchange-traded funds […]

Sector ETFs: 5 Ways To Use Them In Your Portfolio

A quick look at Google’s stock screener reveals there are nearly 8,200 publicly-traded stocks and ETFs, far more than most people could ever care to study and understand. One of the leading fund companies, iShares, says there are just over 60 investable sectors, a number that is much more manageable. The rise of sector ETFs […]

Why Do You Pay More For The Same Thing?

Do you shop around when buying stuff? Do you drive to a different gas station to fill up to save a few cents? At what price does it make a difference to shop around for you? I’ll be the first to admit, I rarely shop around. For most things, it’s just not worth it to […]