IRS Where’s My Refund Reference Codes

WMR Error and Reference CodesOne of the biggest questions I’ve been seeing this year are what the various reference codes mean on the IRS Where’s My Refund Tool.  A lot of tax filers are getting IRS Reference Codes back, but don’t know what they mean and don’t know if they are in trouble.

For more information on WMR, check out When To Expect My Tax Refund.

However, finding the IRS reference codes has also been one of the hardest things to track down this year, especially with all the changes to the way the IRS is processing refunds.

Anyway, here are the IRS Where’s My Refund Tool Reference codes.  You read this chart by first looking for your code, then seeing what the error is.  Each error has a specific set of steps that the IRS will follow, called Inquiry Response Procedure.  Here is the list of what the IRM Codes mean.

Also, if you’re concerned about a generic message that says “Refer to Tax Topic 152”, all that means is check out these tips about getting your refund. Here is a link to Tax Topic 152.


IRS Tax Refund Reference Codes

1001 – Refund paper check mailed more than 4 weeks ago See IRM, Refund Issued But, Lost, Stolen, Destroyed or Not Received

1101 –  No data, taxpayer filed paper return more than 6 weeks ago See IRM, Return Not Found

1102 –  No data, taxpayer filed electronic return more than 3 weeks ago See IRM, Return Not Found

1021 –  FMS part offset, check mailed more than 4 weeks ago See IRM, Return/Refund Located

1061 –  FMS part offset, direct deposit more than 1 week ago See IRM, Return/Refund Located

1091 – Offset for Tax Topic 203 – Unpaid Child Support Claim

1121 –  Problem identified; P-Freeze IRM, P- Freeze

1141 – Refund delayed liability on another account; V- Freeze more than 8 cycles IRM, V- Freeze

1161 –  Refund delayed, bankruptcy on account :-V Freeze, CLOSING-CD-IND is ‘Y’; less than 8 weeks IRM, -V Freeze

1181 – Refund delayed, pulled for review, not within 7 cycles conduct account analysis

1201 –  All other conditions not covered by a status code conduct account analysis

1221 – Refund delayed, pulled for review, within 7 cycles conduct account analysis

1241 – Paper return received more than 6 weeks ago; -E Freeze; in review, notice for additional information will be received IRM, -E Freeze

1242 – Electronic return received more than 3 weeks ago; –E Freeze; in review, notice for additional information will be received IRM, -E Freeze

1261 – Paper return received more than 6 weeks ago; –Q Freeze; in review, notice for additional information will be received IRM, -Q Freeze

1262 – Electronic return received more than 3 weeks ago; -Q Freeze; in review, notice for additional information will be received IRM, -Q Freeze

1301 – Fact of Filing Electronic return received more than 3 weeks ago; no other information See IRM, Return Found/Not Processed

1341 – Refund delayed, liability on another account; V- Freeze IRM, V- Freeze

1361 – Refund withheld for part/full payment of another tax liability; V- Freeze IRM, V- Freeze

1381 – Refund withheld for part/full payment of another tax liability; V- Freeze IRM, V- Freeze

1401 – Refund withheld for part/full payment of another tax liability; V- Freeze IRM, V- Freeze

1421 – Refund delayed bankruptcy on account; -V Freeze; more than 8 weeks IRM, -V Freeze

1441 – Refund delayed, SSN, ITIN or Name mismatch with SSA/IRS; return posted to Invalid Segment IRM, I- Freeze

1461 – Taxpayer is advised their refund check was mailed undelivered by the Postal Service. Taxpayer is provided the option to update their address online. Check account to determine if the taxpayer changed their address online. If address is changed, advise taxpayer their request is being processed. If taxpayer did not change their address, follow instructions in IRM, Undeliverable Refund Checks.

1481 – Refund delayed, return Unpostable See IRM, Return Found/Not Processed

1501 – Direct Deposit between 1 and 2 weeks ago, check with bank, file check claim See IRM, Direct Deposit of Refunds

1502 – Direct Deposit more than 2 weeks ago, check with bank, file check claim See IRM, Direct Deposit of Refunds

1521 – No data, paper return taxpayer filed more than 6 weeks ago; TIN not validated IRM, I- Freeze

1522 – No data, taxpayer filed electronic return more than 3 weeks ago; TIN not validated See IRM, Return Not Found

2007/2008 – Taxpayer’s check returned undelivered by the Postal Service and taxpayer does not meet Internet Refund Fact of Filing (IRFOF) eligibility. For example account may have an additional liability, or a freeze code other than S-. Analyze account and take appropriate action.

2009 – Taxpayer’s check returned undelivered by the Postal Service and taxpayer does not meet IRFOF eligibility. Taxpayer does not pass disclosure through IRFOF due to lack of data on IRFOF. IRM, Undeliverable Refund Checks

8001 – Paper return taxpayer filed more than 6 weeks ago, failed authentication Conduct account analysis.

8002 – Electronic return taxpayer filed more than 3 weeks ago, failed authentication Conduct account analysis.

9001 – Taxpayer accessed Refund Status using a secondary TIN. Refund Status could not be returned. Get a Primary TIN Analyze account and follow appropriate IRM. Before you freak out and leave a comment, read our full article on IRS Code 9001 and What It Really Means?

9021 – Reference Code for all math error conditions Analyze account and follow appropriate IRM

9022 – Math error on return. Direct deposit more than 1 week ago Analyze account and follow appropriate IRM

9023 – Math error on return. Refund paper check mailed more than 4 weeks ago Analyze account and follow appropriate IRM

9024 – Math error on return. Balance due more than $50 Analyze account and follow appropriate IRM


If You Get a Reference Code on Your WMR

If you check Where’s My Refund (WMR) and see you have a reference code, you should identify the code and see if any action is required.

In many cases, no action is required on your part.  One of the most common codes is 9001, which, as you can see, just means you accessed WMR using a different SSN or TIN.  Once the IRS analyzes to ensure no fraud has taken place, you will get your return like normal.

If there is an issue, the IRS will typically send you a letter to your mailing address within 90 days stating what the issue was, and any additional information required.

If you have any questions, you can call the IRS directly at 800-829-1040.

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  1. says

    Robert, since tax ID theft and fraud is becoming rampant, would you know which code you’d get back if someone–a crook–had already filed a return using your name and SSN in order to fraudulently collect a refund?

    • says

      I actually think the second return would not process, and WMR would say to call the IRS or a letter is being sent.

      If there is a code, I would think it would be a generic 1121 reference code.

      • wally says

        Hi Robert, I filed on the 24th of January 2015 accepted 30min later. I checked WMR its still on accepted as of today Feb 10th. Only reference # is the generic code that refers to 152. Is there a reason its not approved? Should I be concerned? Usually I have the funds in 13 days. Thank you in advance. This is the first year I have used Turbo Tax. Usually use Jackson Hewitt.

        • Beverly Williams says

          Mine is saying the exact same thing & it’s been 14 days since I filed. Still on one bar with that 152 tax topic. This is so ridiculous. The irs is quick to take action to get their money, but they will sit on ours. Something should be done about this.

          • Tiffany Crowe says

            You say that the 570 code is something to do with the health care. I have heard that could be one of the things but there are several things it could be. What does it mean if there is 2 570 codes on the transcript? One is 03/02/2015 and the other is 03/09/2015. I rec letter 4464 and it was dated 1/28/2015 and it stated that they were doing a review…but nothing was needed from me. It is the 6th does not getting another letter by now…almost 40 days into the review mean that I may get the release code soon ?? (571)
            My transcripts have not updated in two weeks! I dont know if I need to give up or what. I have never ever had something happen with muy refund.
            Please advise.

          • says

            There have been a lot of problems with the healthcare exchanges. They recently announced that for some filers, they wouldn’t require additional information to process the return, the IRS will located the information themselves. Just hang in there it should be soon.

      • Christie haynes says

        Hey Robert I filled January 31 was accepted February 2 it still saying being processed refund date will be given when available it did have topic 152 under the bottom but it disappeared to so does that mean it’s something wrong with my return

          • Christie haynes says


          • says

            Yes I would be worried about identity theft. You will have to fill out the form and verify your identity, which will add 4 weeks or so to your refund. You’ll get it eventually though.

      • birdntrin says

        Hi robert farrington on wheres my refund i had all three bars and a deposit date of February 19 and irs sent refund but i checked again saturday morning about 7am it was still saying refund sent but at 1130am it was saying delayed and reference code 1121.but i called this morning and they said no record of a letter being sent out so what does that means

      • ashley says

        My refund was recieved accepted and sent out on feb 25.The status also said If I dont recieve my refund by March 2 contact my bank.2 days later after it was sent out the status said “There is a delay in processing your tax return and your expected refund date may have changed.

        If you have questions or need additional information, please have the following on hand when you call:
        A copy of this page.
        A copy of your tax return.
        The Social Security Number, Filing Status, and refund amount claimed on your return.
        Any notice that you have received concerning your refund.
        Please mention reference number 1121 to the IRS Customer Service Representative.

        • says

          It means that there was a problem depositing your refund for whatever reason (maybe name, routing number, etc) and now you’ll have to verify your identity and your bank info to get your refund.

        • kat says

          Checked WAR said refund send Feb 24th, no error or delay codes now is march 24th never received refund, called 1800 number only getting machines no option to speak to a human

      • crystal says

        Hi I filed on Jan 20 Feb I called they say it was a error on my return and they didn’t send a letter Because it was some they was able to correct. now they say it has been sent to fraud do I need to be worried no codes or nothing just still say processing and a refund date will become available

      • Christie haynes says

        Hey Robert I have been checking my refund and everyday it’s been saying that my return is still being processed but today I check it says that my return has been received and it is being processed could you please tell me what that means

      • says

        I responded to fraud letter (LTR 5071C) and received a letter stating the fraud return was taken out. How long after receiving after the issue is resolved will I receive my return?

        • says

          Once the receive your letter, it can take another 6-8 weeks to get your refund. When you send it, the IRS still has to review it and investigate. I’ve heard of these things lasting as long as 6 months.

    • Stephanie Boone says

      I received a letter in the mail to have a 1095 faxed in for the market place ins how long does it take for them to process my refund after receiving my fax?

    • neeflew says

      Hi. We sent in I.S. form and it was recieved on Feb 5th. We now have as of Mar. 12 a 971 then 846 on transcript… the cycle ode is 20151005 and the date says 03/30/2015. will they still dDD after sending in I.S. by itself… or will a paper check come? If so how long will it take a paper check come?

    • Cat says

      I received a code 1441 and called to see what needed to be done and if I would need to send in documentation as this could men a typo with ssn or name however the representative verified all my information nd it was correct. I don’t know if this means that there is something wrong with my refund. Why would it give me this code if all the info was correct? How long should it take to clear if there is nothing wrong?

  2. says

    Wmr is not displaying bars and I don’t have any codes or messages displayed either.Just yesterday I was on accepted, when I checked today no bars & it just reads your return is still being processed. Is this an indication that I’m in some sort of trouble or audit?

      • Nikki DiBartol says

        Also i was an identity theft victim in 2011… I used my temp pin last year and got my taxes back without a problem in about 2 weeks. This year i used a temp. pin . Coould this be the reason i am getting that message of it is still being processed

          • Christie haynes says

            Hi my question Is I checked my husband tax return and all of his bars has disappeared there’s nothing up there it says that his return is being processed and that he will get a refund date when it’s available it doesn’t have a topic code or anything does that mean he’s being audited or under review

          • Collin Paul says

            Hey Rob,

            Got all 3 bars refund sent 2/25 transcript says CODE 846 no money in bank then on 2/27 WMR refund sent but transcript says code 841 refund canceled and account balance says – x,xxx.00 then 2/28 WMR says :
            There is a delay in processing your tax return and your expected refund date may have changed.
            If you have questions or need additional information, please have the following on hand when you call:
            A copy of this page.
            A copy of your tax return.
            The Social Security Number, Filing Status, and refund amount claimed on your return.
            Any notice that you have received concerning your refund.
            Please mention reference number 1121 to the IRS Customer Service Representative.
            IRS Hours of Service:
            Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
            1-800-829-0582, when asked for an extension, enter 362.
            From outside the US call 267-941-1000.
            TTY/TDD: 1-800-829-4059

            my bank info correct and bank sees no rejection… the sent it then 2 days the cancel pls help… called an called but not able to get thru to IRS pls advise ..

          • Collin Paul says

            i was never issued a notice or letter . my refund was sent to my bank then its canceled it 3 days later and now it says 1121 on WMR and transcript says account balance is negative balance which is my refund amount. it says any – in front of numbers represents credit does that mean the owe me?

      • Jami Strickland says

        Got that code and under a review will it take longer than 60 days and will the amount change?

    • edies says

      I log in to where’s my refund today to find this with status bars and no topic either

      i filed 01-26-2015
      still no refund and i get this see below

      Your tax return is still being processed.

      A refund date will be provided when available.
      Please Note: For refund information, please continue to check here, or use our free mobile app, IRS2Go. Updates to refund status are made no more than once a day.

      what does this mean????

  3. Ms Perez says

    My taxes were filed and accepted on the 21st and I still haven’t received my refund. People that have filed before and after me have already received them. I’m checking my status on WMR and it’s still on the first bar (that they received my refund and are processing it). Is there any reason as to why mine is taking so long? Should I be worried? This is the first time this has happened to me :(

        • says

          It could be for a ticket, but it’s typically for one of these reasons:
          1. Back taxes owed from federal or state
          2. Back due child support
          3. Government student loans
          4. Failure to file any prior years tax return
          5. Incorrect earned income credit
          6. Adding a dependent that someone else claimed in prior years
          7. Over payment of unemployment compensation

          • Heidi says

            We received a letter stating we owed back taxes, however, when we called they did have the payment from the following year and it was sitting as a credit on our account and not applied. So the lady said we should be receiving another letter showing we will get a refund but we haven’t seen anything? How long should we wait before we call again?

      • ciarra says

        I received the same 151 code and I don’t know why..I don’t owe taxes for anything..could this be for the insurance thing..and if I made a mistake can I refile now the same way I did the first time..or do you think it has something to do with,me using turbo tax to file?maryland

  4. Paul says

    I owe about 1400$ in back child support. My return was for over 6,000$. I filed HOH, and was already expecting an offset. I’ve read too much, everywhere, with people saying they would only take the OFFSET owed, and then mail check/DD as originally indicated in my return. I’ve also read my entire refund could be taken to satisfy the debt owed, and then either the State, or BFS would issue a check for any difference…which could take up to 6 months.

    WMR shows ”
    Your tax refund is scheduled to be sent to your bank by February 4, 2015.
    If your refund is not credited to your account by February 9, 2015, check with your bank to see if it has been received”

    Followed by Tax topic 203 talking about the OFFSET program and back child support. Its currently showing 2 bars on WMR.

    My question is this: Based on WMR, does that mean i can expect my refund for DD on/around 2/4/15, for the adjusted amount after the offset? Or does it just mean that IRS agrees with my return and the amount, but because of the Offset, i’m supposed to remain patient

    (ps, i AM NOT a dead beat parent. I agree with the amount owed.)


      • tae says

        hello i had to verify my identity which i did via phone my bar on made it to the last saying my refund was sent 3-25-15 i have an offset for a student loan debt but even though it said it was sent the balance didn’t reflect the debt being paid but when i checked today i got a take action with a 1121 code is this because of the small debt will i get my refund soon

  5. Angie says

    I filed my taxes on January 21 and it was received on the 22 its going on 2weeks and the bar on wmr is still on accepted. Does the IRS have to issue out your refund after 21 days or how does that go if there are no discrepancies in my form? Or do I just need to be patient and wait it out. Never had to wait this long

  6. Jamie says

    My tax return now says still being processed. It’s a basic return, so I’m unsure why there would be any processing delays. If there was some sort of an issue with the return would that be indicated? Is it normal so say still being processed?

      • says

        Yes, I have been having the same problem. The only difference is mines was saying return received then bars disappeared and said your return is still being process. A date will be provided. But it will be three weeks Monday and mystatusstill thesame. Is this a bad thing and should I be worried?

  7. lakisha brown says

    Where’s my refund says my return was accepeed by the irs on 01/20/2015…Saturday it said take action and topic says I should receive a letter within 30 requested additional information. .I owe the it’s $826 that’s federal.I don’t owe state..what the hold up will I get my refund if so how soon

  8. Hershey says

    I filed my taxes on 16 its got approved the same day I had one bar for about a week I went on WMR and no its no bar and says its being processed and I have a topic 152. Orginally I had 9001and 152 then the bar disappeared need help plz

  9. says

    My irs status keeps saying you may entered wrong information please try try again later…. what does this mean? I am putting all information. I Was accepted on 1/31/15

  10. Yaencey says

    I know I have an offset, but when I checked my tax account trascript it showed I had a code of 766 (Credit to your account) with at -$1000 and another code 846 (Refund issued) $2006 does this mean I may possibly get a portion of my refund?

  11. Reagan says

    I was actually approved on the 26th with a direct deposit for 1/30. On the 30th i checked wmr to see if it was sent and got a message stating “take action…mention ref code 1121” I called the irs and remained on hold for more than 60 minutes only to have the representative hang up on me! I am completely lost as to what this means…can you PLEASE help???

  12. cinda says

    my refund was accepted on the 21st and it showed processing for about 2 days…then it said call this 800 # and give reference code 9001…one of the ladies there said she seen no problem, but another one said it ‘may possibly’ be identity theft but she wasnt sure…it has been saying that same info on wmr for about 4 days now….. what am i suppose to believe???

    • Shelly says

      I have the same problem and I confirmed everything with the IRs agent over 1 week ago, It can take up to 60 days to get a Refund if they approve it, they can deny the complete refund if they want that is what the letter said on it when I received it….

  13. Jill says

    Filed january 16. Was accepted january 20th. Checked wmr for a whole week . Onto the second week reference code 9001 please contact irs extension 362. This is the firat year my husband I filed married joint. We found out we got flagged to make sure it wasnt fraud. We went to irs building in our hometown. She updated the system that in fact it was not a fradulent return. Should we still get our money on time? Or is it going to prolong it? We talked to anfew different repa and one said ot could be end of march! I hope not

  14. BarbB says

    Filed and accepted on the 27th, on WMR had 1 bar, now it says your refund is being processed and a refunda date will be provided when available. With a tax topic of 152. What does that mean?

  15. ken says

    Hi it’s been 72 hours since I e file my tax return and then when I check it out keep saying that my information is not correct , even though I put the right information. .

  16. Krista says

    Hi! I filed MFJ with my husband on Jan 15th. It was accepted sometime after that and then approved on 1/22. I had an expected refund date of 1/30 but it said to wait until 2/4 before calling the IRS. I had chosen to have my return direct deposited, but unfortunately I didn’t realize the bank would reject the refund because my name is the only name on the account. On 2/4 I called the IRS and they said that the bank rejected my return and that it could take 10 weeks to receive my paper check, and not to call back until the 10 weeks are over. Do any of you have experience with this? Is it really going to take 10 weeks?

    • says

      No, it should be shorter than 10 weeks, but you’re going to likely wait 2-3 weeks. You see, your return now went into a special processing department who will create a paper check payment, then they send it to the Treasury department to actually create your check, then you wait for the post office to deliver it. It just takes a lot more time.

      • Greg says

        SameSame thing happened to me. The name on the direct deposit info is also on my TurboTax info from claiming them. I did not think for second they would reject it. Can I give a different account for direct deposit now instead of waiting weeks for a paper check….

  17. greg ramos says

    Its been almost a week that filed my taxes and when I check wmr it says that they cannot provide any info about my return . Anyone can help me out?

  18. Liz says

    My refund says “refund still processing, a refund date will be available”, but there’s no code after that. What does that mean for my return? There are no instructions to call or anything and I cannot get my transcripts online or even by mail.

  19. Aimee says

    Hi..i woke up to a take action message that there would be a delay in processing my return with a reference number 1541. if I had any questions to call. What is reference 1541?

    • says

      Its because you have an offset on your taxes for some reason. Here are the most common reasons:

      1. Back taxes owed from federal or state
      2. Back due child support
      3. Government student loans
      4. Failure to file any prior years tax return
      5. Incorrect earned income credit
      6. Adding a dependent that someone else claimed in prior years
      7. Over payment of unemployment compensation

  20. victoria says

    OK so I filed around the 22nd was accepted quickly like 24th went through all the steps and said sent to bank.. Well I entered wrong account number so it was rejected.. Wmr updated to say check being mailed by the 11th of Feb but now its just a generic message about being processed.. Why? I am so confused how can it go from approved to being processed again.. It does not give any codes or anything… I know I will have to wait a little longer but I don’t understasmd why all my bars disapeared .. My transcripts show the actions of the refund being returned and it shows refund sent with a 2\23 date.. So if it was stated over by IRS I would not have transcripts correct..

  21. Olivia Lally says

    I claimed my niece and two nephews this year. Their father is unfortunately in prison and my sister was in a halfway house at the beginning of the year and then had to finish complying with other court proceedings. I lived with my sister and her 3 children and supported them .my sister didn’t work.
    I was given code 151 but on tt shpws a deposit date of the 16th? but have received 1940 out of my taexs. that’s what was taken from my check.
    I’m 19 but can provide proff i supported them. Their father is in prison and he was the sole provider

  22. T Mac says

    OK, I filed through Turbo Tax last Saturday (Jan. 31st) because I was waiting for my 1098-T from school. This past Saturday morning I woke up to find the following:

    Take Action.

    We have received your tax return and it is being reviewed. You will receive a notice from us requesting additional information within 30 calendar days. You may not receive all or part of your refund until we receive and review the information we requested. If you need more information after you receive our notice, call the number on the notice.
    Please do not contact us until you have received the notice as we are unable to take any action until then.

    Please read the following information related to your tax situation:
    • Tax Topic 151, Your Appeal Rights

    OK, I readily admit a few things. Since I have been unemployed the past 4 years, I have not had to file taxes. I owe about $2400 to the IRS from previous filing. I also owe about $600 in arrears for child support. I expected those to be taken from my refund and the rest be sent to my bank. This is what has happened in previous years when I was an active filer. I claimed my niece and nephew because my sister pretty much abandoned them and i had them all year.

    Is there any chance they will send the difference or is it %100 fact that I will have to no doubt wait 2 weeks to receive this letter before anything can be done.

    I’m a little disturbed because I went and rented a house and planned on furnishing it with part of the refund and get the utilities connected. Please advise

      • mary says

        I as well have topic 151 & refrence code 1242. Its been 113 days since I filed. Last letter I recieved said if you dont hear from us by 5/15/15 pleaee call. My fiance is sole provider of my children he has claimed them before and never had a problem. As we are veing aduited ive sent all proof in. Could u tell me how long the process is and when we will get our return

  23. katherine sanchez says

    I did my taxes January 22, om WMR said processed , and approved by January 25 with date of direct deposit on february , 4 .when I checked it has an alert take action reference number 1121. Why ?

  24. dee says

    I filed on 2/2,got accepted ,got a dd of feb 10,checked again got ref number 1121..called irs ,it was a waste of 20 mins..what does ref number 1121 means?

  25. Tori Ann says

    Like many people here, i too filed and was accepted on 1/20/2015, & days later i received the error code 9001. I filed Qualified Widower with dependent children. The only SSN listed is mine. I have not received a DDD and it has been a few weeks. What should i do?

  26. Payton says

    i filed my taxes 1-29 and wmr is still at one bar but i was able to get my transcript online with code 20150602 when should i get mine deposited?

  27. Anita says

    HI Robert, I have code 9001 as many others I just wanted to know how long does it take for the irs to clear this code also could it be possible to turn into another code? Is 9001 a general code?

  28. Jessie says

    What does cycle code 20150602 mean on my account transcript? I’ve been told that it means a direct deposit date of Feb. 13 (apparently 2015 is the year, 06 is the sixth week of the year, and 02 is the second day of the week since the irs weeks start on Thursdays). Is this correct? I did get code 846 for deposit being approved.

  29. Tiffany says


    I was accepted on Jan 12 (decided to file early this year) its been over 21 days, No refund So I contacted IRS this morning, they told me I was marked for identity fraud. I’ve never had this problem. What does this mean? The rep didn’t sound too sure either. He wasn’t helpful at all. On WMR it kept showing “Still processing” with no codes. I was to expect my refund Feb. 10th. Please help on what is happening. Seems like alot or early filers are being told this as well.

    • says

      Well, the IRS didn’t even start accepting returns until January 20, so just because you filed early and were accepted, your return just sat in a queue waiting to be processed. And even then, only 90% of people get their returns in 21 days.

  30. todd lewis says

    I got my transcripts and it has code 570 further account action pending then 971 notice issued not sure what it means I called irs they said they can’t give me any info till its past 21 days or I receive a letter

    • says

      An IRS 971 Notice means that your spouse has filed for Innocent Spouse Relief or Separation Relief. Basically your spouse or former spouse asked the IRS for help and claimed something was wrong with your return or past returns. The IRS is now reviewing everything and will contact you.

  31. Debbie smith says

    I’m getting code 9001 no information can be given about your return until four weeks
    If you call please mention code 9001 and tax topic 152 is this a problem. What it means what should I do

  32. Angel says

    Hi, I filed my taxes early this year was excepted on the 12th just last week my bars disappeared and was not able to check my transcripts till and till last night and these are the codes listed and cycle:
    20150602 and my codes say 150, 806, 766, 768, and last is 570 I haven’t
    received any notices or letters and nothing has changed since last year as well except for the 766 I didn’t have on my return last year. Can you tell me what or why it could be taking so long ?

      • Angel says

        Hi, thanks for the response, but could you explain what you mean by a liability? Or give some sort of example of what liabilities could be holding it up? Also is it unusual to have that code with no notice sent out ?
        Thanks again,

        • says

          It could be anything. Chances are a noticed has been sent, but it will take 2-4 weeks. Most common ones this year are ACA penalties not claimed, offsets (like for backed taxes, student loans, unemployment), or even a spouse claim.

      • Kareion says

        Hello, I received a 570 code dated 03-30-2015 with a 0.00$ balance on my transcripts. I have already received my letter and verified my identity on March 5th. So what does this mean? will the 570 code be lifted on 03-30-2015 which is today?

  33. william says

    Hey I filed 2 weeks ago almost. Still says we have received your tax refund and it’s being processed… why so long … is it normal?

  34. latanya says

    I was approved yesterday 02/11/15 but when I checked back its telling me I have a delay tax topic 1121 what does this mean my refund date is 02/13/15

  35. Melanie says

    i received a 4464c letter dated 1/27 said nothing needed on my transcript it only has a 570 code… Wmr s showing the 21 days it’s said they received it 1/22…

    • says

      It means that they are reviewing your return manually. Read your letter. It tells you what may have been the problem.

      For example:
      Your return was selected because we are reviewing one or more of the following:
      – Income you reported on your return
      – Income tax withholding amounts you reported on your return
      – Claims for tax credits you made on your return
      – Business income you reported on your return

      It also usually says what you need to do or don’t need to do:
      You are not required to do anything at this time. If you have not received your refund or been contacted by us within 60 days from the date of this letter, you may call us at the number provided above.

  36. K.Dozier says

    I filed and was accepted Feb 6th when should I start checking the IRS website? Also when ordering transcripts what does (information does not match records) mean?

  37. Shekela says

    On where’s my refund its says my money was deposited into my account when I checked my transcript it have code 841 which means refund canceled what is goin on ?

  38. Dez Townsend says

    I filed 2/7. Had one bar up until now. Says a 9001 code. Well I know that I filed my brother daughter and my own taxes using one computer and check our money back on the same computer Not sure if that makes a difference.

    Am I ok? They both are set for DD for there money. Am I going to get a DD too?

    • says

      All that means is that you accessed your tax return using WMR with the secondary SSN on the tax return (maybe a spouse)? Nothing is wrong. Just wait it out and everything will be processed like normal.

      • chris says

        I got the same message. So there’s no need to call really then? Just gotta wait longer?I think this 9001 issue is more than entering the wrong ssn. Look how many people are having this problem. What are the odds it’s from that really. I only have myself on mine and getting the 9001 code

          • anonymous says

            I filled January 20 th 2015 and 3 weeks later I got code 1242 I sent in requested information I claimed my sister I think that’s the reason I got audited I have never been before my question is I sent in it but how do I take my sister off cause I couldn’t prove I took care of her please help

  39. jeff williams says

    Wmr has no info on my return. It was filed 5 days ago by my tax preparer. I called him and he stated everything shows goOd. Why is it not showing anything? Only the generic 152 code.

  40. fran says

    Christie mine is saying the samething as of this morning. At first i had a bar now it says that. Have you figured out anything yet?

  41. Melissa says

    My transcripts updated in Thursday with codes
    806, 971, 570, 571 and 846.
    WMR updated today with 2 bars and Reference Code 9021.
    I understand it’s a math error but are they still sending the difference??

  42. Lily says

    Hello I had returned received and now it’s giving me reference number 9001 and it’s telling me to call a number, so I googled it and some people say that you just call the number provided to verify your identity. Is this correct?

  43. Confused says

    Used Turbotax. Filed E-filing for direct deposit on jan 30 accepted February 1. WMR and irs2go but generic no bars. Just says still processing. No codes. this is a simple Single EZ form. No debts. No pending problems. Everyone I know that has filed in February have gotten their direct deposit already even before the date that was given to them. Should I be worried that mine is lost? I couldn’t get my transcripts. I couldn’t get pass entering my address information which I entered it exactly like it was filed. Should I call the IRS? I’ve never ever had this problem and having been using turbotax for years. Please advise.

      • Ricardo Perry says

        My return was accepted on Jan . 30th it is now the 15th of February I know it hasn’t been 21 days yet but its cutting closer too time, when I checked WMR it gave me tax topic 152 & reference code 9001. I’ver been nervous for the past week because I’m used to getting it back sooner. Was there a delay or are retunrs typically being deposited around the 21 day mark this year???

  44. vicky says

    The code 1121 u say means there is a problem on my tax return….what kind og problem could it b….because i got approve and then the irs say they sent my refund to mt bank..but its not there…and now when i check wheres my refund…i get code 1121

      • Mimi says

        What if you checked the return and the account numbers are correct as well as verifying with tax advisor. It was approved to be DD on 02/11/15 (no later than 02/16/2015) and notice showed on 02/15/2015 code 1121. I will admit, tried getting my transcript for 2014 and locked myself attempted to get it, due to failing one of the security question asked on 02/14. I received a number to call with a specific extension; my name is on the bank account. IRS has direct deposited to that account in the past.

  45. Andrew says

    Filed on 1/19. Originally stated refund should be direct on 2/10 but now its being processed with no reference code.

  46. Stephanie says

    I had code 1242 received the paperwork in mail, sent all documents in (faxed). Do you know how long it typically takes for them to get my taxes back to me or a response? Also will WMR website update the new info? I appreciate it, you’re very helpful!

  47. khaneesha says

    I filed on 1/31 it said being processed now I can’t access wmr at all I get a error code 9001 I called the IRS had to verify my identity I did they said I’m fine now I should be able to access wmr but I’m still getting the same error code what’s going on

  48. Paul & Margaret says

    I got a refund date for 02/13/2015
    I checked WMR on the 13th the wmr site said Take Action
    there is a delay in your refund and my transcripts says some codes then after 846 it says 841 refund canelcancelled. Also there is a reference number 1121 on the wmr…. help pls.

    • says

      It means there was a problem with your refund. Chances are there was a typo on your bank account, routing number, or name on the bank account. You’ll likely have to wait for a paper check now.

  49. Beverly Williams says

    Hello Robert.

    I filed my tax return on February 4, 2015 & as of today February 17 still no approved status. It’s only on the first orange bar & it’s saying we have received you return && it’s being processed. Also says please refer to your tax topix 152. I have no idea what’s going on, it was just a simple w2 & claimed my 2 girls. Should I be worried about it or give it more time?

  50. reese says

    Efiled through hrb Feb 7. Was excepted the same day still says processing. It never took this long before. Should I be worried?

  51. Adelaida Oconner says

    I filled my taxes on January 20th , on where is my refund it said that my refund was sent and deposit to the bank account on February 11th and when I called Jackson Hewitt to see if it was deposit to their account they say no , and now today I get a code 1121

    • says

      IRS 1541 means you have an offset on your taxes for some reason. Here are the most common reasons:

      1. Back taxes owed from federal or state
      2. Back due child support
      3. Government student loans
      4. Failure to file any prior years tax return
      5. Incorrect earned income credit
      6. Adding a dependent that someone else claimed in prior years
      7. Over payment of unemployment compensation

  52. mike says

    I code a ref code 1242 they told me I just need to send proof that my child stayed with me thru 2014 told me I could get a letter from the church or anything and it doesn’t have to be notarized

  53. brandy says

    Hi my wmr said refund approved and dd on 2-19 but have tax topic 203 does this mean they are keeping all of my refund? I’m on disability and they sent a letter saying an offset will begin 3-7-15 from my disability checks student loans have been sent to a collection agency so are they taking my refund

  54. Andrea says

    Hi! I filed at the same preparer I have for years on January 22, 2015. I claimed the same children (my own) whom no-one else has ever claimed since I’ve claimed them all their lives. I work at the same job and make decent money. The only difference between this return and last year’s is my address. When I wasn’t accepted by the 21 days, I called the IRS and was informed that they are in the process of reviewing my return due to it being flagged for potential identity theft signs. About 4 years ago I had my purse stolen and I filed an identity theft claim because someone was writing checks in my name. The IRS said that could be why I was flagged. What I want to know is, will it really take them 10 weeks to up to a year to finish processing my return and issue my refund, even though they informed me that they need nothing from me as of now. I work for the government at the USPS and I have always claimed everything exactly the same. Why take so long if they don’t even need me to prove my identity? And is it possible to speed it up somehow. I’m like everyone else and in desperate need of this money. I have 5 children and was on unpaid maternity leave without pay for 14 weeks and I’m extremely behind on important bills. Is there some service or something that could help me immediately provide proof of my identity to speed my refund issuance up some or should I just sit back and hope to expect it sooner than the timeline they provided? Please help improve this state of mind the IRS have put me in by giving me some semblance of hope…

    • says

      If your return is subjected to review, it typically does add 8 weeks or more to the process. Furthermore, if you have identity theft issues, it can take as long as 6 months and some paperwork to sort it out. You will get your return in the end, but you’re going to have to wait a bit longer than normal.

      • Andrea says

        Thank you. I figured as much. Just wondered if maybe they were giving me the general timeframe and there was a chance I’d get it earlier, however, I honestly doubt it considering the things that I’ve read. I guess as inconvenient as it is for me, it is a relief to know that they are doing their job by holding it until they manually review and come to the conclusion it is not someone other than myself trying to steal. Good to know considering the widespread use of computers for identity theft, and I’d prefer to limit my vulnerability and not be a victim. Is there not a pin or something that I can apply for, for future tax returns, to verify my identity? Or do they not do that anymore?

  55. Tiana M says

    Hello Robert,

    This is my first year filing taxes and I filed on Feb 3rd got accepted by state and federal same day and my 21 days will be up on the 24th when i go to wmr theres no codes its just say refund still being processed a date will be provided… Should i have any reason to worry… I’ve been stressing out over this…

    I really appriciate your feedback

  56. Smitty says

    I got a Ref code 9001 I am the only person on refund so I didn’t enter another ss# ……also says tax topic 152……I called and the women really acted like she had no clue what she was even doing but anyhow she kept putting me on hold then finally said it was error in there system no fault of mine……my question is how long will it take to get my refund? The women said up too 8 weeks is this right? Why am I being held up for there systems fault if that even true…..

    • says

      Tax Topic 152 simply means you’re getting a refund. 9001 is a potential identity theft issue – typically because you used an alternate SSN. If you didn’t, just hang tight and check back. It will usually resolve itself just fine pretty quickly.

    • says

      It means that they are reviewing your return manually. Read your letter. It tells you what may have been the problem.

      For example:
      Your return was selected because we are reviewing one or more of the following:
      – Income you reported on your return
      – Income tax withholding amounts you reported on your return
      – Claims for tax credits you made on your return
      – Business income you reported on your return

      It also usually says what you need to do or don’t need to do:
      You are not required to do anything at this time. If you have not received your refund or been contacted by us within 60 days from the date of this letter, you may call us at the number provided above.

  57. Catherine says

    It’s been over 21 days and the bars are not showing still says processing. There are no codes or any further information. Should I be worried? What should I do?

  58. Shay says

    Hi, I checked where’s my refund and it went from processing all the way to sent. On the day it was supposed to be at my bank I checked where’s my refund again and it read the Take Action notice with a code of 1121. Will I get my refund at all? Note: (it was sent 2/11/15)

  59. allan cohara says

    Thank for the answer of 570 code I looked at transcript this morning and now a 2nd 570 code appears one has a date of 3/2 next to it and the other has 3/9 what does that mean now. I filed through turbo tax and accepted on the fitst day irs was taking returns is there a glitch in the system and someone manually reviewed it and put on a 2nd 570 ??

  60. Altimece says

    I filed my return on 2/2/15 and got accepted the same day. I had my bars for a few days with the tax topic 152, and a few days later my bars left and it was saying the standard message. Now I have No bars and No tax topic, I called the IRS and they said that everything looked fine with my account and they weren’t showing any delays, now my 21st day is Monday, if I don’t receive my return by then, what could the problem be?
    . Thanks.

  61. Jen says

    Hi Robert, first I would like to say that your knowledge is quite impressive! as for my detailed question, I was accepted 2/13 and in normal orange bar processing, now orange disappeared and says still processing refund date when available with the 152 topic. Also, I pulled up transcripts and it says no tax return filed under code explanation. That’s a little concerning, should I be worried?

    then this morning I checked with wmr and got a message that I may not have entered my information correctly to verify personal tax data and try again, I chose the option to say it was correct rather than to re-enter then it gave me a message stating they could not provide any information about my refund and that I must wait at least 24 hours after I get the acknowledgement email that my tax return was received by the irs. I realize after looking this over the refund amount I entered on wmr was wrong I flipped the last 2 numbers but didn’t notice at the time when I should’ve just chose the re-enter option. I have since checked with the correct amount and it is back to the still processing refund date when available and the topic 152. Do I have reason for concern and based on my mistaken entry on wmr did I delay things further?

  62. Lisa says

    My tax parpare told me my refund would come in 21 days. So I started checking on it when my sister who filed the same day as me got hers in 5 When I checked saved take action ! Your refund maybe delayed 1121 what does this mean?

  63. JCA says

    I efiled on the 1dt of feb. A week later got the 9001 code. I called and confirmed my identity and taxes. They finally told me it’s now processing and I’ll have to wait 6 weeks for a return or a letter. Is it really going to take 6 weeks?

  64. tatiana says

    received a notice in the mail saying we are randomly under investigation for our tax return adn it will come late. also there is nothing we can do about it. im confused im a lower class family and i do my taxes every year claiming my same kids never had this problem what is going on…. and on wheres my refund it says still processing….but at the professional tax place that i did my taxes she said it was approved im lost

    • says

      The letter you received typically says your Return is under Review – not investigation. Returns are reviewed randomly and it doesn’t mean you did anything wrong. If there was an error they find, the will contact you via mail.

  65. Altimece says

    So today is my 21st day, I called the IRS twice and got two different responses, first I was told that I had a hold on mine and that it can take 6-8 weeks from February 9. I spoke with someone else and was told that I have a representative looking at my refund for different reasons and it will take 4-6 weeks from February 9. She said that if they needed anything from me that a letter will be sent out but it doesn’t show that a letter isn’t due to be sent out to me. Now my question is, will it really take 4-8 weeks to receive my refund?

  66. latasha says

    Hello Robert, Friday was my 21st day for my where’s my refund processing, then saturday I received a direct deposit date and today I look and it says refund could be delayed topic 1121. I called and the first lady said that my bank rejected it I called my bank and they said the IRS never even attempted to send my refund and then when I called the IRS back the lady basically was saying that it could be fraud or anything else basically trying to make it seem like I put fraudulent information on my taxes, I just need a better understanding and what code 1121 is all about because at this point I am lost..

  67. John Ferraro says

    For almost 2 weeks I had a reference code 9001 with tax topic 152, after my refund was accepted. Now it’s telling me this on the wmr site;

    We cannot provide any information about your refund. Be sure to:
    verify your filing date;
    check with your tax preparer or tax software provider; or
    verify you received your electronically filed acknowledgement e-mail.
    If you filed a complete and accurate tax return, your refund should be issued within 21 days of the received date. Processing may take longer under certain circumstances

    I filed myself, have received the accepting email about the refund and I know exactly what day I filed. Today is the 22nd day, I did ask to have a check mailed to me…. Anything wrong that you can think of?

      • John Ferraro says

        Well it’s gone back to tax topic 152, and says if I have any questions or need more info, then I can call and mention reference code 9001. Is it possible that because I requested a paper check, that it takes longer to get any info about if it’s been approved or not.?

  68. yolanda says

    i checked my irs transcript. this is the code: 846 3/16/2015. i efiled on 1/18/2015, was accepted on 1/20/2015; dd was sent on 1/30/2015; rejected by green dot bank on 1/30/2015; irs received funds back the same date; i know that i am getting a check in the mail.

  69. Sylvia says

    Hi 9001 try on line and doesn’t let me I am also calling it been almost 2 hours and nothing yet but when I fanaly talk to them how long does it take it been 21 days all ready.

    • Angel says

      Hi I recived a letter saying that Your return was selected because we are reviewing one or more of the following : income you reporting on your return
      Income tax withholding amounts you reported on your retune
      Claims for tax credits you made on your return
      Business income you reported on your return. Please heal don understand to well.

  70. Tiana M says

    Hello Robert,
    Today meet my 21 days i talked to a representer today and he told me that he couldnt access my account because this is my first year filing and he told me to go to my local irs in my city and show my id since he cant see it by it being a phone call and they will be able to pull my account to tell me what going on… I gave him all my information and he still said he wasnt able to access my account and to take my id to a local irs… Im so confused

  71. Teresa says

    What does technical difficulties code 110 mean when trying to look at transcripts? For some reason it keeps telling me that. Wmr has also been saying processing blah blah but for a week now it’s not even locating my return. Keeps asking me to recheck my information. What is going on? Thank you

  72. Daniel Klatt says

    Hi about my return, I E-Filed using TurboTax on 1/23/2015 was accepted 1/24/2015. I had one orange bar for about a week and then they where replaced by the “your return is still being processed and no refund date is yet available” message, and no tax code. It’s now been a little over 4 weeks and still no refund, should I be worried? If not how much longer should I expect to be waiting? This is my first year filing, my filing status is single with no dependents. And I chose to have my refund direct deposited on my Readydebit card. I have tried calling twice but have not been able to speak with a live rep, so now I’m starting to get a little worried and frustrated.

  73. Jennifer says

    I have a questions I filed on 2/13/2015 after 11am and I went on Wheres my refund on the 14th and it was received, The bar has been their until Monday the 23rd it disappeared and now it just says Your tax return is still being processes, A refund date will be provided when available. It is not showing my refund amount or anything and I am not able to view my transcripts either. I have never had this happen, should I be worried?

      • Jennifer says

        One more question. This is me and my husbands first time filing together since being married. Last year had separate addresses. Well I am trying to pull up our transcripts and I am looking at mine and it just has N/A and no refund on file on mine. Would my husbands show something different if I log into his on our update? Or should both his and mine be this same when I log into mine?

        I am just realizing our tax guy spelled our street address wrong so when trying to log into the husbands transcript it locked me out =( but mine should show this years correct?

        Sorry I am just so confused and stressed over this.


        • says

          Hi Jennifer, don’t be stressed over this. Realize we live in an amazing time where you’re lucky to get your tax refund as quickly as you do. Just 7 years ago, it would always take 1-2 months to get your refund, and there was never a way to check the status of it!

          You and your husband will both show up with the same info. If your street address is wrong, you still might get your direct deposit, but you could also get a Code 1121, which will result in a letter being mailed to you. That could be a problem.

          To be safe I would simply call the IRS, and then I would raise hell with your tax preparer. Next year, please consider doing your taxes yourself unless you have a very complicated scenario. It costs more to use a tax preparer and most errors I see come from them.

  74. nekey says

    I filed 1/27/15 and on 2/14/15 I checked WMR and I had all 3 bars and it said my return will be Deposited on 2/19/15 and up under it, it also said allow 1-5 days which the fifth day would’ve been 2/24/15. I went to pick up my check on the 19th and it didn’t come. So on Saturday the 21 st, I checked WMR again and it said, ‘There is a delay in processing your tax return and your Refund date may have changed’! There was also code 1121 with a telephone number and Extension 362. But when I Google the 1121 code, I’ve read where the IRS said to do nothing but wait and if they need more info, they will usually contact a person through mail. What Does this mean, I’m not getting my money? Or am I being Audited?

    • says

      It means there was some type of typo or error on your return surrounding your bank info. I’ve seen it a lot where the name doesn’t match the account, or you messed up a digit in the numbers. As such it bounced back to the IRS and they will cut you a check.

  75. Jennifer P says

    My husband and I filed our taxes on 02/10/15. We knew we owed just over $700 to the IRS. We got code 1381 on WMR. That was two weeks ago. WMR still hasn’t changed to even tell us we were approved or not. How long does it take to actually get your refund after getting that code?

  76. DARLA says

    My efile was accepted in Jan. 28 2013/direct deposit…all bars on WMR disappeared on Feb 14…after 21 days I called the IRS and the rep said that there was an unusual code(didnt give it) and she researched it and said that everything looked fine at that point and to check back on Feb 23…called on Feb 23 and was told that there was on issue with PTC section but my 1095 was correct…he said that department had 40 days to resolve the issue…spoke with another rep 3 days later that told me the issue was resolved on Feb 23 and that I should hear something in 4wks or maybe less…. once an issue is resolved without a letter or input from myself… what is the process from that point? what could be going on??? no bars and topic 152 is showing… Thanks for any insight

  77. Jessie says

    It’s been 2 weeks since we filed,,,, still on 1st bar, it’s never taken this long, return is over 10k, I was told that’s a reason to take longer…. Should I be worried? Actually I already am.

  78. Jen says

    I filed my taxes on 1/27/2015, first the irs say I had a processing error but it was corrected by 2/23/2015. Next I wad told that they were almost finish processing my return just to turn around on 2/26 and send my tax return to reviee. They are issuing me a little money, but not my EIC OR. CTC. Now I have codes 1242 and 151 on WMR. What D’s oes this mean. My dependents haven’t changed, one I have carried for 19yrs and my gchild for 3yrs. Why would they just audit the EIC part

  79. Confused says

    I filed my taxes on 1/23/2015 and they have been in limbo since. WMR finally updated to show that my return is being reviewed with reference code 1242, tax topic 151. I owe no money according to my records AND the Treasury Offset department (at least it says no non-tax debt, and I know of no tax related debt). My transcript has, in this order, code 150/cycle 20150805/date 03-16-2015, followed by codes 806, 766, 766, 768, 810, 811, and 846. None of the other codes have cycles listed, and the codes 806, 766 and 768 have a date of 04-15-2015, while the 810, 811 and 846 codes have a date of 03-16-2015. There is a discrepancy between what it shows for my refund amount, with the difference being listed as a credit under account balance, but at least it does show a refund amount on one of the lines (that account balance amount is equal to my Healthcare credit, btw).

    When we called initially after the first 21 days to see what our return delay was, we were told that our return was caught in a system glitch that was all the IRS’s fault and that we just had to wait for their system to reset. We only just got a status change from the endless “processing” with no bars on WMR today. Can you please help me understand what all of these codes mean?

  80. Tremayne hall says

    I just checked the where’s my refund website and its telling me to take action with a topic code of 151 something about appeals what does that mean

  81. Jasmine says

    Hey robert , i have some questions for you , i filled on jan-28-2015 got accepted same day then in feb-7-2015 wmr stop showing bars saying something about call 800# and 9001 reference code so on feb-9-2015 i call to that number and i was told that i have to idverify , so i did it , the lady told me the now that i verify my id my refund was good to go and its being processing again but i will have to wait 6 weeks ,, today its feb-28-2015 and wmr keep showing the 9001 code im not seeing any updates , but every time i call they said everithing its ok just wait , its that true ? I will have to wait the whole 6 weeks ? ,, and another question i filled a married joint , and the direct deposit has to go to my account that its only on my name , its that ok ? I have chase btw , hope u respund soon , thanks for reading :)

  82. Scott says

    I had a problem with them identifying me and so I went in and that got clearedup and now I am getting reference 1242 after she told me that I was out of the wmr loop and I would get it in 4-6 weeks

  83. rodney says

    its almost been 21 days still only one bar showing on wheres my refund why is it taking so long to process?do it mean its complications with my return?

  84. Kimberly says

    Hi, i got code 1242 and tax topic 151. I have read on both but its very vague, is there anythi g specific it could be asking for like info on my dependents or anything like that? And i owed them 963$ from 2013 could that be a reason for the topic 151?

  85. Bob says

    I saw code 152 on “where is my refund” and now that code is not there anymore. All I see is your refund is being processed and a date will be given. I received my state tax yesterday and saw that they deducted money for not paying a personal property tax back in 2010 I have not received my federal tax check yet. Since they deducted this money from my state taxes, is this why I am not seeing code 152 and my federal taxes will be sent to me soon?

  86. K.Palmer says

    Hi Robert,
    Like many, filed Jan. 20, accepted on 21st. No movement until Feb 20th when I received a letter cp05. Although no action is required at this time, they could take up to Apr 8th to continue my review. Called automated lines about letter, no live rep without tremendous wait times, but system stated for my 2014 transcript that credits processed on my account in 3 installments on Apr 15th, a month plus away. No codes are showing on wmr like others. Curious? Heard you or seen such a thing? Same filing, same job, same children, minus the fact I bought coverage through the marketplace this year. I’m Stumped!

  87. keith says

    I got message 1341, I called the IRS and they told me that there was nothing outstanding, but they were just checking to be sure???

  88. Bill says

    Filed my return on 2/13 through H&R Block, and got a reply about 30 minutes after stating the IRS accepted my return. Its now March 1st, and the IRS website still says:

    We cannot provide any information about your refund. You must wait at least 24 hours after you get the acknowledgement e-mail that your tax return was received by the IRS

    Please read the following information related to your tax situation:

    Tax Topic 152, Refund Information

    Its never taken this long. Just wanting to be sure all is ok.

  89. brandon says

    I filed an got accepted on feb4…days later no bars wmr…its been 21days plus an I’d verified… But still has 152…What’s taking so long

  90. marquis says

    I got accepted in the 20th I called the irs after 21 days they said I need to verify my identity I did that a week ago…..when I go to wmr it still didn’t show any bars what’s the next step do they have to input information or should I just wait to see what’s going to happen how long does it usually take after they verified my identity to receive a refund

  91. Schneider says

    can you please explain this?

    There’s no typo on names or wrong bank info. The tax would be rejected if that was the case

    There is a delay in processing your tax return and your expected refund date may have changed.
    If you have questions or need additional information, please have the following on hand when you call:
    A copy of this page.
    A copy of your tax return.
    The Social Security Number, Filing Status, and refund amount claimed on your return.
    Any notice that you have received concerning your refund.
    Please mention reference number 1121 to the IRS Customer Service Representative.
    IRS Hours of Service:
    Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
    1-800-829-0582, when asked for an extension, enter 362.
    From outside the US call 267-941-1000.
    TTY/TDD: 1-800-829-4059

    I m a tax preparer and i need to have a good explanation for my clients.

  92. Schneider says


    I have filed some some tax for my tax payers since 2/10/15 and they still haven’t received their refunds.
    when checking on WMR it says :
    Your tax return is still being processed.

    A refund date will be provided when available.
    Please Note: For refund information, please continue to check here, or use our free mobile app, IRS2Go. Updates to refund status are made no more than once a day.

    They were supposed to get their refund less than 21 days. What can I tell them at this point? They call me non stop asking about their refunds and I don’t blame them.

    Any suggestion Robert

    • says

      Well the 21 days is only the point that last year 90% of payers received their refund. Some have to wait longer. If they don’t have an error code, there is nothing wrong and they just have to wait it out.

      • Schneider says

        Thank you for the clarification.

        What would you say about this case?
        I received the that message “This return was accepted by IRS on 2/2/2015” from the bank that i use for my client.

        This person hasn’t received her refund but there’s no code and the client keeps calling to find out what’s going on.

        Any suggestion?

  93. heather says

    I just wanted to say I as well received the famous 9001 ref. Code. I called, and the IRS instructed me to call and verify my Identity. No status bar changed as of yet. It’s been 1 week since then. I don’t know of I will still receive a letter or not in the mail? Or if I did all that was needed?

  94. Monique says

    I filed my taxes paper sent on January 27th 2015 over night express on March 20th the where my refund said they received my taxes. It’s now March 3rd and it still says being processed. How much longer should it take to process? It’s almost been 6 weeks for everything :(

    • says

      Well, when you send in your taxes via mail you add about 6-8 weeks automatically to the processing time. Basically someone at the IRS has to take your return and manually input it into the computer. That’s why you should always eFile. Always.

      So, since it’s been about 6 weeks, you probably have about another 5-6 weeks to wait.

      • Monique says

        So even though it says I should expect a refund within 21 days (it says that on the website after I put in my information ) It should still take longer?

        • says

          Yes, it will take about 21 days from when they input all of your information into the computer – since you mailed a paper copy that adds about 3-6 weeks from the date they receive your return.

  95. Marie says

    So I went to e file my taxes and someone claimed my child without permission! So it was rejected. It could have been her father but I haven’t seen him for over a year and neither has she. I’m the only one who has taken care of her. I sent my taxes out paper file. What’s next? Is there a possibility they will send me a check and then investigate/audit later? I feel so offended I even have to do this because I’m the only one who has ever taken care of it. What are the next steps? Please give me some insight on what’s going to happen! :( bummer this sucks

  96. naomi says

    Hello i revieved the code 1121 i finally recieved a letter from IRS after 3weeks its says we recieved your 1040 form and to call w/ in 30 days but when i call im told do to high call volumes the reason im calling cant b answered….can u kinda tell me wha. This means if possibe please and thank you?!

  97. Dawn says

    I filed my taxes and my sons same day electronically with accountant and his was received my mail already, mine still says processing. I tried to get transcripts and was told to call. I called and was told i was unpostable and they had no answer as to why and how long this will take. nothing has changed in my filings in many many years, they also said no letter was sent out to me either. help

  98. Dawn says

    I filed my taxeselectronically on Feb 23 and the site is saying I have to wait 24 to get any info. Its been over a week. What do I do to check my ?status?

  99. Rosemarie Ruhl says

    almost 5 wks since e filed. stills says processing,no codes, no letter. called last week they told me 62-65 days.couldn’t give me an answer why.she said it was in suspention?

  100. Amy says

    I have a question my tax refund was approved then sent to my prepaid card my prepaid wouldn’t accept any amount over 5,000 so it was sent back to the irs. on Thur. I seen it says my refund approved again and my mail date is march 11 and I check today and it says processing why would it do that theres no bars that says accept recieved or approved now it says its being processed when I call the offset line it says my march 11th tax refund will be reduced by 52.00

  101. Jesse Gresham says

    My WMR say we have received your tax return and it only has code 1242 with the phone extension number 362… WHAT DOES THIS MEAN!!

  102. maria willis says

    I filed 01/29 and accept the same day, but Irs says was accepted 02/03, says still processing . I called says they going to send a letter on the 15th of March, the man on the phone said they wanted me to send a copy of my W2? What does this mean. They have a copy of my w2 from my employer

  103. Nin says

    I have been waiting since 02-19-15 I had a code of 20150902 then I got the 864 code I’ve been having the 152 code on it for a while now they say it’s gonna be a paper check!!?? Why is that?!

  104. says

    I filed injured spouse this year my wife owes past child support since before we got married. I have been waiting six weeks and did some research . I checked my wmr and it says still processing . I checked my transcripts and have codes 150 , 806 , 766 , 768 ,570 … I know its frozen but can you tell me why or how long it takes to get unfrozen . It says mor actions pending. Is this normal ???

  105. Heathwe L. says

    Just curious if you would know if the code 9001 will update on WMR? I did contact the IRS when it showed, and I also was instructed to verify my Identity. It has been almost 4 weeks now since doing so.

    Thanks So Much!

  106. Adelaida says

    Hi , Robert
    I filed on January 20th and was approved and sent on February 11th Direct Deposit but i never receive my refund on February 16 I got code 1121 ,I receive letter 4883c I have tried calling the number on the letter I wait 2 hours or more just to get a message that due to the high volume of calls they are not able to take my call , I called the IRS 10 times already and I keep track of names , employee Id , and what their respond was , on March 2nd I called the IRS againg they told me to go to the IRS to answer the identity question I did . And it says congratulation at this moment the IRS can start processing you refund . But I am not sure if I still have to keep calling the number on the letter 4883c .

  107. Rene says

    Hi Robert can you please help me my refund went threw all 3 stages got a dd money was not in bank got code 1121 talk to IRS rep she gave me number the collection number. I am in a chapter 13 I owe the IRS 3300 dollars but it comes out my chapter 13 payment haven’t miss I payment The rep on the phone said my bankruptcy has nothing to do with why there is a delayed and my Dd will change rep said my refund is going threw the recycle stage all over again. I started out owing the IRS 10,000 I got down to 3300 threw my chapter 13 case rep said it wasn’t any special reason why my refund is recycle can u please explain thank you advance for your input.

      • Rene says

        Hi Robert thank you for your input so do you think I will get a paper check now and how long will this take,and do I still need to check the wmr .

    • Rene says

      Hi Robert can you please tell me will I get a paper check now and Will I still have to check the wmr for updates this is Rene I was telling you about my Chapter 13 thanks for your input I will not be bugging you again but I just need a few more question answer so I don’t have worry about this anymore just let it run its course.

  108. kim says

    I apologize in advance for ignorance…after having taxes files by tax preparer she contacted me the next day to say taxes were already filed using only my as number,not my husband. She had us come back in to sign paper return as there could be identity theft. She said she would expedite it through overnight mail. It has been five weeks. I called IRS. They stated nothing has been received or processed and to wait 180 days. He asked me questions to verify my identity and stated he made notes on my account. Here is my question…how can I make sure the IRS received my return. My tax preparer assures me she sent it but as I did not send it myself I am concerned.

    • says

      If she sent it overnight mail, there should be proof of delivery, which is all you have at this point. With identity theft, it can take several months to resolve, and your tax preparer did the correct steps by mailing your return. Now you just sit and wait.

  109. allan says

    Its 3/11/15 I have 2 570 codes one 3/2/15 the other 3/9/15 both dates passed the processing date says 3/2/15 what does this mean

    • says

      A TC 810 or TC 570 indicates refunds are stopped/frozen. TC 810 or TC 570 is used if an examination of the taxpayer’s return is in process or the previous examination was not closed. So, basically you’re being audited.

  110. heather says

    Hi again Robert,

    Do u think looking at the transcripts is a waste? I have 3 transcript codes. The last code is a 570. I think it may because of doing the ID verify? The cycle date says 20150905. Since WMR most likely wont update due to that. I wonder if it still processing beyond this date?

    • says

      Well, in your case it means that you’re likely being audited.

      A TC 810 or TC 570 indicates refunds are stopped/frozen. TC 810 or TC 570 is used if an examination of the taxpayer’s return is in process or the previous examination was not closed.

      • heather says

        Hi Robert,
        just wanted to let you know I spoke to an Irs rep this am. She looked into my account and said I need to give it more time. It takes up to 6 weeks after I verified to update/process. I feel more at ease now. Thanks for your help.


  111. Amy Meadows says

    Hi, I first would like to thank you for all your help to all of us on here!
    My husband and I filed our taxes jointly. We checked the wmr and the status bar had said sent with a direct deposit date or March 4th. When it never got deposited I checked the wmr again and this time it said due to a past obligation blah blah blah your refund has been applied to past due amount. I called the offset # and it said it was because of my past due student loans still owning and that our entire refund was applied to my student loans. I also checked my husband’s ss# with the treasury offset automated 1-800 # it said he owes nothing. (I had to withdraw from school due to medical conditions. I am now permanently disabled and on disability through ss. I was told that I legally can get all of my student loans forgiven because of it. I have to just submit to them my medical paperwork and my documentation from doctor and Social Security dept. The person i spoke with said when the department of education receives my paperwork it will take at least 90 days to get my tax refund they garnished from me back and my loans forgiven.) My question is Can my husband fill out the injured spouse tax form and get his refund back since I haven’t worked for years due to my disability and because the offset is not from him yet my offset took his entire refund? If he can still get his refund back~ how long is the wait process normally? Can he get it direct deposited? Can the injured spouse form be filed electronically?

    • says

      Good job getting your loans forgiven – that will help a lot in a variety of ways. Now to your questions.

      Yes, your spouse can file the injured spouse tax form 8379. He can get his part of the refund back. However, it takes about 90 days as well (sometimes shorter, sometimes longer), and if you’re already resolving your student loan issues, it might mess things up with your total refund. I would personally just handle the loan issue and get your offset back.

      If you do file the form, it can be eFiled but it had to be done with the original return. Now, it has to be mailed. The amount of the refund can be direct deposited.

  112. Rene says

    Hi Robert thank you so much for all your help and answering back so quickly. I know GOD will bless you richly for helping all of us with our tax questions.Take care

  113. Ashley says

    My refund continues to show status still processing post date when available. I filled retun feb 17 2015. When trying to request a copy of my transcript it said couldn’t process request please call and gave me a number to its idenity theft line. I called and after a series of question to verify I was me, he toled me my returned had been marked for review and ty o give it 8 to 17 wks from filling date! Wth!!!! He then told me he didn’t know why my refund was marked to be reviewed because it just shows that at the first of December 2014 there was a indicator put by my ssn# or account for my return to be placed under review!!!! Please can someone help me understand what could of caused em to place a indicator on my account for any reason but for sure put one on there 2months before I even filed my return. And had I not callers them I still haven’t received any calls or mail staying there was even an issue.

  114. Eddie says

    Hi Rob I have been trying to help my fiance check on her refund we are getting married in May and are really depending on this refund she filed on the 19th of February and today makes it past the 21 days but all we received on WMR is below, what does this mean? We also checked with our tax preparer and they said that it was accepted by Fed and State already in their system so how long would she have to wait?

    We cannot provide any information about your refund. Be sure to:
    verify your filing date;
    check with your tax preparer or tax software provider; or
    verify you received your electronically filed acknowledgement e-mail.

      • Eddie says

        Thank you Robert but my fiance’ called last week and they told her that it was already accepted by the IRS both the Fed and the state. And we have just been waiting she always used to receive her taxes in 2 or 3 weeks and now it’s been a month just not sure why it is taking so long this time when she called it was confirmed to be accepted before this she was receiving a Topic 152 as you stated before that it’s a refund but now this message is coming up pretty confusing and frustrating.. Appreciate your insight! Thanks again hope to hear from you soon!

  115. nikki says

    I had to verify my Id per letter received…I was able to pull my transcripts and on there it shows 570 code…is that because of my id verification???

  116. Elias says

    Hello Mr.Robert Farrington
    i have filed Married-Filing Joint Return tax but today i checked “where is my refund” and it shows me this message :

    We have not processed your refund because the Social Security Number, or the IRS Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, and/or name shown on your tax return does not match our records or those of the Social Security Administration. You may have:
    filed your tax return using a maiden, married or professional name that the Internal Revenue Service and/or the Social Security Administration does not have on record, or
    misspelled your name or transposed your Social Security Number or IRS Individual Taxpayer Identification Number.
    Check your tax return for the number and name you used. If you have a Social Security Number from the Social Security Administration, please provide us with the number and name shown on the card. If you have a letter from the IRS assigning an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, please have the letter available when you contact us.
    Please mention reference number 1441 to the IRS Customer Service Representative.

    BUT when i check my wife status on “where is my refund ” it gives me other message :
    We have received your tax return and it is being processed.
    You should get your refund within 21 days from the date we received your tax return.

    please can you advise me what to do ?
    thank you

    • says

      Did you receive confirmation that your return was accepted by the IRS to begin with? I’d be concerned about identity theft and you may have to mail in a paper return.

      First, make sure the IRS received your return. Second, call them.

  117. kayla says

    I have gotten a letter two weeks ago to identify who i was they said it went thru and that it could take six weeks to get my taxes at first I got a 9001 code I have been checking everyday and I still have the same code since I spoke to them will it go away and will I receive my taxes

  118. jenni says

    What is reference code 1121 mean? It said I should receive my refund my mail on the 19th, now it said to take action, call and mention 1121..

  119. Latoya says

    I had to send in 1095a and letter 8962. It’s been weeks. Today when I called they said they didn’t have my information. WMR changed today for the first time and has topic 152 with no refund amount and says it’s being processed a refund date will be given when available. But no refund amount anymore. Should I be worried?

  120. Lena says

    I filed and it was accepted on 1/21/15. I still don’t have a refund, nothing on my transcripts have changed. WMR hasn’t changed. I get the run around and a different answer every time I call the IRS. Finally got a tax advocate to help. Now the advocate won’t call me back. Anyone else have this problem, or do you have any insight.

        • jennifer collins says

          So my taxes were excepted on 2/20, seeing it’s exactly 1 month since filing, I thought I’d go to the IRS office. They were lined up 20+ outside as it was at capacity. Apparently the 10 people I talked to all had the same issue…still processing!
          “Just having to wait It out ” is unacceptable!! No one tells them (gvrmnt) that they need to wait before taking their 40% tax cut from my pay’s very frustrating!!!

          • says

            Jennifer, maybe this year consider changing your withholdings so you owe the government instead of having to wait for a refund. Remember, you’re basically giving them an interest free loan!

  121. mandie says

    i filed taxes early 1/16 the next day revived the email it was accepted by the IRS. i eventually seen the 9001 code. talked to a few reps who told me everything was fine.. i then found out i had identity theft on my account. had to do the ID verify and was told to wait an additional 6 weeks from 2/6 the day i did the ID verify. i called every other week checking everything was fine. the CSR said i should see an update on the WMR on march 18th (today) and i have been told i will get my refund by the 20th. so i see no update and the turbo tax people still haven’t received the money?? so im confused if i should be fine and to expect it on the 20th (in 2 days) and not to expect the update on WMR like the rep said i may see???

    • says

      Nothing to be worried about. I’m surprised any rep would tell you that. Typically after verifying your identity it can take 6-8 week up to 6 months. Just because you verified your identity, the IRS still investigates the identity theft issue before releasing your refund.

      • mandie says

        thank you, i actually called last night the CSR said everyone was wrong and i should have been told 6-8 weeks like you said. they told me everything is fine.. its back in processing.. and my refund estimated date will be between march 20th and april 4th… march 20th is the soonest and april 4th is the latest.. should i expect the website to update?

  122. says

    hello robert, my taxes was mailed feb 3rd because it was rejected and said my number had already been used. February 24 I spoke to the fraud dept. I received a letter in reference to what was done on March 13 per phone conversation. I was told that the return that was a fraud had been taken out and my return was in. With this what is the time frame of receiving my refund.

  123. Mike says

    Hi, Robert. I had my return accepted on Jan 23, then received a 60 day review notice, so in 3 days will be the mark. Should I have it by then.

  124. James says


    I filed my taxes on Feb16, 2015 and was accepted on the same day. As of today March 20, 2015 the wmr website is still telling me that my return is being processed and a date will be provided when available. I did contact the IRS by phone March 13,2015 and actually got to talk to a rep and they told me my taxes were under review. Today is the first time that I could see my transcript online and everything appears to be correct. Does that mean my refund was approved or are they still under review?

    • says

      Being under review doesn’t mean anything – and it can happen even if nothing is wrong. That is why no error codes flagged on WMR or your transcript.

      Sounds like your refund should be coming your way soon.

  125. Kat says

    Hi. i filed turbo tax feb 19, accepted feb 20, 2015

    I had 1 bar until my 15th day, now my taxes are still being processed.
    No Bars, No Codes, Nothing on a tramscript. Now it says im blocked from accessing tramscript for 24 hrs and have seen this message for 7 days now
    I cant get ahold of anyone for amswers. Ive had Obamacare and received the “call” but said my insurance was off only by $1 so no need to amend taxes.
    Today marks 28 days. Never have i experienced this before. Any reason or advice to this? Thanks

  126. buttaluv says

    Hey Robert,
    Im still waiting and no letters or anything from the irs an cant get thru on the phones. I filed 2/15/15 an accepted the same day then on 3/07/15 my bars disappeared. Wmr just says still processing with tax topic 152 & my refund amount. This sunday makes 4weeks how much longer before I need to be worried? Im seeing alot of folks post that they are getting there money an wmr never updated. I haven’t been able to get transcripts I guess its because this is my 1st time ever filing. Can you please shed sum light this way really stressing.

  127. elliott says

    How u doing my name Elliott I had eflie on jan 13 2015 and got accepted the next day in Feb I had received a letter saying I had to verify my identity I had called and was accepted Feb 30 and they told me march 3 your days start for 6 to 8 weeks would I receive it in march because when I go online its still showing 9001 and topic 152

    • says

      It means that the IRS has delayed your return for one of the following reasons:

      1. Taxpayer owes back taxes, either individual or business (refund offset).
      2. Taxpayer owes delinquent child support (refund offset).
      3. Taxpayer has certain delinquent federal debit, such as student loans, etc. (refund offset).
      4. The Estimated Tax payments reported on the return do not match the Estimated Tax payments recorded on the IRS Master File.

  128. Veronica says

    Hey this is my deal

    March 13, 2015 at 5:33 am
    Code: 150 Date:3-23-2015
    Code: 806 Date:4-15-2015
    Code: 570 Date:3-23-2015
    Code: 971 Date:3-30-2015
    Code: 570 Date:3-30-2015

    Cycle code 20150901

    I was accepted 2/12/15 I got a 4464C letter under review February 23 Saying no additional information needed at this time.
    today March 20 I recieved a CP05 Letter saying that I still don’t need to send them anything
    Notice Date: March 30, 2015
    Your caller id: xxxxxx
    This basically saying the same thing the last letter said just a different code??

    Can’t you enlighten me please I’m

  129. Paula says

    Hey Robert, I filed electronically on January 30th I received a letter I believe 5071C to verify my identity around February 28th. I did that immediately. Now on my transcripts I have a code 20151005, and a processing date of March 30th. Do these mean anything? And if so what exactly? I have called the IRS, and they have been less than informative to say the least.

  130. Grey says

    Hi Robert, Thanks so much for Helping out here…
    , Know you may have addressed this already so I apologize in advance, I did read Many Replies but My eyes are Now Blurry from Researching…
    OK About the Minus Sign on Transcripts, is this an indication of Money Owed?
    I Called Treasury Offset…Says No Non Taxable Income Owed
    So I’m wondering if I owe a Taxable Debt of Some sort or The Other.
    Phone Verified about 4 weeks ago.
    WMR Just says Still processing with code 152 only
    Transcript are as follows. assuming 570 is due to Verification Issue.

    Any insight would be Helpful..
    Again, Thanks so much for your Time and Patience
    with helping us.

    ACCOUNT BALANCE: -x,xxx.00
    ACCRUED INTEREST: 0.00 AS OF: Apr. 06, 2015
    ACCRUED PENALTY: 0.00 AS OF: Apr. 06, 2015
    (this is not a
    payoff amount): -x,xxx.00

    150 Tax return filed 20150905 03-23-2015 $xxx.00

    806 W-2 or 1099 withholding 04-15-2015 -$x,xxx.00
    768 Earned income credit 04-15-2015 -$xxx.00
    570 Additional account action pending 03-23-2015 $0.00

      • Grey says

        No Student Loans, No Kids…So you’re saying The NEGATIVE means an amount owed to IRS or Federal Gov for some reason, Cause as stated TOP Says no outstanding Debts.
        Sorry Just trying to to get a clearer understanding.
        Actually read on another site where someone says the Minus sign meant you where getting a Refund, though I kinda figured that didn’t seem right.
        Thanks again Robert!

    • Heather says

      I have the exact same codes and dates as u do on mine. I verified on Feb 24th. I called 2 weeks ago and was told nothing needed just takes time, and to wait the 6 weeks since I had to verify.

  131. Heather says

    I was just wondering what the ” as of date” means on a transcript? It changed from March 23 to April 6.

  132. Jessica Malcom says

    I received a 1121 error on my returns due to my bank rejecting my deposit. How long does it generally take before a paper check is mailed? Is there anything that I need to do on my end? Thanks in advance!

  133. Timothy says

    I was accepted on Feb 15th. Till this day ihave received no letters or codes on WMR, I cannot get to my 14 transcripts as they are not there yet. The bars are now gone on the site and it just says we are still processing……

  134. Arnold says

    Hi Robert
    i efiled Feb 8th and its set up for direct deposit, and when i check with WMR it comes up (without any code) Your tax return is still being processed.
    A refund date will be provided when available.
    We are today March 24th which is much more then the 21 days
    please advise

  135. Rene says

    Hi Robert I was told by the person who prepared my taxes that the company Refundo who was suppose to deposit our refund in our wells Fargo account sent our refund back to the IRS and did not give a reason why. I know the tax preparer had.Ask for our account number and he just assume it was for checking but the account # we gave him was for savings we both made a careless mistake my husband did not tell the tax preparer that we wanted the refund to go to savings and the tax preparer should of asked again to be on the safe side.So my question is ,is this the reason why we received a 1121 code and our refund is a P- freeze because the refund went threw all 3 stages but the refund was not deposit the IRS said give them 60 days so I k ow I am getting a paper check but does it really take 60 days out has already been a month. Can I please have your input thank you in advance.

  136. nikki b says

    Hi I really need help understand mi refund been in review for 7 weeks now n no refund I checked my wmr this morning n now its sayn tax topic 151 reference code 1242 what could b wrong cause I’ve called them n everytime I called they told me everything was good just had to wait 6 to 8 weeks n ive been waitin sense Jan 28 ive haf this problem so can u please help me please im confused cause im gttin to many answer hopefully u can help me

  137. Jake says

    I efiled on February 11th, bars went away 10 days ago, with no codes and no letter in mail, when I try to get my transcriptions online, only one 2014 category is there (wages) and when you click on it, it says no record of return. What’s going on?

  138. Feb 10 says

    It’s been 5 weeks since my deposit date and sent date then 2 days later delayed refund refer 1121 keep calling and it keeps saying based on numbers entered call again later due to high volume. No letters were sent no codes in transcript just the 846 then 841 what do I do

  139. Collin Paul says

    Hey Rob,

    its been 5 weeks still nothing

    DDD 25th FEB Refeund sent then 2 days later refund delayed and reference code 1121. i keep calling and it won’t let me thru it says due to high volume calls and the numbers u entered try again later and i been calling every morning can’t get thru. no codes in transcript but the original 846 then 841 i check everyday wmr nothing. no mail , my bank info correct. is this normal nothing from IRS over 5 weeks … pls advise

    • says

      Chances are there was something wrong with the account numbers or name on the account, maybe even you selected “checking” and it was a “Savings” account. They’ll likely be sending you a check within 60 days if they have your correct address.

      • Collin Paul says

        now will the transcript update on a check being mailed.. and how does people know about bank rejection and when a letter was mailed? how would i know if they mailed it or just wmr… wait has been really long without atlas an answer as to why it didn’t get deposit after it was sent and approved… any thoughts


      • Feb 10 says

        now will the transcript update on a check being mailed.. and how does people know about bank rejection and when a letter was mailed? how would i know if they mailed it or just wmr… wait has been really long without atlas an answer as to why it didn’t get deposit after it was sent and approved… any thoughts

        • says

          A few common reasons why your bank rejected the payment:
          – Wrong account or routing number
          – Wrong name (happens a lot with joint accounts)
          – Wrong type of account (Checking vs. Savings)

          • Collin Paul says

            Thanks Rob for ur time i just wanted to know since its almost impossible to speak to a irs rep if there is any way i can find out if in fact they mailed my check and if that is the reason.. Its so frustrating to get a delayed then have no reason as to why its was delayed. No letter or codes absolutely no feed back. How else can i tell ?


          • Collin Paul says

            its been almost 6 weeks and nothing has changed it says the same thing “take action delayed in processing ur return and refund date might changed. I still don’t know if bank rejected or error in the return. all i know is reference 1121 and every tine i call it tell me to call tomorrow due to high volume. is this normal ? should i go to the local IRS office my refund was approved then sent then delayed what should and can do to find out status of it?

          • Collin Paul says

            its says take action but what action do i take when it doesn’t tell me what. i check transcript everyday i call everyday check the mail everyday do i wait till the 60th day cause its been 42 days from when the refund was sent and 39 days since it said refund delayed. What should i do thanks?

  140. Brian says

    Hi Rob,

    I filed my return on Jan 30th. Received the 5071c letter a couple weeks ago and verified online. There was nothing on my transcripts until after verification. Now I have a 570 code. Does this mean I still have something to do or everything is ok?

  141. tori says

    I had an 846 code then an 841 code with the same date. After 21 days I received a letter to verify my identity. Did that. Now what should I expect?

  142. Kim says

    Hi need some information on why I have 2 570 and what do these dates mean my detail as followed

    file 2/1 told process started on 2/3 received letter 4464c on 3/9 also CP05 on 3/16 both these dates are on transcript after last notice seen that another 570 code dated 3/30. I had Medicaid and I reapply for it in Dec 15 2014 I don’t know if I was suppose to file a form stating I had Medicaid but I have my application processing paperwork stating that this was file cycle date 20150703 please let me know what these dates mean and how long before I see a update

  143. Josh says

    I’ve finally received an update on WMR for a 1040NR i mailed in February. It now says.

    We have received your tax return and it is being processed.
    Any changes to the status of your refund will be provided here when available

    If you have a question, “contact us”.

    When i click “contact us” i get the following

    Please have the following available if you call:
    A copy of this page.
    A copy of your tax return.
    The Social Security Number, Filing Status, and refund amount claimed on your return.
    Any notice that you have received concerning your refund.
    Reference number 1581.

    Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
    1-800-829-0582, when asked for an extension, enter 312

    Does this Reference number 1581 mean anything at this point or do i just have to wait for it to be processed?

  144. Heather says


    Just wanted to give an update on my situation.. the 570 code never updated as of today. I had wishful thinking it would seeing as my “as of date” changed from 3-23 to 4-6 2 weeks ago. I did call the IRS this morning. After researching for 29 minutes all I was told was I shld see an update online around the 20th. If that is accurate that wld make week#8 since doing the ID verify. If I see any changes I will update when I know.

    Thank u

  145. NANCY says

    I filed and got my taxes approved on Jan. 23rd. I rcvd a letter saying that it was under review but needed not to do anything. I keep checking the WMR account and it just gives me tax topic 152?? What should I do since its way over 21 days?

  146. Marquerita says

    I have a 1121 code since Feb 12, 2015. I have made the call and the IRS rep said to wait 8 to 10 weeks.
    I have waited long enough, no answer high volume of calls and now I finally did a transcript online and that doesn’t seem to pop up. Im logged into the transcript but when I click any of the forms It wont open the file.
    ugh!! Is there something wrong on my end, where the file won’t open up??

    • says

      I couldn’t tell you about the file, but the 1121 code means there is a freeze on your account and you just have to wait it out. It could be due to any variety of reasons, but it’s likely an error on your part. If the IRS can’t figure it out, they will mail you a letter requesting more information.

  147. Usman says

    I files back in Feb and currently my transcripts are showing “570 Additional Account Action Pending 03-30-2015” and “971 notice issued 03-30-2015”. I have not received anything in the mail. OD I need to contact IRS? Is it beneficial to go to their Field Office? If so, better to go before it opens to be first in line?

    Really appreciate any feedback as I just had a son and have Hospital Bills to pay of $5000. My anticipated return amount is $7151. My return is very simple with 2 W2 jobs. I however did claim moving expenses of $3900 from CT to CA

  148. Rene says

    Hi Robert does the IRS work on tax payers who have code 1121 and who are under review. Now or After tax season and is a tax agent manually review our tax return.Thank you in advance for your input.w

    Now or After tax seasonns

  149. Heather says

    Hi Robert,
    I just wanted to make a comment regarding my sisters situation. So she filed Feb 24th. Had the received bar on WMR for 2 weeks. The disappeared with the generic message saying a refund date will be provided when available. So, she waited it out. Until yesterday and called. Here She Is being told now she has to IDVerify. 6 weeks passed. There were no codes, instructions to call, no letter. Account Transcripts were blank. Is this normal? The agent even said they didn’t send a letter out yet.

  150. Grey says

    Hey Robert thanks for all the Help..
    Any Idea what this Means

    892 Correction to interest credit transferred out

    Date same as
    896 Refund applied to non-IRS debt(Full Refund)

    But Balance has changed from 0.00

    Back To Full amount Minus 95.00

    Latest Line-up

    150 Tax return filed 20150905 03-23-2015 $xxx.00

    806 W-2 or 1099 withholding 04-15-2015 -$x,xxx.00

    768 Earned income credit 04-15-2015 -$xxx00

    570 Additional account action pending 03-23-2015 $0.00

    896 Refund applied to non-IRS debt 04-20-2015 $x,xxx.00 04-20-2015

    892 Correction to interest credit transferred out 04-20-2015 -$x,xxx.00

    Thanks, any Clarity would be appreciated!

  151. Frustrated Lady says

    I did the idverify and past the 45 days they had for review on April 9th. The IRS operator told me that there was a release code entered on my refund, and that the hold was released. No that the hold is off, how much longer will i have to wait for my refund?

  152. Angel says

    Hi first 9001. Code then call the number for identiy theft , them the company I work for didn’t send then. I R s my w -2 forms, then I got a letter saying one or more of the this when wrong on your tax return . What is going on its been science feb 3 2015 .. This is my frist year filling out bu y self please help me .

    • TeeJay says

      I feel you on this. I got the same codes and was wondering what it meant. I’m on hold with IRS so hopefully they can tell me something. Let me know if you get a valid answer on what the code means.

  153. elliott says

    Hello How you doing robert I had called the irs and they told me thirty days left untill I recieve my refund ive been waiting since jan 13 2015 and passed my id verification on feb 2 2015 ive waited three months

  154. Bianca says

    Hi Robert we got a letter back March 16th that our refund had changed we got codes 846 refund issued on 3/23 and on the same day 841 refund cancelled…due to the fact that they couldn’t direct deposit cause account was closed. How much longer do we have to wait to receive a refund….my transcripts haven’t updated and it also gives code 290 additional tax assessed for the day of 4/13 and 4/20 with the amount of 0. Another question accrued interest as of 4/20 is 0 so does that mean that if we don’t get the refund check by then it’ll accrue interest? Cause I can check WMR and still code 152 or it’ll take 4 weeks to post something like that.

  155. Andrea says

    Hi Robert, I’ve filled jointly with my husband, at the WMR website he has the bars and I have no bars no code just the message that it is still being processed. How can this be if we filed jointly? Have you seen this before? Thank you in advance

  156. Keshia Taylor says

    Hello Robert,
    Ok I filed and was accepted 1/23. bars left 2 weeks later. checked transcript had a 570 code dated 3/2 called rep she stated I went into review 1/27 and to give it 60 days. checked transcript again another 570 was added dated 3/30. checked transcript again on 4/10 saw a code 424 dated 4/9 called irs immediately rep told me that he doesn’t see a 424 on my account but I can clearly see it. He said that my 60 days has expired and he put in a referral to release my funds. today 4/17 I checked transcript 424 code is still there but date changed from 4/9 to 4/10. My question how come I can see the 424, but the reps can’t? Also should I be concerned with this 424 code?

  157. Kelly says

    My ex husbands status says that the return has been applied to past due child support. How long should it take before it is deposited into my child support account?

  158. Sylvia says

    Hi Robert,

    I filed my tax return and accepted by the IRS on February 6, 2015. I got a code on WMR with 151 and reference code 1262. What does that mean? Its now April 22, 2015 and called the IRS several times and each time I get a different answer on the status. Should I worry?

  159. Laura says

    Hi Robert, I filed 01/22/15. I have on WMR:We cannot provide any information about your refund.
    Please allow at least 4 weeks from the date you mailed your return to get information about your refund.
    Please mention reference number 9001 to the IRS Customer Service Representative. I have on my transcript codes;
    150- 20150905 03/23/15
    766 – 04/15/15
    768 – 04/15/15
    570 – 03/23/15
    I received idverify letter and verified online 03/07/15. I called IRS 3 times and each time they are telling me that there is nothing else to do. It is processing. One person told me that I should receive it on 04/15 and another 04/27. I filed using turbotax. Can you give me any information on what I need to do if it is not deposited by 04/27. It has been over 6 weeks since I verified. How can I tell if it is actually being processed.

    • says

      Is your husband the primary and you’re the secondary SSN? That would explain the 9001 code. The 570 means there was an issue, but the 766 and 768 mean it was resolved. Hopefully ou should have something in the next 2-3 weeks.

  160. Cathy Flynn says

    Hi Robert,

    I efiled my taxes back in March. I received a letter requesting copies of my 1095, which I faxed to them on April 1st. They have record of recieving them on April 16th. Now when I check where is my refund for update, they are giving me a reference code of 1242. Does this mean they are reviewing what I sent them or are they going to ask for additional information? If they are, why couldn’t they have requested all the information at once? Frustrating.

  161. Tom says

    Filed with free fillable forms and then found out there was an error. Went back to look at my return and sure enough there was one field that the software calculated for me (it should not have) and clicking on it to no avail it would not let me correct it. After about 15 clicks and a refresh the field opened up and I could put in the correct amount. Meanwhile I got an 1121 code and it has been over 7 weeks now and no refund and no status. Not sure whether I need to call an IRS advocate or not?

    • says

      They will contact you if/when they need more information. The 1121 code clearly means they found the error. They’ll likely sort it out on their own without any additional info needed. If you’re concerned, you can always call them, but I would personally wait for a letter.

      • Tom says

        Oh, forgot to mention I did receive a letter detailing the computation error and it said if I agreed with their correction (which I do) that I would receive my refund in 4-6 weeks. It has been 5 weeks since date of letter but IRS website (where’s my refund) does not have any updated info simply the same statement about an error and code 1121. Thanks for you information.

  162. Krystle says

    Hi i finally received the 846 code. But my questions are why are there 2 separate 846 codes with different amounts by them? The total the original original amount though. Also my cycle date is 20151705 now and the codes say refund issued but then the date by them day may 18 2015. So has the refund been issued or will it be issued on that date? Thank you

  163. Ronda says

    Hi Robert,

    I happened upon your website when looking up reference numbers from the IRS. I viewed the above chart for reference #1242, but still would like a little more info if you wouldn’t mind.

    Our accountant filed our taxes electronically on February 6th (we did receive the our 1064A form from the healthcare exchange – and no they did not send us out a corrected form – our original information was correct) Anyway, we finally received a letter from the IRS on March 30th asking us to fax our 1064A form, which I did. The faxed formed showed up in the IRS system on April 9th. Now its May 2nd, and I check my WMR status and it tells me to Take Action! We have received your tax return and it is being reviewed. And it gives me the reference #1242 – Please advise with any additional information that you may have – I’d greatly appreciate it!


    • Ronda says

      Im sorry the form is 1095A the healthcare exchange form (not 1064A like I mentioned previously)

        • says

          Tax Topic 151 means you have an offset pending, which means the IRS will be taking part of your tax refund. IRS Reference Number 1242 usually has something to do with children and dependents, so do you have anything outstanding to do with your children?

          • Ronda says

            Thanks so much for your quick response.

            So to answer your questions – No we don’t have anything outstanding as it relates to our children.

            My husband and I file jointly (our same accountant has been doing our taxes for several years now) – we claimed both of our children, we have one in college and submitted all of that paperwork, and we filed the EIC as well normally do.

            I really wonder if it has something to do with the ACA – like I said, they requested that we submit a copy of our 1095A because it didn’t match what they had one file. I submitted the 1095A form that I received from the Healthcare Exchange, and I verified with the Healthcare Exchange that I would not be receiving a corrected 1095A (which I did not receive). I’m looking at my Form 8962 and my Form 1095A – the numbers match – so I reported exactly what was on my 1095A.

            We are getting a larger than normal refund back this year, so that may have something to do it, as well.

            I’m so at a lose – especially since its been since February.

  164. Ezequiel Luna says

    What this mean?

    846 refund issue 5-18-2015
    841 refund cancelled 5-18-15
    It said that I was going to receive my refund on May 6
    It said refund sent to bank, but I have nothing in my bank account

  165. Tom says

    Kind of a shock today. 7 weeks have passed since my letter from IRS saying they fixed an error and to expect refund in 4 to 6 weeks. So I called IRS this morning and after doing a bunch of checking the rep came back and said she could provide no further information and she was filling out a form to have a taxpayer advocate to call me in the next couple of days.
    So no audit, no refund, but now she recommends a taxpayer advocate to try to get my refund. What does this mean???

  166. Jessica says

    Hi. I had error with bank and it rejected refund on 3/17 and call IRS next day and lady I spoke to said they got it back on 18th. Got 1121 notice on WMR then on 3/30ish I got the letter dated 4/6 and was a bit thrown off on the date because it was not yet that date. I finally pulled my transcript today and it says my refund was issued and returned 3/30 which is wrong! Then says notice issued 4/6 also WRONG!! The received date listed on page two after the tax ref codes is showing “received date: 4/15/15. There has been no activity since! I am sooooo frustrated because it’s seems like they are backdating on purpose because these dates are not accurate. Could you please help shed some light?

  167. Morgan says

    We got married this year, and I had changed my name with the social security and received my new card with my new married name on it. I understand the code, but what i don’t understand is why it is saying this, when I got my new card. When i contact the IRS the second time, they state that it is taken care of, but that was five weeks ago. We filed in March. I mailed them our marriage certificate and a copy of my social security card. But I keep getting the code 1441 on where is my refund and it says ALERT! We have not processed your refund because the Social Security Number, or the IRS Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, and/or name shown on your tax return does not match our records or those of the Social Security Administration. You may have:filed your tax return using a maiden, married or professional name that the Internal Revenue Service and/or the Social Security Administration does not have on record, or
    misspelled your name or transposed your Social Security Number or IRS Individual Taxpayer Identification Number.
    Check your tax return for the number and name you used. If you have a Social Security Number from the Social Security Administration, please provide us with the number and name shown on the card.
    Please mention reference number 1441 to the IRS Customer Service Representative.
    My question, is there anyone else that can help us get our refund? I have called the number 1-800-829-0582, when asked for an extension, enter 372 and 18008294477 and when i finally get a human, i get no answers and they are helpful. First person said it was fixed, second lady was rude and kept saying, that is not what i was asking for, and then she hung up on me. I dont know what else I have to do to correct this. please any advice would be appreciated, Thanks Morgan

  168. lorrie says

    i received 1121 about 2 weeks ago and id verified by phone. she said my check would be released for deposit. wmr site was saying refund is being processed. now as of today i have another 1121 code. and it wont let me id verify on line. why would i get two 1121’s?

  169. Jen says

    Hi! My refund status says my check was mailed however I am in a appeal with the Irs. We have sent them all our documentation and just waiting for a response. The refund is for a different tax year than our dispute. My question is did they really send out refund out? Thanks so much!

  170. Suzanne says


    I e-filed on 2/12, it was rejected due to identity theft. I went through the necessary steps and paper-filed on 2/13. For the past 4 months i’ve been able to check my status and it said “Your return is being processed, a refund date will be provided when available” and I just went to check it yesterday and it is now saying that the information i’ve provided is incorrect. What does this mean?


  171. R says

    Here is my story…

    Filled in March got 1121
    21 days passed – nothing
    60 days passed – called and they moved to a different unit for 45 days
    30 days passed – called – said to wait 15 more days and if they wont respond there is a final unit with a phone number that takes care of items in 10 business days….

    Anyone else with that experience???

  172. Nicole says

    I received a 151 code. In my taxes I claimed my younger sister who turned 18 mid last year. The past two years she has not been doing much. I have no documentation of any sort that she was living with me. I read up on the 151 and it says I will be recieve in a letter and basically have to prove she was under my care or atleast staying with me. I have none of that. What could anyone suggest I do in my situation? Thanks in advance!

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