The Importance of Positivity When Setting Resolutions

Setting ResolutionsToday is New Year’s Day. It’s the first day of 2013. ¬†Everything that has happened last year is done.

Today starts a new year, equipped with a blank slate. You’re welcome to look back on your resolutions from last year, but without judgement, since what’s done is done.

I view January 1 the same way I view a snowy landscape through a window. It’s quiet, and peaceful. Pure.

Today, or this year, is filled with possibility.

In my opinion, that makes today a perfect day to decide what next year will bring. Enter resolutions. The most common are lose weight and quit smoking, and those almost always fail. I think it has something to do with negativity.


Staying Positive when Setting Resolutions

So instead of quitting or losing, why not add positive things? Create joy, create space for positive achievement!

Instead of telling everyone you’ll lose weight, resolve to eat 5-9 servings of vegetables each day. Weight loss has much more to do with what you put into your body than how you burn 200 calories. If you’re resolved to eat vegetables, you’ll see results in your health while avoiding all the other January gym rats.

Resolve to exercise daily, once you’ve gotten your full serving of vegetables.

Instead of saying that you’ll get out of debt, resolve to increase your net worth by the amount of debt you’re trying to pay off. It’s a subtle difference, but it changes your outlook. For me, that’s changing the language to say, “in 2013, I will increase my net worth by at least $6000” rather than, “I will pay off my student loan and my car loan.”

It’s interesting, how we attract what we say.

So, if we will ourselves to do something, rather than willing ourselves not to do something, we attract positive results.

Today I’m reflecting on 2012.

Looking back, for my personal 2012, I can see that it’s been a rather productive year.

  • I have increased my net worth by over 250% (which is impressive until you realize that I am either a mega millionaire or my net worth at the beginning of the year was darn near close to zero!)
  • I decreased my debt by $12,000
  • I fell in love
  • I fell out of love
  • I made friends on the internet
  • I met internet friends offline
  • I strengthened my relationships with my friends, and more importantly, my family

And I made a lot of mistakes, too. Just the other day, I thought I’d be able to save a lot of money. Then I parked incorrectly on my friend’s street and was towed. That cost me, big time. $270, to be exact. But I’m not dwelling on it, or beating myself up over it.

I had an emergency fund, and so there was no reason to stress.

In 2013, I’m setting resolutions to:

  • Park better
  • Pay off all remaining balances
  • Explore real estate options
  • Grow my internet relationships
  • Grow my in-person relationships
  • Help my sister plan a wedding

What’s important is to reflect on last year, and decide to make changes without judgement.

Today is a new year.

What will you accomplish?

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  1. Andrew @ Listen Money Matters says

    This year I will:
    -Bicycle more
    -Stop smoking
    -Stop biting my nails
    -Earn some passive income

    And get married but that isn’t a resolution :)

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