The Most Common Tax Deductions

If you’re looking for some ways to save money on your tax bill, take a look at these tax deductions for young people. Which ones apply to you?

Student Loan Interest Deduction – Savings or Scam?

It’s almost tax time, and if you’re a college student or young adult, one of the most common tax deductions that you receive is the student loan interest tax deduction. And even more so with all the dialogue going on in Congress with reducing or eliminated this deduction – what will happen. The real bulk of the […]

Top Tax Tips For Millennials – How To Maximize Deductions When You’re Young

Millennials face a different tax situation than most filers.  They are at a challenging point in their lives: In college or just graduated Just starting out at a first job Just starting to save or invest for retirement Most rent, but some are looking to buy their first homes Many are side hustling to make […]

Tax Deductions for your Online Business Expenses

If you have an online for-profit business, it is important to take note of your business expenses that can be deducted on your tax return this year. If you have a business and file a Schedule C with your tax return, here are some important expenses you should remember to deduct. Typically, all “ordinary and […]