How to get the Cheapest iPhone 5 Plan

Cell phone plans can get expensive…plain and simple. The trick is to know how much you actually use and pay for only what you need. Many people sign up for unlimited plans, and only really call about 400 minutes per month. You can save boatloads of cash by simply picking the right plan for your needs.  In fact, many cell phone providers have picked up on the trend of users calling less and texting more, and most plans now reflect that today.

Next, it is essential that you tell your wireless carrier that you have a job. Almost every employer qualifies for a 20% discount from the wireless companies (some more, some less – check around). By having a job, they know you are more likely able to afford your cell phone bill each month.

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The Cheapest iPhone Plan

Here is how to get the cheapest individual iPhone plan.  It may not fit your needs, but you can get a sense of the costs from here:

The Best at AT&T

  • $39.99/mo – Nation 450 w/Rollover Minutes
  • $20.00/mo – DataPlus 300MB for iPhone 4G
  • $20.00/mo – Messaging Unlimited with Mobile to Any Mobile Calling

Total: $79.99/mo – Remember your discount and save 20%, or now $63.99/mo.

This plan gives you 450 anytime minutes, 5,000 night & weekend minutes, unlimited mobile to mobile minutes, free domestic long distance, and free roaming.  It does require a 2 year contract.  The data plan is only for 300MB per month.  You can upgrade to 3GB per month for $10 more per month.  There is also a $36.00 one time activation fee, but most sales reps can waive the fee if you ask.

The Best at Verizon

  • $80.00/mo – Unlimited Talk & Text with 300MB of Data

Total: $80.00/mo – Remember your discount and save 20%, or now $64.00/mo.

The great thing about the Verizon plan is that talk and text are all included, which means that there is no fiddling around for different options to choose from.  The only choice you need to figure out is how much data you will need.  If you go up to 1GB or data, it will be $10 more per month, or $90/mo.

The Best at Sprint

  • $79.99/mo – Everything Data 450 Minutes

Total: $79.99/mo – Remember your discount and save 20%, or now $63.99/mo.

The best thing about the Sprint plan is that unlimited data and texting is included in the plan.  Your only limitation is on your voice minutes.  Just like all the other plans, you get free long distance and roaming, and unlimited mobile to mobile.


The Verdict – Sprint

I think the verdict for the best plan for the iPhone goes to Sprint, simply because of their unlimited data.  I do give recognition to Verizon for their unlimited talk and text, but I think that Sprint’s unlimited text and data will appeal more to iPhone users than talk.  More and more cell phone users are talking less and using text and data more.


Once you get your iPhone, check out the best business iphone apps.  These pricing plans were updated as of 9/23/12.

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  1. Andrew @ Listen Money Matters says

    Hah, thanks Robert! Who knew you could get a discount for just having a job. I just logged on to the AT&T website and no joke I got a discount under the name of my old employer who is now bankrupt. Who says AT&T’s crappyness can’t work to your advantage 😉

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