Yes, You Can Actually Save Too Much for Retirement

You’ve heard the sayings from every personal finance pundit: max out your IRA each year and contribute to your 401(k) to the maximum. And all of these are great tips to some extent. But, depending on your personal goals, you could be saving too much for retirement. Yes, there is such a thing as saving […]

EOG Resources is a Quality Stock, But is it Time to Buy?

The shares of EOG Resources increased by 56% over the past year and 233% over the past five years. EOG is a high-quality oil shale play but with its rise, has it played out or is it still a good way to invest in the sector.  It is flirting with breaking its 52-week high and […]

Investing for College Students: Two Things to Try to Start

College is the absolute best time to start investing for your future. Heck, college itself is an investment in your future (just not such a financial one). College is when I started investing. College is when a lot of famous investors started investing. The bottom line is that investing for college students just makes sense. […]

How Student Loans Are Different In The UK vs. The US

You’re probably not surprised that UK students get students loans, just like American students.  But what you may be surprised at is how their system for paying for college is much more efficient, resulting in lower overall education expenses and less burden for student loan borrowers after graduation. Let’s take a basic look at how […]

Investing in Cisco and the Tech Giants Gets Growth and Yield

Cisco, Intel and Microsoft Battling it Out for Dividend Yield. Just five years ago the title of this article would have seemed like fiction. At the time Cisco Systems (NASDAQ: CSCO) had no dividend at all and large cap tech was not known as a sector to chase yield.   This has changed after years of […]

The 5 Minute Summer Portfolio Jumpstart

Given it’s the middle of summer, I wanted to put together a quick actionable for you to take today.  I’m calling it the 5 minute summer portfolio jumpstart.  The goal of this quick exercise is to jumpstart your portfolio and make sure that you’re on the right track. For today’s jumpstart, I wanted to tackle […]

10 Websites Every College Student Should Know About

There are so many websites and apps nowadays that it can be tremendously hard to weed the useful from the useless. So we set out to do this for you. Whether you’re a college freshman just getting your start or have been in the game a bit longer these ten websites can make college life a little […]

Taking Community College Courses While in High School

I recently interviewed a bunch of college financial aid advisors and they told me a bunch of secrets about college financial aid. One of the top secrets was the need for students to start early — starting to plan for college in high school. And it goes beyond financial aid. One of the best ways […]

How to Prevent TEACH Grants from Becoming Student Loans

The TEACH Grant Program is an awesome program that will give you free money to go to school if you plan on becoming a teacher. Currently, the program gives you up to $4,000 per year if you take certain classes and programs to become a teacher. You also have to sign an agreement that states […]