Creative Ways to Use Your Student Loan Money

Are you currently in college and receiving student loan money? Have you ever thought about using some of that money in another way? Did you even know this was an option? To be frank, since the government cannot possibly track what exactly you are doing with the student loan money, you could (in theory) spend […]

TimkenSteel Spinoff May Create an Opportunity for Investors

The Timken Company announced earlier this year that it would split itself into two companies. For years investors have advocated for spinning off Timken’s steel business to benefit shareholders and unlock value.  The steel business is different than its bearings and power transmission businesses.  It is also valued differently by investors and likely depressed the […]

How Do Private Student Loans Actually Work for Borrowers?

Private students loans are the primary way that student loan borrowers get into trouble. Hands down. The reason is that the Federal government has limits on the amount that you can borrow for Federal student loans. And there is a reason for those limits — so that you don’t get in debt over your head. […]

Key Value Stock Fundamentals for Screening Stocks

The hardest part of deciding where to invest is actually deciding what criteria you want to look for in a company. I am a huge value investor, and look for solid companies that can be purchased at a discounted price (maybe due to bad short-term news). The trick to finding these companies is to use a stock screener. Most online brokerages have them, as does Yahoo! Finance or What I highlight below are some key fundamentals you may want to look at when investing in a company. Remember, a number or ratio may look good, but it is important to understand why that number looks good, or if it looks “too” good.

The Pros and Cons of a Roth 401k

This year, my employer started offering a Roth 401k for the first time.  Although they’ve been around for a couple of years, only recently have more and more employers started offering them.  I’ve been contributing to my traditional 401k since I was first able to, so I wasn’t sure about switching over to a Roth […]

Is Now the Time to Invest in Joy Global?

Joy Global recently reported a solid quarter and it appears the mining equipment market at least found a bottom and may have turned the corner at Joy. The soft global economy and mining capes spend has weighed on the stock for the past few years.  Since the start of 2013, Joy’s stock is down 30% […]

Lessons Learned From 28 Year Old Real Estate Mogul Josh Simon

Welcome to the next installment in our young millionaire series.  Today I have the pleasure of chatting with Josh Simon.  Josh is a 28 year old commercial real estate investor based in Scottsdale, AZ. He got his real estate license and did his first deal when he was 18. He continued doing real estate deals while he graduated […]

Amazon Expected to Introduce a Smartphone

It is heavily rumored Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) will unveil a smartphone on June 18th to compete with offerings from the other tech giants, mainly Apple’s iPhone (NASDAQ: AAPL), Google’s Android devices (NASDAQ: GOOG), and Microsoft’s Windows Phone (NASDAQ: MSFT).  The possible introduction creates a lot of questions and concerns for investors.  It could contribute to […]

Buying My First “Expensive” Suit Was Totally Worth the Money

You may have heard the saying, “Money does not make you happy, but it quiets the nerves.” This was quoted from playwright Sean O’Casey, and it totally sums up one of my biggest purchases out of college: my first suit. I’ve shared with you how buying a suit is a pain in the ass and it’s […]