College Students Consume, So Invest Accordingly for the Long Term

For college investors, time is the ultimate ally in buying assets for long term gains. There are many ways to exploit that advantage.  As 70 percent of the American economy is based on consumer spending, stocks from that sector should naturally be in the portfolio of an investor, no matter what the age.   The recent […]

Early Retirement: Find Work You Love and Start Saving Now

Early retirement means something different to just about everyone. Some believe early retirement is having enough passive income to cover expenses for the rest of their lives. Others think early retirement is ditching a soul-sucking day job and finding work they love. Others believe it’s a combination of the two. Whether early retirement is about […]

6 Tips to Help 20-Somethings Pay Off Student Loan Debt

Student loan debt is a real problem in the United States — reaching a balance of $1 trillion. Plenty of young people graduate from school with thousands and thousands of dollars in unpaid student loans. While the interest rates are low, people still struggle to make the minimum payments. While this is a real problem, […]

10 Tips for Financial Responsibility While in College

While most students go to college to help ensure that they will get a good job after they have graduated, many do not consider how choices they make when they are in college will affect their future finances. I’ve seen students rack up thousands in credit card or student loan debt because they were living […]

The Extraordinary Power of a Tangible, Well-Written Letter

In this day and age when phones and email are so prevalent, many people forget the power of a well-written letter. Yet, in so many important matters of life, we send out mail correspondence: graduations, weddings, showers, etc. It is important to remember the power that a well-written letter can have, and also in what matters […]

4 Tips to Make Cash on Your Clutter This Weekend

When stores that sell nothing more than boxes, bins, and containers can turn a profit, it’s time for people to admit that we all have too much stuff. Over a lifetime or in just a few years, the average person accumulates so many things that aren’t needed or are never used. Fortunately, there are several […]

How Much Money Do College Students Pay in Taxes?

When you think of your time in college, you think of tight budgets, eating ramen noodles, and fun parties. You don’t think about taxes. But the truth is, most college students do pay taxes. How much do they pay? Well, that’s an interesting question that I wanted to tackle this week, since it is tax […]

10 Important Reasons Everyone Should Learn How to Invest

At this point, you probably know that investing is a good idea. Well, maybe you don’t buy it? If you’re like a lot of millennials, you might not. In fact, a recent UBS study indicates that most millennials are very risk-averse. But that’s not very smart. Everyone needs to learn how to invest — it’s the […]

6 Worthwhile Income Streams to Put in Place in Your 20s

Maximize your money. Be prepared for retirement. Create good, sustainable financial habits. You can accomplish all of this by laying out a strong financial foundation in your 20s. Since you’re likely just starting out, developing good money habits now will be a lot easier than trying to change bad habits later. Here are six income […]

How to Save Money When You’re Moving After College

Congratulations! You’ve finished college and are now relocating to be closer to your new job. While this is exciting you’re also faced with the task of moving all of your stuff. And, since this can sometimes be a very expensive task, you’re looking to save as much money as possible. If this sounds like you, […]

Every College Student Knows Soup, So Why Not Buy the Stocks?

The advice of legendary investor Peter Lynch is simple: “Invest in what you know!”  He even wrote a book about it, “One Up on Wall Street.”   The thesis of Lynch was that investors knew what they liked and what was selling well at the local mall.  From that, they had a huge advantage over Wall […]