The Difference Between Stocks, ETFs, And Mutual Funds

If you’re just getting started with investing you may be wondering where to put your money. If you’re looking to invest in the stock market then you have three main choices: individual common stocks, mutual funds, or Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). So, what are some of the differences between ETFs, stocks, and mutual funds? And […]

Wall Street Axing Founders: Does it Really Matter?

No one cares more about a business than the person who started it. Proud founders watch their businesses beat new challenges, hit new revenue targets and, if they’re lucky, make many of the early believers incredibly wealthy. But as great as having a founding member in a C-suite can be, some founders overstay their welcome. This year […]

Why Portfolio Diversification Isn’t Dead in the Least

It is sometimes easy for investors to lose track of the big picture while focusing on the details. Few spend as much time worrying about their portfolio diversification and asset allocation as they do looking for winning investments. After all, gains and losses are made with stocks and funds, not abstract portfolio concepts. But while […]

Better Know a Young Millionaire — Interviewing Alan Corey

Welcome to this week’s Better Know a Young Millionaire series. Over the last few months, I’ve been sitting down with young millionaires (under 35) to share with you their successes and failures, and what they’re doing with their money right now. The goal is to look at what it takes to be successful, to give […]

What to Do When Stock Market Fear Arrives on the Scene

Fear is powerful, especially when it evokes irrational decisions. This is ever more the case when it comes to the stock market. It is often said that the stock market is 90% emotion and 10% reason. This can be incredibly challenging to many retail investors as they see their investment portfolios go up and down […]

How To Change Bad Financial Habits To Start Building Wealth

Good intentions can only go so far in changing bad habits. It takes time and commitment to change bad financial habits. Scientists studying addiction have found that a brain chemical, dopamine, is released when humans experience pleasure. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that sends messages throughout the brain and creates pathways that lead to addictive behavior. […]

That Time Someone Asked: “How Much Money Do You Make?”

“How much money do you make?” That was the question a complete stranger asked me this weekend. I was shocked. I stumbled over my words, mumbling something along the lines of “enough to get by,” and I politely changed the subject. My wife and I were at a party with some friends this weekend when […]

Is Now the Time to Get Out of Dividend-Paying Stocks?

Unless you have been living under a rock the last several years, dividend-paying stocks have been all the rage and it is certainly understandable. With the way the Fed has kept rates low we have been hard-pressed to find somewhere to park money and make any decent return. The usual suspects of CDs, bonds, and […]

Why Gold is Out, Especially the Miners

I’m a frequent critic of gold (GLD) in an investment portfolio. Seeing as it doesn’t generate income, doesn’t grow, and costs money to store, it’s a highly-speculative investment. That doesn’t mean it isn’t without its good years – those who bought gold ETFs in 2004 have doubled their money.   Gold is Losing its Luster […]

Better Know a Young Millionaire – JC Hite

Welcome to the next installment of our Better Know a Young Millionaire series.  Remember, every two weeks (or so), I like to highlight a conversation I’ve had with a young millionaire.  I define young as someone who is less than 35 years old, and has over a million dollars net worth – assets minus liabilities.  The […]

Market Timing vs. Dollar Cost Averaging: Which Is Better?

When I worked in trust investment management, we had a constant flow of new money coming in. And with every new account we had to decide…invest all at once, or dollar-cost average (DCA)? This is also an important question for individual investors. Especially when you have a decent chunk of cash to invest. How you […]