Baking or Bioengineering… Or Both?

“In an alternate universe, if you could be anything you wanted, what would you be?” My sister asked me this one day in one of our weekly evening FaceTime calls. Without hesitation, I responded, “a professional pastry chef, of course.” This answer did not surprise her; it is well known amongst my friends and family […]

Young, Rich, and Bilingual

Starting Freshman year, I had no choice but to start figuring out ways to make money to support my family. The year before in 8th grade, my dad died of cancer. He was the head of our household and he was responsible for all of our finances. Before he died, he was our family’s only […]

A Snapshot Of How I Turned Photos Into A Business

I still remember the first money I ever made. As a five-year-old boy, I was obsessed with the Lego catalog I received in the mail every month and was desperate to be able to afford the new cars and planes that Lego kept putting out. Doing what I knew how to do best, I took […]

Lessons Learned From An Old Jeep

While some people see earning money and accumulating wealth as a game where the points come in the form of dollar signs, many see it as a means to a desire. For me, that desire was born the day my father showed me pictures of his classic, bright red 1985 AMC Jeep CJ7, shiny and […]

Building A Firewood Business While Working On A Farm

For as long as I can remember I have worked outside on our family farm. My friends joke that I will be the 20-year old that has 18 years of work on their resume. There are pictures of me when I was in elementary school operating an excavator to clear a foundation for our house. My […]

Selling On Amazon FBA And eBay As A Side Hustle

The earliest moment I can remember that defines me as an entrepreneur was when I inadvertently started preparing for my side hustle at only six years old. I woke up ecstatic one morning, with an idea to improve upon my favorite wind-up spark-flinging dinosaur toy. I could improve my toy to be much more dangerous […]

Side Hustling At The Dance Studio

Elizabeth Brooks started side hustling at the dance studio when she was young, creating bows for other kids, and now she teaches dance.