Young, Rich, and Bilingual

Starting Freshman year, I had no choice but to start figuring out ways to make money to support my family. The year before in 8th grade, my dad died of cancer. He was the head of our household and he was responsible for all of our finances. Before he died, he was our family’s only […]

Baking or Bioengineering… Or Both?

“In an alternate universe, if you could be anything you wanted, what would you be?” My sister asked me this one day in one of our weekly evening FaceTime calls. Without hesitation, I responded, “a professional pastry chef, of course.” This answer did not surprise her; it is well known amongst my friends and family […]

Selling On Amazon FBA And eBay As A Side Hustle

The earliest moment I can remember that defines me as an entrepreneur was when I inadvertently started preparing for my side hustle at only six years old. I woke up ecstatic one morning, with an idea to improve upon my favorite wind-up spark-flinging dinosaur toy. I could improve my toy to be much more dangerous […]

Side Hustling At The Dance Studio

Elizabeth Brooks started side hustling at the dance studio when she was young, creating bows for other kids, and now she teaches dance.