Quicken Loans Review: An Excellent Online Mortgage Lender

When shopping for a mortgage, time is essential. You want to get the best rate and loan program possible, but you’re also under a deadline to remove your loan contingencies and get your financing in order.Quicken Loans might be the most well known online mortgage lender. You see their commercial on TV, and their advertising […]

How Your Student Loans Could Hurt You Getting A Mortgage

It’s the dream of a lot of college graduates – get a good job and save to buy a home. But a lot of college graduates also have student loan debt, and this debt could prevent them from buying a house. In fact, the average student loan debt right now is $32,731. That makes it tough […]

Reader Question: Applying For A Mortgage While Using Income Based Repayment

Welcome to another reader question!  This question comes from John, who is trying to get a mortgage while being on an income based repayment (IBR) plan for his student loan debt.  Here is John’s story and the question: I have about $80,000 in student loan debt and am currently on the Income-Based Repayment Plan (IBR […]