Understanding The IRA To 401k Reverse Rollover

You likely know that, if you leave your employer, you should roll over your old 401k into a Rollover IRA (Individual Retirement Account). This strategy typically gives you more options for investment and flexibility with your money. But did you know that you can also do a reverse rollover? This is where you take your […]

The Average Investing Account Balance for Young Adults

Editor’s Note: I’ve added a few sections in this article to point you to some new information. This article was last published on January 10, 2014, so make sure to follow the links if you want more recent information. Still, I feel the findings in this article are relevant and will help you to think about […]

6 Easy Ways We Can Ruin Our Investment Portfolio

I’ve spoken before about my experience in the online brokerage industry. While I learned many things in my years there, one thing that it helped me with immensely was my investment portfolio. I would speak with people on a daily basis who made decisions that seemed completely irrational from an investing standpoint, yet they continued […]

Are You Maximizing Your Company’s Perks?

Most companies today offer a lot of perks that go along with the basic salary.  Some companies tier these perks in based on compensation level, but others offer many services to all employees for free. Since I’m a big fan of free, and I don’t like to leave any money on the table, I always try to […]