Why Millennials Might Have More Complicated Taxes Than Ever Before

Long gone are the days of just a W-2 and filling out a simple 1040EZ. Today’s tax situations are usually a little more complicated – especially for those working side gigs and investing that hard earned cash. But just because your tax situation is a little more complicated doesn’t mean you can’t still file your […]

Motif Investing Review: A Unique Way To Invest

Notice: On April 17, 2020, Motif announced that it would closing down operations. Existing investors would see their portfolios transferred to Folio, another investment firm. Most users might find value moving their accounts to one of the best brokerage firms. Low cost brokerages changed the world of finance. You no longer have to be a Warren […]

How You Physically Handle Your Money Reflects Your Money Mindset

Have you ever thought about how you physically handle your money? I’m talking about your cash – where you put it, how crisp and organized your keep it, how you hand it to others. Have you ever thought how you physically handle your money could be a reflection of your money mindset – and it […]

ETrade Review – Competitive Pricing And Robust Service

From talking babies to Kevin Spacy, Etrade’s prominent marketing campaigns have made it one of the most well-known online trading platforms on the market but do they have more to offer than catchy slogans and celebrity endorsements? E-Trade offers tools and platforms aimed at both experienced and novice investors because of this, most investors can find […]

How Scholarships And Grants Affect Your Taxes

For many people, tax time is one of the most complicated times of the year. April 15 is a busy time for accountants and tax preparers, but it’s also a stressful time for most people. If you’re a student, you might not know what to do – especially if you have scholarships and grants. Do […]

10 Bad Money Habits You Need To Break Today

Habits are the regular tendencies we have that are hard to break. They are the things we do over and over without even thinking about. Our habits shape our lives – both for the good and the bad. No matter what area of your life you’re trying to improve there needs to be a sharp focus […]

Changing The Math On Living On Half Your Income

Our friend J. Money from Budgets are Sexy talks a lot about living on half your income.  He extols on the financial freedom it can bring, and how much happier you’ll be having money in the bank. Yes, living on half your income will let you keep more money in the bank – since you’re […]

Stay Lazy, My Friend: Lazy Investing Strategies To Explore!

I had an interesting conversation with a reader of The College Investor a few weeks back and I wanted to highlight an important aspect of investing that may be missed: laziness. The dialogue started with the reader asking me if I thought it was okay to speculate with my portfolio. My answer: no! In fact, I […]