Everlance Review: Mileage And Expense Tracking App

Boosting your income through a side business gives you increased security and career flexibility. But, keeping track of expenses and filing a Schedule C is a pain. If you’re looking for a simple app that allows you to track revenue, expenses, and even deductible mileage, then consider using Everlance. Everlance tracks small business expenses and […]

7 Things To Do After You Pay Off Your Debt

We talk a lot about paying off debt here at The College Investor. One thing we often forget to talk about is what to do once that debt has been paid off. You see, when you work on a financial goal for a long period of time you often build up in your mind what […]

How To Get Started In Trading Stocks

Robert’s note: We don’t typically discuss trading, because for many of our readers, a long term, ETF-based investment strategy makes sense. However, trading stocks is a path to wealth, and many people have been successful at it (we’ve spoken to Timothy Sykes before). But today’s guest post is great, because it’s thorough, and it acknowledges […]

Self Lender Review: A Different Way To Build Credit

Building an excellent credit score allows you to borrow money, secure rental leases, and pay lower insurance premiums. But many students have thin credit reports or poor credit due to past missteps. Or, even more common, students and young adults don’t have credit simply because they’ve avoided it and now, after graduation, they need to build their […]

10 Ways To Save On Your Taxes Before The End Of The Year

There’s a little less than three months left in 2016. You might not think that there’s much you can do to influence your tax situation, but the truth is, there’s still lots of time to save on your taxes before the end of the year. And I’m not talking about going Donald Trump-style and losing […]

How To Borrow Less In Student Loans When Paying For College

Student loan debt is a particularly dangerous financial burden, because it’s usually the first form of debt someone encounters. It’s also one of the largest. It can be hard for an 18-year-old high school grad to grasp the reality of that debt, and many freshman find themselves treating their loans as free money. That usually […]

How To Prevent Paycheck To Paycheck Living After College

When I got my first ‘real job’ I felt like I was rich. Looking back this was far from accurate. I was earning less than $20,000 per year and living paycheck to paycheck in a big way. In fact, my entire paycheck was usually gone the day before I received my weekly pay. My gas […]

5 Legal Ways To Lower Your Student Loan Payment

If you don’t do anything with your student loans, you’re automatically signed up to a generic repayment plan that typically has even payments for 10 years. However, that can be tough, especially right after graduation. Maybe you’ve just started working, or maybe you don’t even have a job yet and you’re just side hustling to […]