Don’t Use Student Loans To Pay For Living Expenses

When I talk to people about their out of control student loan debt, one of the first reasons they give for why is this: they used their student loans to pay for living expenses.  The story usually starts with how excited they were to get into a private college, but they were bummed out that their family […]

How to Start a Non-Profit Organization

Many individuals I have encountered in my career view a job at a non-profit as something you do once you’ve made your money in the ‘for profit’ sector and are ready to give back. Unfortunately, this is far from the truth, and while profit is obviously not the main objective in the non-profit sector, it […]

What Happens To Student Loans In A Divorce?

When most people take on student loans, they don’t tend to factor divorce into their repayment plan. It’s hard to imagine getting divorced when you’re that you’re young and getting student loans – and harder to imagine it happening before you pay off your student loans. Could life after college be so cruel? But like it […]

Is There a Better Way to Pay Off Your Student Loans?

Debt is a funny thing. There are people who seem minimally affected by it and don’t hesitate to use it under any circumstance. For others the act of having any debt, even potentially profitable debt, drives them insane. It becomes an overwhelming stress and the need to eradicate becomes necessary. I personally fall more into […]

It’s College Savings Month! Everything You Need to Know About 529 Plans

September marks a month of new beginnings for many. Students head back to school and many enter college for the first time. It’s no surprise that along with these new beginnings students and parents are concerned with paying tuition and other college costs. This is why September is National College Savings Month. In an effort […]

The Big Three Strategies For Moving After College

A buddy and I recently decided we wanted to move to Washington state (coming from Florida). We’re looking at well over 3,000 miles which makes it significantly terrifying in terms of how far removed we would be from friends, family, and what we’ve been generally used to. The trick to all of it is to […]