Alternatives To Student Loans To Pay For College Without Debt

When looking at how to pay for college, most people look at scholarships, ask their parents, and then take out student loans. And that process typically takes about 10 minutes. While not much thought is given to the subject, there are several alternatives to student loans that anyone looking at how to pay for college […]

The Benefits of Investing in Land

When you think of real estate investments rental homes, commercial properties and foreclosures come to mind. Those certainly are the most common. But what about land? A large plot of land is getting ready to go up for sale next to me which has put this type of investment on my radar. Like anyone looking […]

Four Ways You Can Get Fired For Your Student Loan Debt

For most people, student loan debt is the scariest right after graduation. If you haven’t lined up a job, even thinking about that seemingly insurmountable debt can be enough to warrant a panic attack. But eventually, most graduates settle into one job or another and begin the long process of repaying those loans. It’s all […]

5 Student Loan Alternatives Revolutionizing Student Debt

Stories about student loans and the hardships they create for college students dominate the news and pull at the heartstrings of concerned America. If you are a student loan borrower, or a parent of a student loan borrower you understand these frustrations on a personal level. Financing higher education has led to an inconceivable level […]

ETFs: The Millennial Investor’s Secret Weapon

Millennials are notoriously cautious when it comes to investing and to say they don’t trust the market is putting it lightly. A 2014 study from State Street found that 40% of millennials prefer cash investments to trying their luck with stocks or pricey mutual funds. While cash is low-risk, it’s also low return. Exchange-traded funds […]

How I Sold A Blog For $11,000 That I Built In My Spare Time

Yes, you read that right – I sold a blog that I built in my spare time for $11,000, and I’m so excited that I did! The whole process – from creating the website to the sale itself was a bit of a fluke, but I’ve received several questions about how I was able to find a […]

How To Responsibly Use A Personal Loan To Lower Your Payments

Qualifying for a personal loan can be just the ticket to get your hands on cash when you need it. This type of loan can be an important tool for consolidating and reducing your expensive credit card debt.  When you borrow responsibly with a personal loan, you can improve your financial situation by consolidating debt […]

Why College Graduates Need To Know Their Credit Score

After you leave college and start to build your life, the numbers you pay attention to will change. Instead of GPA’s and exam scores, your focus will shift to bank balances and credit scores. As a recent college grad, it’s important that you have an awareness of these numbers right from the start so that […]

This Secret New Investment Returns Over 20% Per Year

When you look at investment billionaires like Warren Buffett, or even super successful traders like Timothy Sykes, they all have one thing in common – huge returns. But how are these guys earning these astronomical returns?