5 Money-Saving Tips for Recent College Graduates

As another semester ends, another wave of college graduates descends upon the “real world,” complete with scarce jobs and student debt. Last week we talked about money-saving tips for college students, but now let’s focus on the grads. You can make it through these penny-pinching times and live comfortably with a little readjustment to the […]

How to Profit from Peace in the Middle East by Investing

Due to reduced tensions in the Middle East as a result of the nuclear weapons agreement between six nations and Iran, the price of oil has fallen. The main exchange-traded fund for oil, United States Oil Fund (NYSE: USO), is down more than 4% for the last month of trading. Long-term investors should look upon this […]

The Top 10 Straightforward Money Tips for College Students

You’re young and you have a bright future ahead of you — if you learn to manage your money the smart way, that is. You should start making smart choices about your money now in order to set up a solid financial foundation for the future. You can do just that with these top 10 […]

Learn How Investing Over Your Lifetime is Similar to Hiking

Last week I went hiking. Nothing crazy, just a short little hike to the top of a local mountain. Being a personal finance blogger, I’m forced to draw correlations between everything I do in real life, and how it applies to investing. The crazy thing is, the more I thought about it, the more I […]

Hertz Stock: Opportunities in Non-Residental Construction

Hertz (NYSE: HTZ) has a significant opportunity to continue to grow at a high rate driven by expansion into new markets — the non-airport rental market most importantly — and a cyclical recovery in the equipment rental business would add significant upside to FCF and earnings forecasts. Hertz Global Holdings is most known for its car […]

Expedia Stock: Results and Data Point to Outperformance

Expedia (NASDAQ: EXPE) is in the midst of reviving its brand and the stock after a tough second quarter. Results in 3Q ’13 showed it stopped the bleeding from the prior quarter and the stock has responded positively and is trading close to levels before the 2Q report. There could be more upside to the […]

General Electric Stock Should Be a Very Rewarding Holding

General Electric (NYSE: GE) has long been considered one of the best-managed companies in the country. That is a major factor and it is a holding of legendary investor Warren Buffett. Those same features make an excellent stock to help finance long-term financial objectives. General Electric is a true multinational conglomerate. It operates around the world in […]

How to Easily Manage Your Investments While Traveling

It’s almost the holidays, and that means traveling to see family and friends in different parts of the country. But what happens if you need to manage your investments while you’re in the airport, or on a train, or at your parent’s house? That can be tricky . . . While this scenario is rare, […]

This Small-Cap Company Is Proving Goldman Sachs Wrong!

Last week, we discussed how there were small-cap stocks proving mighty Goldman Sachs (NYSE: GS) wrong in its report that the bull market was over for those equities. For a company mentioned in that piece, Quadrant 4 Systems (NASDAQ: QFOR), its recent results have more than demonstrated that the bull market for that equity is […]

The Best Broker for a Trust Account

I wrote a month ago how I was opening a trust account for the revocable living trust we created as part of our estate planning.  Well, creating the trust was step one, and lately, we’ve been working on executing the trust (meaning we’re moving all the assets into the trust). For some things, like transferring our […]

Caterpillar Stock: An Opportunity for Longer Time Horizons

Caterpillar (NYSE: CAT) has delivered a series of disappointments, the most recent in its third-quarter earnings report. Management cut guidance for the third time this year, analysts reduced earnings estimates, and some downgraded the shares from buy ratings. All this said, the long-term outlook is still positive as earnings can bottom out on 2013 and […]