Another Way to Look at Life Insurance

Last week, over 145 bloggers wrote about life insurance as part of Jeff Rose’s life insurance movement.  I learned that many, if not most, of the writers currently have life insurance.  And that makes sense.  Jefferson is the breadwinner for his family of five, so he has a good policy.  Crystal and her husband both […]

Why Do We Sell Low and Buy High? An Interview with Amir Avitzur

The number one investing mistake that most people make is buying high and selling low.  And that is exactly the title of the recent book by Amir Avitzur – Why Do We Sell Low and Buy High?  The Guide You Must Read Before You Invest! This book takes you through a journey through the basics of […]

Do You Know HENRY?

I was reading an article about High Earners, Not Rich Yet, and it really stood out to me because of how common it is becoming.  These are individuals or couples that earn well over $100,000 per year, but aren’t considered rich yet by today’s standards (having a net worth, excluding primary residence, of over $1,000,000).  Also, […]

When Stock Volume Matters and Why

Companies and their shares of stock come in all shapes and sizes.  The amount of stock that trades hands daily also varies. Contrary to convention, stock volume isn’t just about the size of the company.  Berkshire Hathaway (BRK-A) A shares are worth more than $210 billion, but only 509 trade hands on an average day. […]

5 Ways To Find The Best Deal on Something You Want

Getting a good deal on something I want is a MUST for me. This is especially true since I do follow more of a no budget philosophy instead of a regimented, “only spend X amount on food” each month type of philosophy. But just because I don’t budget doesn’t mean I want to overpay on […]