Understanding Company Annual Reports and Proxy Votes

Right now is one of my favorite times of year because I’m an investing nerd.  Why?  Because it is the time of year when most companies send out their annual reports and ask their shareholders to vote on various issues.  Being an “owner” of a publicly traded company (i.e. shareholder), I find going through these statements and […]

9 Questions For Andrew Hallam – The Millionaire Teacher

If you haven’t heard of Andrew Hallam, two thoughts come to mind: You’re probably not Canadian You probably didn’t check your Amazon Recommended Reading in the past few months Andrew Hallam is the Millionaire Teacher – a high school teacher who built a million dollar investment portfolio by the time he was 38 years old.  He teaches personal […]

5 Things To Do After Every Stock Trade

If you invest in the stock market in any way, you have had to place a trade.  And doing so can be a lot of work, especially if you spend time researching your picks. Even after you place a trade, though, your work is never fully done.  It sounds cliche, but it’s true.  Once you […]

The Tangled Web of Money and Emotions

If you had to write “If I only had more [—-], my life would be so much better” on a piece of paper and ask your friends to fill in the blank, what do you think they would say? Chances are most people would write the word ‘money‘.  Similarly, if you were to ask people […]

Tax Season and Identity Theft

Tax season is an identity thief’s prime time.  The reason?  So many people are pulling out their financial documents to fill out their taxes.  However, since so much information is being put out there, it is essential that individuals take care to ensure that their identities don’t get stolen. Safety When Filing Online If you’re going to […]

Credit Card Privacy Policies – What Privacy?

Over the last week, I have received three different letters from my credit card and debit card companies – all of them “Updates to Our Privacy Policy”.  Just like you may have seen in the news with Google updating their privacy policies, all your credit cards and financial firms maintain privacy policies as well. First, […]

Understanding The Career Choices in Finance

If you’re in college studying finance or accounting (or business, or anything else really), you may wonder what options you have for a career in finance when you graduate. There are a few main career choices in finance, with many many more sub-paths that most people follow.  You may think that your only option is […]