How To Feel Financially Empowered And Make The Best Decisions Possible

The following blog post is part of The Road to Financial Wellness blog tour. The Road to Financial Wellness is a three-month, grassroots campaign promoting financial empowerment on a national level and encourages people to pursue their dream lifestyle. Find out more about local events near you. I’m going to be supporting the last stop in […]

3 Future Finance Steps You Shouldn’t Ignore When You’re Young

Being young is great in many ways. But you don’t tend to have the wealth and financial sense that older, more experienced people have. And it’s easy to make decisions at this age which will make future wealth difficult to attain. If you are determined to make some respectable money in your lifetime, it’s important […]

6 Elements of a Solid Personal Financial Plan

September is Life Insurance Awareness month and this post is in partnership with, which helps spread awareness of the importance of term life insurance. Learn more about how you can protect your family and your finances. Are you ready to take control of your financial future? You don’t need a financial advisor to develop […]

How To Have The Financial Talk With Your Parents Before Retirement

As most young adults make the transition from living at home and going to school, to getting their own place and landing their first jobs; many of their parents are starting to make the transition from working full time to retirement. This can be a challenging time for both parties, but if you arm yourself […]

5 Money Mistakes I Seriously Hope I Don’t Make In My 30s

I learned some tough money lessons in my 20s. I had credit card debt that was spiraling out of control. I was making unnecessary purchases. I was definitely not saving money. I learned all of these lessons the hard way. The very hard way. I recently turned 30, and the next chapter awaits: preparing for […]

Reader Question: My Parent’s Finances Are In Shambles – What Do I Do?

Here’s an interesting question from a reader, and I would love to know your thoughts: I grew up in a lower-middle-class suburb of a big city, where my father worked in consulting for most of my childhood. We had a very comfortable lifestyle, and my parents became accustomed to living like money grew on trees. […]

Forging Your Own Financial Path

When you’re forging your financial path through life, you also have to decide on what your non-financial life is going to look like. Then build your financial life around that.

End of the Year Financial To-Do List

Can you believe that there are only two months left in 2014?  Where did the year go…  It seems like just yesterday we were talking about taxes (oh, because we were talking about taxes – early filers…). Anyway, now is the time to start making some end of the year plans, especially when it comes […]

Why You Need Patience for Personal Finance Goals

Personal finance is a journey — a journey that looks different for every single person. Whether you’re working on a savings goal, trying to pay off debt, or investing for retirement, you need patience. Patience is the one thing that if you master it, it will tremendously help you to reach your personal finance goals. […]