10 Money Mindset Quotes To Inspire Real Wealth

Sometimes all we need is a little inspiration to get motivated when it comes to anything – especially our money. If you want to start building real wealth, it takes a mindset shift. And the best way to learn the proper money mindset to have is to look at others who’ve excelled at making, earning, […]

21 Facts You Might Not Have Known About The College Investor

Today is the 21st of January, and I thought I’d have some fun with the theme of 21. It’s been a long time since I’ve really talked about myself, so I thought that I would share 21 facts that you probably didn’t know about me. This site has grown exponentially since I started it in […]

Merry Christmas Eve! Recapping The Best Of The College Investor

Merry Christmas Eve! I hope you’re enjoying some great family time. This time of year everything slows down – both online and offline. Well, to give you some reading for your Christmas break, I wanted to recap some of the top articles here on The College Investor in 2014. This has been such an amazing […]

Ask Robert Anything Day! Seriously Anything!

Have you ever asked yourself, “I wish I could ask Robert something today?”  You know, beyond the usual he posts on his site. Well, today is your lucky day. For the next 24 hours I’ll answering any questions you have, similar to Reddit’s popular AMA (Ask Me Anything).  It’s your chance to ask me anything you’ve […]

The Extraordinary Power of a Tangible, Well-Written Letter

In this day and age when phones and email are so prevalent, many people forget the power of a well-written letter. Yet, in so many important matters of life, we send out mail correspondence: graduations, weddings, showers, etc. It is important to remember the power that a well-written letter can have, and also in what matters […]

2013 in Review – A Year of Success!

Wow – what a year!  2013 was a very transformative year here at The College Investor.  I can’t believe how far this site has come since I started it out of boredom after college.  It’s now transformed into a completely unique resource! We had a few major milestones this year that I wanted to highlight: […]

My Awful Best Buy Customer Service Experience

First, sorry about the late Wednesday post today. I wanted to write about my current battle with Best Buy, and it was supposed to be resolved today. Here is what has happened: After reading Elle from Couple Money‘s experience in store at Best Buy, I had to share my current on-going awful experience with Best […]

Should I Tip The Mailman And Other Holiday Tipping Guidelines?

Every year, as it gets closer to Christmas, I see more and more stories about holiday tipping etiquette and who I should tip. I understand tipping in the hospitality industry. For example, waiters make most of their money on tips, and they have an established custom on what to tip. I don’t always agree, and […]