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How To Overcome the Fear of Investing in the Stock Market

Fear – it’s the number one thing holding people back from investing in the stock market.  It’s crazy how much fear controls money decisions. I recently surveyed The College Investor readers, and fear of investing was a hot topic.  Here’s some common themes: I’m uncertain about investing after the stock market crash a few years [...]

Why Scholarships Won’t Hurt Your Overall Financial Aid Picture

A graduate education is a big investment. Although graduate school can provide major financial rewards down the road, paying for that education in the present may seem overwhelming and even impossible. Fortunately, many universities, organizations and private individuals offer scholarship money to help graduate students go to school. Sometimes, the way students think about graduate [...]

Investing Before You Have Kids

When it comes to investing, there are three phases: before you have kids, when you have kids, and after your kids have moved out.  Okay, that’s not what the phases are really called, but it makes a lot of sense. Before you have kids, you can really focus on mass accumulation of wealth – think [...]

Should You Support Your Parents’ Poor Financial Choices?

Today I wanted to share one of the toughest questions I’ve received lately, from a reader who wished to remain anonymous (we’re going to call him Dave).  It’s about supporting his parents – something we’ve talked about before – but at another level.  I really feel bad for him, but I think he brings up [...]

Meet the Millionaire Who Retired at 27

Today I’m excited to share the story of Brenton Hayden – a young millionaire who ditched full time work at 27.  You may have seen his story recently on Yahoo Finance, and I wanted to touch base with him and learn a little more about him.  You see, he started a company and turned it [...]

How To Setup an Automatic Roth IRA

One of the biggest benefits of saving and investing in a 401k is that it’s automatic – your employer just takes care of everything for you.  Don’t you wish that investing in a Roth IRA could be that simple?  Well, you can setup an automatic Roth IRA and make it easier to save for retirement [...]

My Top Financial Hack: Front Loading Your Life

I love this quote – it relates exactly to my top financial hack – front loading your life.  I’m a big believer that you need to do as much as you possibly can as early as you possibly can.  It’s so much better to load up on savings and investments in your 20s versus your [...]

Tax Credits College Students May Qualify For

Many college students are caught in a balancing act between studying for their courses, working to pay expenses, and enjoying the social activities that college life has to offer. This is often stressful and overwhelming to some. Well, wants to help relieve some of this financial burden by recommending the following tax credits below. [...]

Dominating Your Finances With Burst Saving

The fact is, you can’t always save.  But at the same time, there are times when you can save a lot!  Instead of focusing on budgeting and doing a little each month, focus instead on dominating when you can, and not fretting when you can’t. I’m calling this burst savings. If you’re not totally following along, [...]

The 4 Types of Investment Properties to Avoid

Pangs of panic, an angry admission of gullibility and a strong sinking feeling; making a poor investment will inevitably lead to a heart-stopping, dreaded moment of realisation. We’ve all experienced this at some point in our lives because really, a bad investment is just a bad decision. Unfortunately, the repercussions can be enormous, not to [...]

The 2014 Investing Challenge April Update

Alright ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the next update for the Grow Your Dough Investing Challenge.  As you know, February was a rough month for my investing portfolio.  I made some stupid investing mistakes, and it cost me big time.  My $1,000 starting portfolio had dropped down to $994.84. However, things only got scarier from [...]

$650 Tax Day Giveaway 2014

Enter for your chance to win $650 from a great group of bloggers in the Tax Day Cash Giveaway…but hurry just like your taxes it all ends at midnight on April 15th, 2014!! Our Amazing Cohosts for this Giveaway are: Linda @ Crafts a la Mode   Mandy Jean  @  Mandy Jean chic  Evelyn @ My Turn for us  [...]

How To Make Millions Trading Penny Stocks with Timothy Sykes

Penny stocks – it’s one of those investments that either gets you very excited or gets your blood boiling.  For some, it has been a lucrative trading choice. For others, it’s an area that should be avoided at all costs. Well, today I’m really excited to have on a very well known millionaire today, and [...]