How To Save Money On Your Property Taxes

Home ownership can be a true joy. The thought of holding your very own keys in your hands and being able to point and say “That’s my house”. That’s until it’s time to pay property taxes. The average property tax in California is $3100 per year whereas in places like New Jersey and Connecticut, it […]

Get Creative in Funding Your Real Estate Venture

Many people have all the knowledge and nerve to be investors, but they lack an equally important part: the money. Getting the cash together to get started or to expand in real estate can be very difficult, especially when you’re young. Once you overcome that startup hump, you’re in business, but what a hump it […]

Lessons Learned From 28 Year Old Real Estate Mogul Josh Simon

Welcome to the next installment in our young millionaire series.  Today I have the pleasure of chatting with Josh Simon.  Josh is a 28 year old commercial real estate investor based in Scottsdale, AZ. He got his real estate license and did his first deal when he was 18. He continued doing real estate deals while he graduated […]

How to Know If You Are Ready to Refinance Your Home

Your mortgage is your key to owning your own home at some point. As long as you are paying your mortgage every month, you are able to maintain ownership of your property. The problem is your finances might have changed at some point and you will not have the ability to pay your mortgage. Even […]

Interview with a Dot-Com Millionaire: Alex Genadinik

Today I wanted to share with you the story of Alex Genadinik, an original dot-com millionaire who lost a lot but made it back in other ways. At 32, he was just 20 when the bubble burst, but that was enough time for him to have made money investing. That gave him a little bit of […]

Better Know a Young Entrepreneur — Aron Susman

I’m really excited to share with you this week’s Better Know a Young Entrepreneur. Why? This week is a completely unique story of rising from tragedy to success. As you know, I’ve been sitting down and talking with young entrepreneurs about what they’ve done, how they did it, and what lessons they learned that they can […]