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How To Get Out Of Student Loan Debt

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Jeff Rose

Jeff Rose

Certified Financial Planner™

"I consider Robert Farrington to be one of the top experts when it comes to student loan debt in America."

When I graduated from college, I had over $42,000 in student loan debt. I wanted to start investing and building wealth for the future, but my debt held me back. Then, my student loan servicer (Fedloan) was giving me the run-around with direct debit, and I decided that enough was enough.

As I focused on paying off my student loan debt, I started exploring my options - from lowering my student loan payment, to student loan forgiveness plans. I also found myself getting more organized and sharing what I'd learned about student loans with others.

In these five lessons I've prepared for you, you'll learn the exact tactics that I used to pay off my student loan debt as well as multiple strategies that you can use to become debt free as well.

Robert Farrington

About The Teacher

I'm Robert Farrington, and for almost the last decade I've been teaching others how to get out of student loan debt. Today, I'm America's Student Loan Debt Expert, and a financial literacy advocate.

I love personal finance, investing, and building wealth - but all of that starts with getting out of student loan debt.

In addition to this course, I also write weekly for my audience of over 500,000 monthly visitors.

Here's What You'll Learn

I've designed this course to give you a start-to-finish playbook for reliably getting out of student loan debt. Each lesson is compact and succinct, and takes about 5 minutes to read. I've also included an interactive worksheet or activity with each lesson that will help you apply the lesson in real life.

Lesson 1

Find Your Student Loans And Organize Your Debt

Lesson 2

Understand Your Student Loan Repayment Options

Lesson 3

Find Student Loan Forgiveness Programs

Lesson 4

Special Situations Are Usually Common Questions

Lesson 5

Execute Your Student Loan Action Plan

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