How Pejman Ghadimi Is Educating Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs

Welcome to today’s edition of Better Know a Young Millionaire Investor.  This week I’ll be chatting with Pejman Ghadimi, a self-made millionaire and now a consultant and entrepreneur. Pejman is the founder of Secret Entourage, a platform focused on providing support, motivation, and inspiration to Generation Y entrepreneurs.    He is also the author of The Third […]

EDvestinU Student Loans Review

Getting into the right college can be an ordeal in itself, and then there’s the financing of living as a student to consider. Books, travel, rent and the occasional beer can all add up and savings don’t always stretch far enough. In the private loan sector, there are the big banks, there are credit unions, and […]

PSLF Online Video Training Course

15 Minutes To Stress-Free Student Loan Forgiveness I’m Robert Farrington, and I’m America’s Student Loan Debt Expert. I’ve been helping people escape student loan debt since 2009, and I’d like to help you get student loan forgiveness.​Public Student Loan Forgiveness is the BEST way to escape your student loan debt – but understanding if you […]

Wells Fargo Student Loan Review

Whether you’re applying for your undergraduate degree, going to graduate school or planning on attending community college, the course fees all add up and few students can get through college without some kind of loan. Wells Fargo, one of the biggest names in banking to offer private student loans, allows borrowing up to the full cost […]

Alliant Student Loan Review

Note: As of July 1, 2019 – Alliant Credit Union has ended their student loan refinancing program. This comes after they ended their private student loan program in 2018. If you’re looking for other options to refinance your student loans, check out our list of the Best Places To Refinance Student Loans. Everything below should be considered […]

What to Look for in Your First Credit Card

When you’re looking for your first credit card all the choices available can seem overwhelming. There are so many different options to choose from and you need to find the card that best suits your needs. When I got my first credit card I didn’t take a strategic approach at all. Instead I just applied […]

Link Capital Student Loan Refinancing Review

Note: Link Capital is no longer active. If you’re looking for medical school refinancing, check out Splash Financial. It’s no secret that medical school is one of the highest cost education paths. Link Capital focuses on the needs of students training for various medical fields. From future doctors to aspiring pharmacists, they are one of the go […]

Why I Didn’t Pay Off My Loans Early

Most people see debt as an irredeemable drain on your finances. If you search “debt” on the internet, you’ll be bombarded with articles about how to eliminate it, how damaging it is to hold onto and how much of an epidemic it’s become in the United States. Debt is completely evil, right? Not necessarily. Having […]

4 Lessons That Every College Entrepreneur Should Know

There’s no better time than college to start a business. You’re old enough to apply for a credit card without help from your mom (ahh, the bane of every high school wantrepreneur), but you’re still young enough that you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. In college, having a side business that brings […]