How to Make Money By Helping the Person Directly Behind You

Several years ago, I decided that I wanted to start a business. I was struggling in a full-time office job, which I’d taken because I needed a break from teaching. I wanted more flexibility in my schedule, and more control over my earning power. I wasn’t sure what type of business I wanted to create, […]

The Rule of 72 for Investing

Have you heard of the Rule of 72?  Maybe if you go back to your college finance class?  And even if you did remember it, you probably haven’t thought about it since then – especially in an investing context.  However, the Rule of 72 is a great tool that every investor should use – it […]

10 Ways to Pay Off Your Mortgage Faster

While we normally talk about student loans on this blog there’s another huge debt most of you will take on at some point in your life (if you haven’t already.) That debt is a mortgage. Personal finance is very personal. Depending on who you ask paying off a mortgage early could be a great move […]

4 Ways To Get Help For Your Student Loan Debt – Which One Is Right for You?

When you’ve got student loan problems, there are lots of choices to be made. From repayment options to dealing with private lenders, you’re facing a dizzying list of tasks to accomplish. Luckily, you’ve also got a number of places you can turn to as resources. As the amount of education debt has skyrocketed over the […]

Do Not Invest! Avoid Businesses Without Solid Profit Plans

A big part of investing is knowing what NOT to invest in.  For me, I like to invest in companies with a solid plan to profitability, that even a monkey could run, like utility stocks.  However, it is essential to avoid companies that have no solid profitability plans, like Best Buy. Here is what I’m […]

How to Change Your Relationship with Money

Financial education is not widely taught in America. Even if it was I’m not sure any of us would be learning the right things. From my experience most people understand the very basics of money they just can’t grasp what good money management can actually do for their life. If you can’t recognize money for […]

How to Get One Month Ahead Financially

Does getting one month ahead financially sound like a fantasy? It doesn’t have to be. A recent study commissioned by Discover Personal Loans found that many respondents understand the importance of paying off debt and increasing their savings but aren’t making near the progress on those goals that they’d like to. This isn’t surprising. Especially […]

5 Common Student Loan Myths

How much did you really know about student loans before entering college? We’ve seen it time and time again: A new student heads into college taking the max amount of student loans possible, oblivious to what this will mean for her financial future. She’s disconnected from reality when it comes to how long it’s going […]

What Are You Using Your Student Loans To Buy?

When a student misses one of the college courses that I teach, I like to make a joke about the price of attending my class. I remind them that they do pay to receive instruction, so they have to show up to get the most out of their investment. The term ‘investment’ seems to turn […]

Fall Cleaning For Your Finances (What To Do Before Year End)

Everybody talks about Spring Cleaning…but what about Fall Cleaning? Nobody talks about Fall Cleaning. Well, when it comes to your finances, I think fall is the best time to dive in and clean things up. Why? Because in the Fall you can check-in on your plan since you last were forced to look at your […]