Your Professor’s Employment Status Affects Your Education

One semester, when I was teaching as an adjunct professor, a student came to class early, and while everyone was filtering into the classroom and getting comfortable, they asked me, “So, do you teach anywhere else?” I was startled, because freshmen so rarely ask personal questions – or take an interest in their professor’s lives. […]

3 Future Finance Steps You Shouldn’t Ignore When You’re Young

Being young is great in many ways. But you don’t tend to have the wealth and financial sense that older, more experienced people have. And it’s easy to make decisions at this age which will make future wealth difficult to attain. If you are determined to make some respectable money in your lifetime, it’s important […]

The Rule of 72 for Investing

Have you heard of the Rule of 72?  Maybe if you go back to your college finance class?  And even if you did remember it, you probably haven’t thought about it since then – especially in an investing context.  However, the Rule of 72 is a great tool that every investor should use – it […]

10 Ways to Pay Off Your Mortgage Faster

While we normally talk about student loans on this blog there’s another huge debt most of you will take on at some point in your life (if you haven’t already.) That debt is a mortgage. Personal finance is very personal. Depending on who you ask paying off a mortgage early could be a great move […]

How to Get One Month Ahead Financially

Does getting one month ahead financially sound like a fantasy? It doesn’t have to be. A recent study commissioned by Discover Personal Loans found that many respondents understand the importance of paying off debt and increasing their savings but aren’t making near the progress on those goals that they’d like to. This isn’t surprising. Especially […]

5 Common Student Loan Myths

How much did you really know about student loans before entering college? We’ve seen it time and time again: A new student heads into college taking the max amount of student loans possible, oblivious to what this will mean for her financial future. She’s disconnected from reality when it comes to how long it’s going […]

What Are You Using Your Student Loans To Buy?

When a student misses one of the college courses that I teach, I like to make a joke about the price of attending my class. I remind them that they do pay to receive instruction, so they have to show up to get the most out of their investment. The term ‘investment’ seems to turn […]

The Best Investing Advice For Beginners (From 13 Experts)

Taking the first steps and getting started investing is the hardest thing to do. There’s fear. There’s the unknown. There’s the idea that millions of other people know more than you and you’ll get taken advantage of. At the same time, you know that you should get started. You know that starting to invest early is […]

6 College Graduates Share How They Avoided Student Loan Debt

Do you dream of going to college but avoiding student loan debt? Or do you just need some inspiration to stop taking out so many loans? Either way, I’ve got something special for you today! We went on a mission to find out exactly how some college students are able to graduate without any debt while others […]

10 Money Mindset Quotes To Inspire Real Wealth

Sometimes all we need is a little inspiration to get motivated when it comes to anything – especially our money. If you want to start building real wealth, it takes a mindset shift. And the best way to learn the proper money mindset to have is to look at others who’ve excelled at making, earning, […]