Reader Question: My Parent’s Finances Are In Shambles – What Do I Do?

Here’s an interesting question from a reader, and I would love to know your thoughts: I grew up in a lower-middle-class suburb of a big city, where my father worked in consulting for most of my childhood. We had a very comfortable lifestyle, and my parents became accustomed to living like money grew on trees. […]

The Ultimate College Internship Guide

It’s almost summer for college students around the country, and that means it is time to start thinking about getting an internship.  Internships can be great ways to get first hand experiences in the field you may want to pursue after graduation.  They also look great on resumes for new graduates, and many do pay, […]

What is Your Spending Personality?

Identifying your spending personality is the first step to changing your behaviors. Here are four types of spending personalities. Which are you?

How To Start Saving With A 529 Plan

How to start saving for college with a 529 college savings plan that allows parents and families to save for their children’s education with tax deferred money.

Should You Go Into Debt for a College Education?

College costs continue to rise, despite the recession and economic struggles of many American families these days. Public college tuition costs students about $7,000 per year and private colleges cost more than three times that much. With rising costs and many families struggling just to get by, many college aged students are wondering if its […]

What Should I Do If I Didn’t Finish My Taxes?

Today is tax day. If you have finished your taxes yet, you should be a little worried. But you don’t have to panic yet – you technically have all day to get your taxes in. In fact, if you’re old fashioned, you can mail your taxes all the way up until midnight at some post […]