Get Creative in Funding Your Real Estate Venture

Many people have all the knowledge and nerve to be investors, but they lack an equally important part: the money. Getting the cash together to get started or to expand in real estate can be very difficult, especially when you’re young. Once you overcome that startup hump, you’re in business, but what a hump it […]

How to Make Ends Meet When You Feel Like Giving Up

While personal finance guidelines like paying yourself first, saving for a rainy day, and investing as much as possible are all great advice, they’re simply not practical for everyone. If you are barely making ends meet the last thing you’re going to be doing is saving for retirement or stashing away money for your kid’s college education […]

When Dividends Matter, and When They Don’t

Dividends are the hottest thing on Wall Street, but they’re not always the most important part of finding quality investments. In more conservative times, companies were valued based entirely on their dividend policies. Investors know that you can’t fake a dividend; a company has the cash or it doesn’t. In 2001, fewer than 20% of […]

How to Prevent and Eliminate Student Debt

You’ve got a degree and the debt to back it up, so now what do you do? This is a question that is plaguing many Americans as the student loan debt rate continues to rise and the number of citizens with balances increase each year. While getting an education is a good thing, the hefty […]

Closed-End Funds: The Ins and Outs

Hidden in the small cap corners of the investment universe are hundreds of closed-end funds overlooked by Wall Street. These funds do it all, from private equity-style investments in small companies to leveraged junk bond investments you can’t find anywhere else. Let’s look at the closed-end fund category and explore why investors might choose to […]

5 Board Games That Teach You About Investing

I love board games! I grew up playing Monopoly and other strategy games, and loved it! We’ve talked before how video games can teach personal finance skills to kids. But boards games can also teach kids about the basic concepts of investing, money management, and more. And with a push to stop the TV and […]

Companies That Give Shareholders Perks And Rewards

Owning shares of stock in a company makes you an owner of that company. For most companies, that simply means sharing in dividends and hoping that the stock price goes up over time. However, some companies treat their shareholders like real owners – giving them discounts and rewards on products and services, just like their […]

Would You Rather Have A Penny That Doubles Each Day For A Month Or $1 Million?

I saw this question the other day, and it reminded me of one of my favorite stories from high school math (yes, that’s pretty nerdy, but this is a personal finance blog). So, before I tell the story, think about it: If a genie appeared and gave you a choice, what you would choose: would you […]

Professional Resume Templates For College Graduates

It’s never too early to start thinking about building a resume for after college. In fact, the college graduates that get the best jobs are the ones that are networking right now, applying for the jobs early, and interviewing in the Spring. To make that happen, you need to consistently keep an up-to-date resume. This […]

How To Build A Compounding Dividend Portfolio For A Lifetime of Rising Income

“Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it … he who doesn’t … pays it.” – Attributed to Albert Einstein (origin of quote is disputed)If you are currently investing or plan to invest, it is critical that you familiarize yourself with the amazing effects of compounding. Here’s a quick […]

What To Do If You Dropped Out Of College And Never Got A Degree

You want to better yourself; you want a higher paying job; you simply want to do something different. But then life hits you: you have a family emergency and can’t finish school. Or maybe your current path of studying wasn’t the right fit for you. Or even worse, maybe you got sick… The sad truth is […]