Saving for Long Term Goals: How to Make Progress (Even with Boring Goals)

Long term goals seem so daunting don’t they? When you’re starting from zero paying off $30,000 in debt or saving $500,000 for retirement can seem downright impossible. And not only that, but some long term goals, like saving for retirement or your child’s college education, are just boring. (Tell me I’m not the only one […]

5 Ways Millennials Are Wasting Their Money

The spending of the millennial generation is varied, and vastly different from any of its predecessors. While there are many things millennials don’t actively buy, like homes, cars, or even cable, recent graduates do spend a ludicrous amount of money on non-essentials—often without even being cognizant of these terrible spending patterns. Luxury Gym Memberships Fitness […]

What You Need to Do If You Want to Start Investing in College

Investing experts always say the sooner you start investing the better off you’ll be. If you want to start investing while you’re in college, you are at least starting off early. How can you be sure that you’re starting off right? Investing in college is a challenge because college students tend to have little money […]

How to Get Your Kids Interested in Investing

Some of the most powerful men in the world began investing when they were just kids. Warren Buffett bought his first stock (with his own money) when he was 7 or 8 years old. By investing, he quickly became interested in how the economy and the investment market worked. Why does a stock go up […]

Pave Student Loans Review: Student Loan Refinancing

Note: Pave stopped lending in June 2017. If you’re looking to refinance your student loans, look at our guide to the best places to refinance your student loans.   A student loan should be a sound investment in your future, not a necessary burden. Many online lenders see the need for a new type of student […]

Mental Blocks To Saving Money: Think Bigger, Earn More

You can call it whatever you want: complacency, small thinking, mental blocks, simply being lost. At one point or another, we’ve all fallen into the same trap. “I’m only making $30,000 per year and I can’t get out of my student loan debt.” “I know I need to save more, but I can’t find any […]

Get Creative in Funding Your Real Estate Venture

Many people have all the knowledge and nerve to be investors, but they lack an equally important part: the money. Getting the cash together to get started or to expand in real estate can be very difficult, especially when you’re young. Once you overcome that startup hump, you’re in business, but what a hump it […]

9 Creative Ways For Students To Save On Christmas Gifts

Don’t have a lot of money for Christmas gifts? No problem. The best gifts are always the ones with meaning and thought put behind them. Even if you’re living on a ramen-noodle type of a budget it’s possible to inexpensively spread some holiday cheer. With a little creativity you can make your dollars stretch a […]

College Changes and Stages: Tips for Making the Move Off Campus

There comes a point when a cramped dorm room becomes too much to handle. Maybe it’s the roommate that bugs you or the lack of laundry services. For some, it’s the cost of on-campus housing. In London, the cost of campus housing now exceeds the cost of off campus housing. Students pay as much as […]

How to Make Ends Meet When You Feel Like Giving Up

While personal finance guidelines like paying yourself first, saving for a rainy day, and investing as much as possible are all great advice, they’re simply not practical for everyone. If you are barely making ends meet the last thing you’re going to be doing is saving for retirement or stashing away money for your kid’s college education […]