Is It Actually True That Student Loans Die When You Do?

Today we’re talking about a tough subject: what happens when you die? Specially, what happens to your student loans when you die? Do your student loans die with you (meaning your family is free and clear), or will someone else have to experience the burden of your student loan debt? It’s important to know what […]

Investors Need to Protect Portfolios Against Real Estate Problems in China

Data from China has not inspired confidence over the past few months.   It was reported on Wednesday that non-performing loans were on the rise and that situation could get worse before it gets better.  Real estate, which some viewed as a ticking time bomb in China, looks like it is getting closer to blow up.  […]

Which Type of IRA Should You Open for Your Retirement?

If you’re new to investing, the sheer number of options you have can be more than overwhelming. You not only have to decide what to invest in, but you also have to determine what type of account to open and where to open it. This is the predicament I’ve found myself in. You see, I’ve […]

Sitting Down with Lloyd Sugarman of Soupman

Sitting out front of the store that inspired the legendary “Soup Nazi” episode for the classic comic series Seinfeld is a fitting place to interview Lloyd Sugarman, the Chief Executive Officer of The Original Soupman (OTC: SOUP) for The College Investor, as it is located between New York University and Columbia University in mid-town Manhattan. […]

Salesforce Continues to Grow, Well Positioned in Market

Salesforce reported a solid quarter on Tuesday and increased its growth outlook for the year. Despite its size, Salesforce continues to grow at a rapid pace.  Its strong cash flow growth, CFO up 80% Y/Y, improving penetration into the enterprise market, and above average top-line expansion together make a compelling case to own the stock. […]

5 Great Tips to Help You Lower Your Student Loan Payments

One of the most common questions I receive here on The College Investor is simple: “How do I lower my student loan payments?” Yes, it may sound simple, but lowering your payments isn’t always easy. Plus, believe it or not, there are a bunch of different options and some of them may not be right […]

Building The Perfect Portfolio Allocation – 5 Models to Follow

Setting up the perfect portfolio is impossible.  But, the perfect portfolio is one that has a solid asset allocation.  We’ve talked about the importance of asset allocation before, and one of the most common questions is: that’s great, but HOW do I set it up?  Fair enough. Here are five model portfolio asset allocations that you […]

Chart Industries Benefits from Global LNG Investment

Chart Industries (NASDAQ: GTLS) is a Cleveland based company that manufacturers standardized and custom products that serve cryogenic and gas processing applications.  The company announced a new deal in China on Monday, May 12, 2014.  Through 3Q13, the stock performed very well, in large part due to its rising business in China.  However, the company […]

From Hacker to Venture Capitalist with Jason Schultz

Today I’m so excited to introduce Jason Schultz, a self described serial entrepreneur who started off as a hacker in his bedroom in high school.  Since then, he’s gone on to be a part of over 50 companies, and he is continuing to tinker online. I think you’re really going to enjoy Jason’s story because […]