4 Ideas for Following Warren Buffett into Consumer Staples

Warren Buffett and a private equity partner 3G Capital swallowed Heinz (HNZ) whole, in a big $23 billion deal that some think will lead to activity all over the consumer staples space. As it turns out, mergers and acquisitions can be very good for stock investors. Heinz is a strong, established brand in the slow-growing […]

A Random View on Taxes: Paying Your Fair Share

I’ve been toying with a random thought on taxes, and it seems appropriate to publish it now during the peak of tax season.  You see, my web-life right now revolves around taxes because investing and taxes go hand-in-hand.  Plus, for many, tax season is a good time to really start diving into personal finance. Regardless, […]

The Case for a Big Fat Tax Refund

I just finished my taxes. I need to have an accountant look at them, but I’ll be getting a rather large tax refund. If my math is right (and only my accountant can let me know if it is) then my refund will be nearly $8,000. The first thing I did was talk to my […]

What Type of Investment Account Do I Open?

If you are just considering getting started investing, you may be overwhelmed by the first choice on the investment account application: what type of account do you want? The truth is that there are a lot of different accounts for different purposes, so I will try to shed a little light on the more common […]

Why Recent Mergers and Acquisitions are Great for Investors

The S&P 500 index is now at a 5-year high and near an all-time high set earlier in 2013. Stocks are off to a fast start, logging a 7.6% return year-to-date, more than one might expect for an average full year. So what’s driving Wall Street? It’s all about the M&A this year on Wall […]

5 Trading Mistakes That Make You Feel Dumb

I’ve been there – thinking that you just made the greatest trade ever, only to find out you made a total mistake.  It happens, and it makes you feel dumb.  Here are some of the dumbest trading mistakes that you can make, so pay attention and avoid feeling stupid later on. Remember, trading is different […]

The Value of Learning to Cook

You don’t need me to tell you that cutting back on eating in restaurants is a great way to save money. You’ve heard it before, simply because it’s a great way to curb unnecessary spending. One of my financial new year’s resolutions for 2013 was to live on half my income, and one way to […]

Better Know a Young Millionaire – Richie Hecker

Welcome to our second installment of Better Know a Young Millionaire.  This week, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Richie Hecker, who is currently the Chief Executive Officer at Traction + Scale, a consulting and investment firm.  He was previously the chairman of inSparq, a leading social commerce technology company. Richie has a […]

Beware of the College Roommate Scam

There is a new scam going around college campuses right now that is impacting hundreds of college students and young adults.  It’s the college roommate scam, and if you’re not careful, it could cost you hundreds (maybe even thousands) of dollars. We’ve talked about scams before, but this is a little different. There have been […]

How to Play the Housing Market Rebound

Even though new home sales declined in last month’s report (which highlights December), I think there is still underlying strength building in the housing market.  Home building has been surging, and December is typically a slow real estate month anyway.  With interest rates continuing to be at historical lows, and more and more people getting […]

Negotiating a Raise as a Woman, Part Two: Unintended Side Effects

I wrote a while back about how I felt like I was part of the gender pay gap problem. I was terrified to ask for a raise. I’ve been at my company almost four years, and have done great things. So, finally, I asked. Right before Christmas, I wrote an email to my boss, and […]