Two Quick Ways to Stay Frugal After Reaching a Goal

The other day, it occurred to me that within seven months, I’ll be out of consumer debt once and for all.  Instead of being happy/ecstatic/relieved beyond all belief, I started to worry.  What would I do?  Would I go out more?  Would my frugality die when this goal is reached? Average Joe has said that getting […]

How To NOT Get A College Scholarship

I got an interesting request the other day, which was probably spam, but it gave me a great idea for a post, because although the email was extreme, it highlighted a common problem I see everyday.  It is the basic question of how to ask for free money! Everybody wants free money, in the form […]

Is Your Spouse on the Hook for Your Debt when You Die?

Ever since the life insurance talks I’ve been wondering about debt. You all were kind enough to let me know that as an unmarried person, I can get hit by a bus and no one will be on the hook for my student loan. But let’s say I’m a lawyer, and I have $100K of student […]