Do College Students Need Life Insurance?

An interesting question crossed my mind the other day – do college students need life insurance.  And as with any tough financial question, the answer is: it depends on your situation.  There are many different reasons to consider getting life insurance while you are a college student, but I want to highlight two big reasons […]

Money: What Does it Really Mean to You?

There are so many times when we think, “Make more, earn more, have more.” But do we ever really take the time to think about what money really means to us? While I was growing up, money was extremely tight. In other words, if it didn’t fit into the “need it to live” budget, you […]

Warning: Preparing for Life After Graduation

It’s graduation time for college students across the country!  Congratulations, you made it!  However, now you need to start getting everything in order for life after graduation.  So, take a few days and celebrate, but get ready for the real world.  This means getting a job, moving out of the dorms (and preferably not into […]

How to Roll Over Your 401k When You Change Jobs

When you change jobs (which many people have over the last few years), you may not quite know what to do about your old 401k.  Your old employer most likely didn’t tell you anything, and your new employer may have had one line in the middle of your benefit package. Depending on your old employer’s […]

What Warren Buffett Loves about Wells Fargo

Warren Buffett is known for his ability to select investments with skill that perhaps not a single investor can duplicate.  He’s also known for his loyalty to particular companies and brands.  Think of his insistence on drinking Cherry Coke everywhere he goes, or how he seemingly always has a box of See’s chocolates on him, […]

Another Shitty Wells Fargo Fee

So on Saturday, I was checking out some new investing apps for my iPad, when I started using Wikinvest – a cool little app that lets you track your portfolio.  Well, I input my information for my Wells Fargo PMA Account, and I got a warning that Wells Fargo may charge a fee for this. […]