Last Minute Frugal Valentine’s Day Tips

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, and that means that if you have a significant other, some effort will be required!  If you’re on a budget, you may be worried that you have to break the bank to make this day special – but you don’t!  There are a lot of frugal ways to make Valentine’s Day […]

Can Debt Hurt a Relationship?

I feel like everywhere you turn, debt is abundant.  That is sad… However, with that debt comes a person, and that person will eventually form a relationship.  That relationship will usually be built around everything but money – love, friendship, shared interests, etc.  And when the money piece comes out, will the relationship be jeopardized? Love […]

Supercharging Your Returns with Options Trading

If you are looking for a way to boost your current investment returns, option trading could be something you may want to look into. There are a lot of ways that you can use options to leverage your current portfolio, or for a new investment all together.  It is important to remember that, although options can be […]

Preparing To File Your First Tax Return

Now that you’re in college and working, it is most likely the first time you’ve had to file your own taxes.  Congratulations, that is a huge step forward in life, but it is also annoying to have to give up some of your hard earned cash to Uncle Sam. Here are a few things you […]

Preparing for the Future With Life Insurance

When it comes to preparing for the future, you might think you’ve got everything handled with your company-paid life insurance policy and your will.  That’s all you need to make sure your family is secure, right?  Wrong.  A simple will is not the only way or the best way to protect your assets.  Having mortgage […]

Groundhog Day and The Stock Market

It’s Goundhog Day, and I feel like I may be in a movie.  Anyone remember the movie with Bill Murray? Does anyone remember back in March 2000 – when the tech market was booming and the NASDAQ was over 5,000? People were launching companies and tech IPOs were hot?  Then again, in 2007, when the […]