Simplicity and Investing Success

This is a guest post by Tony Chou, who posts his thoughts on The Investorz Blog. Personally, I believe in simplicity.  Now before I start talking about why simplicity is beneficial when investing, let me go off topic for a while. Is Simplicity The Key To Success? What’s better? Complicated, or simple? Let’s look at […]

Credit Card Abritrage 101

Credit card debt has become a popular subject among families struggling with their finances.  Utilizing compound interest rates, credit card companies can make getting out of debt seemingly impossible.  However, many savvy consumers have found ways to turn this around on the credit card companies.  Using the idea of credit card arbitrage, many have begun […]

Why I Don’t Care About Yield

Although I am a big fan of dividends, I don’t care about the investment’s yield.  You may think this is contradictory, but hear me out.  There are many things I consider when investing, and while seeing the yield is nice, it is the number behind it that really make the difference for me.   What […]

What You Should Know About Early Termination Fees

Even though there has been a lot of reform in the cell phone industry, one area that is still troublesome is early termination fees.  It is probably the most costly potential fee, and it is also the one the consumers have: the least control over and the least knowledge of.  Here is what you need […]