Are Your Savings Bonds Still Paying You Interest?

As investors seek alternative plans to grow their money in light of the volatile stock market, savings bonds have become one of many popular choices for long-term savings growth.  Savings bonds increase the initial investment with an interest rate that is guaranteed by the federal government.  However, given that they are an investment plan that […]

The Best 401k Moves You Can Make

In recent years, various aspects of Social Security have dominated newscasts, and the reports aren’t good.  Social Security is in serious trouble and it’s not likely to last long enough to benefit today’s workers.  Fortunately, there are other options.  The 401k plan has been a favorite choice for among workers and employers and provides a […]

Review and Giveaway: The Wealth Cure by Hill Harper

I was recently given the opportunity to read through Hill Harper’s new book, The Wealth Cure, and I found it to be quite enjoyable. Read my review, and enter the contest below to win a free copy! The Wealth Cure conveys the need to not only build solid financial foundations, but to make sure that […]

Using a Dividend Reinvestment Plan to Reinvest Dividends

Having the right information and a well thought through investment strategy are of the utmost importance, especially when trying to invest in our unstable and unpredictable economy. There are many different financial tools and vehicles for investment, but many wonder what the best, and most importantly safest, ones are.  Dividend stocks are some of the […]

Should I Refinance My Home? Here’s What To Consider To Save Money

You might have heard people asking, “Should I refinance my home now?”  You might wonder if you should actually think about the same thing yourself. With interest rates still being at near historic lows, and home prices back near all time highs, it can make a lot of sense for some people to refinance their […]

Freshman Year Tips

Today’s post is from Squirrelers, a personal finance blog about squirreling your money away!  This post is part of the Yakezie Blog Swap, and you can read my post about Working is Essential for College Freshmen at Squirrelers.  Freshman year of college is a huge step in the lives of many young people.  Aside from […]