Tax Deductions for your Online Business Expenses

If you have an online for-profit business, it is important to take note of your business expenses that can be deducted on your tax return this year. If you have a business and file a Schedule C with your tax return, here are some important expenses you should remember to deduct. Typically, all “ordinary and […]

My Awful Best Buy Customer Service Experience

First, sorry about the late Wednesday post today. I wanted to write about my current battle with Best Buy, and it was supposed to be resolved today. Here is what has happened: After reading Elle from Couple Money‘s experience in store at Best Buy, I had to share my current on-going awful experience with Best […]

The Government Pays YOU To Save!

Among the many incentives the government has offered as of late (Cash for Clunkers, New Home Buyer Credit, Energy Tax Credit), most have been focused around the consumer (you!) buying stuff. While this can be a good way to stimulate the economy, it can have a negative effect on your pocketbook. However, the government does […]

What Young Workers Should Know About Social Security

I got my first Social Security statement today! What I found very interesting, besides the fact that I do have something coming to me in 40 years (maybe?), is that the Social Security Administration put this handy little newsletter in with my statement, and it is entitled “What young workers should know about Social Security […]