5 Ways Facebook is Costing You Money

This post is by Suba at Wealth Informatics: debt reduction, financial planning, informed Consumerism, savvy investing, fun & frugal living leading to financial freedom. I am not talking about Facebook costing you via all the lost productivity that you could have used to make money or time spent with your family. I am talking about […]

The Barbell Investment Strategy

The Barbell Investment Strategy is basically a tale of two extremes in order to increase risk adjusted returns on your investment portfolio. Quite simply it involves investing most (90% for example) in cash and t-bills. Ultrasafe investments that pay a little interest, but are not likely to ever lose their value. The remaining portion you […]

How Independent Financial Advisors Can Help With Recent Changes in Personal Finance

This post comes to you from the NerdWallet.com team. With significant changes taking place in the way people deal with their personal finances, more and more are seeking what is called an IFA, or an independent financial advisor. Recently there have been big changes in areas like tax law, bankruptcy, and consumer debt management that […]