Do Not Buy Gold!

Even though today is only 12/31/10, I am calling this my first call out of 2011 – DO NOT BUY GOLD!!! I have been doing my usual reading and I must have read six or seven different posts about why gold is great, and why now is the time to buy gold (actually, there was one […]

Should I Tip The Mailman And Other Holiday Tipping Guidelines?

Every year, as it gets closer to Christmas, I see more and more stories about holiday tipping etiquette and who I should tip. I understand tipping in the hospitality industry. For example, waiters make most of their money on tips, and they have an established custom on what to tip. I don’t always agree, and […]

Things I Learned NOT To Pay For

You may have heard these before, but I’m being extra cautious this holiday season to make sure that I’m not accidentally paying for something that there is no reason to pay for. Here is my list of things I learned not to pay for!   ATM Fees If you ever have to pay ATM fees, […]

Student Loan Calculator

When looking at the total cost of your student loans, there are many factors to consider. Most student loan calculators assume that the loan will be repaid in equal monthly installments through standard amortization. Therefore, the results are not accurate for some alternate repayment plans, such as graduated repayment, or income contingent repayment. It is […]

Changes to The College Investor Portfolio

If you regularly follow my blog, you know that I follow a basket of stocks called The College Investor Portfolio, which I select using my Key Value Fundamentals for Screening Stocks as a guide. So far this year, The College Investor Portfolio has returned 13.89%, while the S&P500 has only returned 6.05%. We are almost […]

Are Black Friday Deals Worth It? What About Cyber Monday?

Every year, I have to ask myself why people act the way they do for Black Friday sales, and if it was even worth it. For the retailers, it seems like Black Friday was a huge success, at least according to the media. People were lined up at 4pm on Thanksgiving (or sometimes even earlier) […]

Government Debt Reduction and Your Investments

Late last week, the government deficit reduction commission laid out several areas that will be the focus of cuts to lower the government debt. The plans include ending tax breaks, changing taxes, cutting programs, and changing key U.S. programs that many Americans have come to rely on. Some key highlights include: – Cutting $100 billion […]

Time Management Tips for Students

Once you start college, you will soon come to the realization that managing your time will be an important factor in your success. With the majority of the work to be done out of class, juggling multiple classes, campus events, social activities, and possibly a part-time job, here are some tips to help you better […]

What is up with Housing?

There has been a lot of uncertainty in the market surrounding recent numbers announced in the media.  It was announced last week that existing home sales plunged 27.2% and unsold inventory jumped to an 11-year high.  While this has some people fearful of what is to come, we should really look to the root cause […]

Earn Airline Miles For Shopping: Use Airline Mileage Malls

I have always been a huge proponent of getting free stuff for normal activities.  That is why I love these mileage malls.  Almost every airline has some type of mileage program.  Most consumers earn miles by flying, or by using a credit card.  However, the biggest secret that airlines keep is that they have mileage […]

Why a Tax Credit is Better than a Tax Deduction

It is tax time again, and one of the questions I get asked all the time is: which is better, a tax credit or a tax deduction? It’s a common question because, let’s face it, taxes are confusing. The language is confusing, and the forms are confusing. The IRS just doesn’t make anything easy on taxpayers. […]