How Pejman Ghadimi Is Educating Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs

Welcome to today’s edition of Better Know a Young Millionaire Investor.  This week I’ll be chatting with Pejman Ghadimi, a self-made millionaire and now a consultant and entrepreneur. Pejman is the founder of Secret Entourage, a platform focused on providing support, motivation, and inspiration to Generation Y entrepreneurs.    He is also the author of The Third […]

Millennial Investing with Patrick O’Shaughnessy

By now, we know millennials need to invest as much of their income as possible – as early as possible – in the global markets. Even small amounts make a big difference long term. But the fact is they don’t. But why?  Today I invited Patrick O’Shaughnessy, an expert on investment strategy and investor behavior to help us […]

From College Dorm Room Idea To 6 Million Dollar Company

Today I have the pleasure of introducing Jeff Gawronski, the Founder and CEO of  Jeff has such an interesting story about starting a business in college, setting it aside for a few years, and then making it super successful after graduation. Jeff graduated from Xavier University in 2001 and actually started working in pharmaceutical sales with […]

Growing Up On Food Stamps To Millionaire Helping Other Families

Today I have the pleasure of sitting down with Travis Freeman, who is the President of Four Seasons Financial Education.  He is also a Certified Financial Planner.  But that’s Travis today.  He didn’t grow up with money, and his role models for money were his parents who struggled to get by.  But he didn’t let […]

Lessons Learned From 28 Year Old Real Estate Mogul Josh Simon

Welcome to the next installment in our young millionaire series.  Today I have the pleasure of chatting with Josh Simon.  Josh is a 28 year old commercial real estate investor based in Scottsdale, AZ. He got his real estate license and did his first deal when he was 18. He continued doing real estate deals while he graduated […]

Leaving Medical School to Work on Wall Street with Mark Elliott

Today I have the pleasure of sitting down with Mark Elliott as part of the next installment of our millionaire investor series.  Mark has such a fascinating story about following his dreams and having to make tough life choices, so I had to share it. Mark is definitely a risk taker.  His story starts with him […]

From Hacker to Venture Capitalist with Jason Schultz

Today I’m so excited to introduce Jason Schultz, a self described serial entrepreneur who started off as a hacker in his bedroom in high school.  Since then, he’s gone on to be a part of over 50 companies, and he is continuing to tinker online. I think you’re really going to enjoy Jason’s story because […]

Launching A Business In College On $500 With Michael Epstein

Today I’m excited to introduce you to Michael Epstein, a 35 year old millionaire who achieved that status at just 30.  As you know, I love sitting down and talking to awesome and successful people, and Michael is definitely one of those individuals!  The purpose of these interviews is to educate and inform, and of […]

Meet the Millionaire Who Retired at 27

Today I’m excited to share the story of Brenton Hayden – a young millionaire who ditched full time work at 27.  You may have seen his story recently on Yahoo Finance, and I wanted to touch base with him and learn a little more about him.  You see, he started a company and turned it […]

How To Make Millions Trading Penny Stocks with Timothy Sykes

Penny stocks – it’s one of those investments that either gets you very excited or gets your blood boiling.  For some, it has been a lucrative trading choice. For others, it’s an area that should be avoided at all costs. Well, today I’m really excited to have on a very well known millionaire today, and […]