What To Do If You Have More Student Loan Debt Than You Make?

Do you have student loan debt that is so enormous that your salary won’t ever allow you to pay it off in this lifetime? Do you have more student loan debt than you make? If so, take a deep breath, and keep reading. You went to school with aspirations for a better future, and you borrowed money […]

How 16 Real People Paid Off Their Student Loan Debt

Success stories are amazing. It’s inspiring to hear how others have been there and done that. When it comes to paying off student loans, it’s nice to know that someone else has been there and actually paid them off.  We all know that student loans can cripple your life. If you don’t take action on them, […]

10 Ways to Pay Off Your Mortgage Faster

While we normally talk about student loans on this blog there’s another huge debt most of you will take on at some point in your life (if you haven’t already.) That debt is a mortgage. Personal finance is very personal. Depending on who you ask paying off a mortgage early could be a great move […]

Debt is Not Forever – Find Your Reason Why

I’m pretty lucky, I had only amassed about $2,500 in debt before realizing the major repercussions that came along with it. At the time I felt like credit cards were my passage into adulthood. I had no problem applying for credit cards and then maxing them out within a week. At the time paying off […]

6 Powerful Tips That Will Help You Eliminate School Debts

Attending school today is very expensive. Paying tuition requires loans. Some students also take out loans for housing or use credit cards to pay for expenses like books. This can leave a person with massive bills that are largely due just after graduation. Ignoring debt from school can ruin a credit report. Successfully dealing with […]

10 Solid Tips To Pay Off Your Student Loans Quickly

A lot of college students borrow money to pay for their higher education expenses. However, it can prove to be overwhelming if you graduate with student loan debt hovering over your head. Here are ten tips to help you pay off your student loans in a shorter amount of time so that you can live […]

Can Debt Hurt a Relationship?

I feel like everywhere you turn, debt is abundant.  That is sad… However, with that debt comes a person, and that person will eventually form a relationship.  That relationship will usually be built around everything but money – love, friendship, shared interests, etc.  And when the money piece comes out, will the relationship be jeopardized? Love […]