Forging Your Own Financial Path

When you’re forging your financial path through life, you also have to decide on what your non-financial life is going to look like. Then build your financial life around that.

End of the Year Financial To-Do List

Can you believe that there are only two months left in 2014?  Where did the year go…  It seems like just yesterday we were talking about taxes (oh, because we were talking about taxes – early filers…). Anyway, now is the time to start making some end of the year plans, especially when it comes […]

Why You Need Patience for Personal Finance Goals

Personal finance is a journey — a journey that looks different for every single person. Whether you’re working on a savings goal, trying to pay off debt, or investing for retirement, you need patience. Patience is the one thing that if you master it, it will tremendously help you to reach your personal finance goals. […]

Is Your Identity Linked to your Financial Troubles?

I’ve started the process for filing my taxes for 2012. And right now, the little progress bar of my online tax software is telling me that the amount of my refund is higher than my total remaining debt. I know that might change once I put more information into it, and that’s okay. As an […]

The Tangled Web of Money and Emotions

If you had to write “If I only had more [—-], my life would be so much better” on a piece of paper and ask your friends to fill in the blank, what do you think they would say? Chances are most people would write the word ‘money‘.  Similarly, if you were to ask people […]

Horror Scenes and Their Financial Impact on Me

Hi, I’m Denise from The Single Saver.  Robert and I are swapping posts today for the Yakezie Blog Swap, so you can head over to my site to read Robert’s article about the 10 Things That Motivate Me To Be Financially Responsible. I hate horror movies.  I especially hate the kind where people get picked […]

How Independent Financial Advisors Can Help With Recent Changes in Personal Finance

This post comes to you from the team. With significant changes taking place in the way people deal with their personal finances, more and more are seeking what is called an IFA, or an independent financial advisor. Recently there have been big changes in areas like tax law, bankruptcy, and consumer debt management that […]