Negotiating a Raise as a Woman, Part Two: Unintended Side Effects

I wrote a while back about how I felt like I was part of the gender pay gap problem. I was terrified to ask for a raise. I’ve been at my company almost four years, and have done great things. So, finally, I asked. Right before Christmas, I wrote an email to my boss, and […]

Do You Know HENRY?

I was reading an article about High Earners, Not Rich Yet, and it really stood out to me because of how common it is becoming.  These are individuals or couples that earn well over $100,000 per year, but aren’t considered rich yet by today’s standards (having a net worth, excluding primary residence, of over $1,000,000).  Also, […]

Warning: Preparing for Life After Graduation

It’s graduation time for college students across the country!  Congratulations, you made it!  However, now you need to start getting everything in order for life after graduation.  So, take a few days and celebrate, but get ready for the real world.  This means getting a job, moving out of the dorms (and preferably not into […]

Understanding The Career Choices in Finance

If you’re in college studying finance or accounting (or business, or anything else really), you may wonder what options you have for a career in finance when you graduate. There are a few main career choices in finance, with many many more sub-paths that most people follow.  You may think that your only option is […]

5 Biggest Career Mistakes

Whether you are several years into your career or just starting your first job search, there are a number of potential mistakes which can be made along the way.  Making and learning from these mistakes is an important part of workplace development, however some can be more damaging than others. Being aware of these pitfalls […]